Australia’s Foreign Affairs White Paper Looks to the Past

02.12.2017 Author: James ONeill


The latest Australian White Paper on foreign affairs published in November 2017 was the first such attempt to define Australia’s place in the modern geopolitical world and how it might appropriately respond to regional and global challenges since 2003.

The world has changed significantly in that time and one might have expected to see more recognition of that in the White Paper. Certainly, there were phrases in the document, and particularly some diagrams, that revealed the extent to which fundamental changes are occurring. For example, figure 2.4 presents the Treasuries estimate of GDP growth in some key economies in period 2017 to 2030, a span of only 13 years.

That graph shows Australia’s GDP going from one trillion US dollars to 1.7 trillion, but that is dwarfed by China’s GDP which is predicted to grow from $21.4 trillion 42.4 trillion in the same period. The US has an expected growth from 18.6 trillion to $24 trillion. $24

This has enormous implications for China’s geopolitical role, but the White Paper fails to analyze what China’s growth vis-à-vis that of the United States will translate to in terms of geopolitical power.

Instead, the White Paper is trapped in a conceptual framework of seeing the world is it used to be, rather than as it actually is and in particular how it is likely to be over the 10 year horizon of the White Paper. This conceptual imagery my more probably be described as delusional.

This delusional thinking manifests itself in a number of ways. There are three in particular that I wish to note. This analysis will focus only on the Asia region, as that is the one of the most relevance to Australia. It should be noted however, that the White Paper makes a series of statements about NATO, Russia, Ukraine and Syria that merely reflect the Washington propaganda machine’s view of those entities than it does reality.

The most egregious example is in Syria.  The White Paper claims that Australia’s approach to international relations is “anchored in international law, universal standards of human rights, good governance, transparency and accountability”.  Yet the government lied about seeking legal advice before entering that war; refused to disclose that legal advice; breached international law in entering that conflict without the consent of the sovereign government of Syria; is a party to war crimes carried out in Syria by its all the United States; refuses to disclose to Parliament what its troops are doing in Syria; and is silent on the recent announcement by the US Secretary of Defence that the US intends to stay in Syria despite its presence being both illegal and unwelcome.

The first point of note about the White Paper is that its view of post-World War II history bears little or no resemblance to reality. Both in the White Paper itself and in comments made at the time of its release by both the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister, the view is repeatedly expressed in one form or another that the United States has been a force for stability in progress in what the white paper insists on calling the Indo-Pacific region, and indeed elsewhere in the world.

That is a view unlikely to be shared my other countries in the Asian region who in the post-World War II period have seen United States foreign policy:

-Intervene in the Korean civil war, taking advantage of the USSR’s temporary absence from the UN Security Council to justify a United Nations military action that destroyed the North’s agriculture, cities and infrastructure and killed at least 3 million North Koreans (Cumings The Korean War: A History 2011).

Such American interference in Korea goes back to at least the 1880s; created an artificial division of Korea in 1945 without reference to the population of either regions; lent their support to the brutal Rhee dictatorship; renounced a negotiated non-proliferation nuclear agreement with North Korea that is a direct antecedent of the current crisis; and continues to this day with bellicose statements and provocative military exercises. Russian and Chinese proposals aimed at defusing the situation and leading to a lasting peace treaty are simply ignored.

– In 1965 and Indonesian coup organized by the CIA replaced President Sukarno with the dictator Suharto who ruled for the next 30 years.  The US supplied the Indonesian military with a kill list of communist or suspected communist sympathizers. Between 500,000 and 1 million Indonesians were killed as a direct result.

– Indochina, we’re American involvement began in 1954 by blocking the agreement reached at the Geneva accords to hold nation wide elections because the “wrong man” i.e. Ho Chi Minh, would have won.

That war gradually escalated until the Americans were unceremoniously dispatched in 1975. They left behind at least 3 million Vietnamese dead, a landscape devastated by defoliants, and a genetic time bomb from the same causes.  The devastation extended to Cambodia and Laos, the consequences of watch plague those countries to this day.

– Afghanistan was invaded in and 2001 on the pretext of their alleged responsibility for the attacks of 11 September 2001. The Americans are still there and showing no inclination to leave. Apart from hundreds of thousands of dead Afghani’s, and millions forced into exile, the major “achievement” appears to be the restoration of Afghanistan is the opium capital of the world, producing some 93% of the world’s supply.

Korea, Vietnam, and Afghanistan are singled out for mention because each of these wars involved in the enthusiastic support of the Australian governments of the time. A similar willingness to follow the US into its illegal wars of choice was manifest in the invasion of Iraq in 2003(more than 1 million dead) and Syria in 2015(more than 400,000 dead and millions displaced).

As has been well documented by William Blum(America’s Deadliest Export: Democracy 2015) and others, these are but a tiny fraction all of countries invaded, bombed, plundered or who suffered regime change at the hands of the Americans over the past 70 years. The numbers of people killed as a result of these various interventions already exceeds 30 million.

To describe this record as an example of global leadership to be applauded and supported and as the White Paper clearly hopes, will continue, is to suffer delusion of the highest order. The White Paper sees Australia’s role is upholding international law, universal standards of human rights, good governance, transparency and accountability. Those are enviable goals and one wishes that they actually reflected Australian Government practice of recent decades.

The White Paper is also very ambivalent as to how Australia should approach its relationship with China, which as the figures quoted above suggest, is already the dominant economic power in the world on a parity purchasing power basis.

This is partly because of the impossible conundrum that Australia faces with China. On the one hand, China is Australia’s largest trading partner by a very considerable margin, and the single most important reason for Australia’s unprecedented run of wealth and prosperity over the past 30 years.

On the other hand, the US sees China, correctly, as the great power most likely to replace the US’sprevious hegemonic position, backed as that power invariably has been by the brutal exercise of military force. That military force has been used to enforce commercial advantage, to control the production and distribution of raw materials, especially oil, and to ensure political subservience.

For the first time in modern history, the US is being outclassed in every sphere, including military technology. It cannot win a war with China (some delusional Washington thinking to the contrary) and especially so given that China is forging ever-closer economic, political and strategic links with Russia. The Russian-Chinese combination is for all practical intents and purposes unbeatable.

Instead, the US will continue to wage proxy warfare, using different militant groups as it has done since at least Operation Cyclone in the 1970s to sabotage and impede Chinese and Russian progress. The hundreds of military bases that currently encircle both Russia and China are clearly intended in part to serve as forward bases for that activity. The Australian spy base at Pine Gap fulfills a critical role in the American war machine, and as such Australia is a party to the daily commission of war crimes carried out by the Americans in theirworldwide military operations.

Quite apart from Pine Gap, the Australian military is increasingly integrated with the US, and that puts Australia, certainly in Chinese eyes, on the wrong side of history.   The conundrum that Australia faces manifests itself for example, in Australia’s attitude to the South China Sea dispute.

The White Paper alleges that China’s actions in the South China Sea are an illustration of its alleged disregard for international law and the rules based system Australia professes to uphold. The claims of China within the so-called Nine Dash Line however, were first espoused by the Nationalist government of Chiang Kai Shek in 1947, two years before the People’s Republic of China came into existence. The present day government of Taiwan echoes those claims.

As to the alleged militarization of the South China Sea by China’s island building activities, it is true that the PRC government has constructed eight such atolls. Vietnam has also constructed a similar number of militarily reinforced atolls, as have other littoral states including the Philippines and Taiwan, doing exactly the same. As China but minus the criticism leveled against China. Their activities do not merit a mention in the White Paper.

The White Paper ignores all of this other relevant activity in its anxiety to make a propaganda point against China. The White Paper seems similarly ignorant of the fact that China and the ten ASEAN nations have reached an agreed framework under which they will settle outstanding issues in the South China Sea. Significantly neither Australia nor the United States are parties to this agreement, but this has not stopped either nation from proffering opinions nor carrying out actions that do nothing to reduce tensions and achieve a settlement.

Australia’s ambivalence to the rise of China is reflected in its attitude to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the world’s greatest infrastructure project to which more than 65 countries have already signed up. Australia was specifically invited by the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang earlier this year to join the project and declined. There has been no plausible explanation for this reluctance.

Although the White Paper makes a passing acknowledgement to the BRI it is silent as to the project’s enormous potential. This is to say the least curious, particularly as there is considerable potential for Australia to benefit from the BRI. The BRI is, to use president Xi’s term, a “win-win” situation we’re all parties derive a benefit. They do so on the basis of infrastructure and related investment without a shot being fired. The contrast with the Anglo American model of colonial exploitation and gunboat diplomacy of the past 300 years could not be greater.

Australia’s failure in this regard reflects a wider problem that permeates the White Paper. Australia seeks the restoration of a world that never really existed. That is, a world where the US was the international policeman bringing peace, democracy and the rule of law to less fortunate nations.

As long as Australia clings to this delusional fantasy it will be forever doomed to being the colonial handmaiden of a western power. As the semi-official Global Times of China editorialized, “Australia is difficult to be reasoned with or comforted. Fortunately, the country is not that important, and China can move its ties to Australia to a back seat…………… China should prepare a friendly face and a cold shoulder.”

If China does indeed decide to cold shoulder Australia, the economic consequences will be devastating. This is insufficiently appreciated in Australia, and certainly not acknowledged in the White Paper.  The facts are that Russia, the Central Asian and Southwest Asian nations linking to the BRI all produce the commodities that Australia has grown rich on in the past four decades supplying to China.

A White Paper truly concerned with defining Australia’s national interest and proposing policies to benefit Australia would recognise these economic and geopolitical realities. Unfortunately it does neither. As Hugh White (The Guardian 27.11.17) succinctly puts it, (the Australian) “government has onceagain failed to come to terms with the full implications of the profound shifts that are transforming our international setting. It is a triumph for wishful thinking over serious policy…………… until we find leaders with the imagination to see what is happening and the courage to start talking frankly about it, Australia has no chance of adapting effectively to the new Asia into which we are being thrust.”

I could not agree more. It is a message that will be read in Canberra but in all likelihood ignored. When the inevitable deleterious consequences flow from that blindness we will have only ourselves to blame.


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Gangsterism, Mob Rule and War

21.11.2017 Author: Gordon Duff


Criminal gangs that run our governments, control our corporations, fabricate our news, invent and reinvent out history and lull us into slavery do so believing humanity to be a form of cattle, no more.  Denying this is insanity.

Their prime methodology is war, this is what gangs do.

Ask anyone across the Middle East and they will say war is coming to Lebanon.  However, there is one problem with this, no one is certain who will be fighting whom?  The divided politics of Lebanon, though puzzling to outsiders and a daily concern to the Lebanese themselves are not a factor.  No one in Lebanon wants war.  Only Saudi Arabia and Israel want war, or so we are told.

Stranger still, classified briefings to key American congressional committees, blame Lebanon’s Hezbollah for backing ISIS across Africa and even in Afghanistan and Pakistan, notwithstanding the fact that Hezbollah has up to 20,000 fighters engaged in war against ISIS and its US backed surrogates at this time.

Saudi Arabia is blaming Iran for shooting missiles at them from heavily blockaded Yemen, and even more insane is the unending effort to accuse Syria of use of chemical weapons.

The world was supposed to learn a lesson after Bush 43 and Blair cooked up a war on terror after 9/11, might we well say “conveniently” after 9/11.  Fabricating war crimes, false flag terrorism, staged videos, actors as victims, all of this is not only standard fare, it is and has been the rule of the day.

Thus, we expect the now suspected 60-year marriage of love or marriage of convenience, the jury is out on which applies, between Saudi Arabia and their “besties” in Israel, to garner their assets, their paid-off politicians in America and Europe, their media assets, and their intelligence agencies, long suspected of backing ISIS and al Qaeda.

We can only wait for what they do next, will it be more staged gas attacks or a mass murder somewhere, anywhere, blamed on Iran or Syria or Hezbollah or perhaps Russia?

As American humorist, Jim W. Dean so often says, “You just can’t make this stuff up.”


Before assigning blame, usually attributed to the “halls of power,” most often governments or boardrooms, we must take a moment.  Events since 9/11 have identified a flaw in typical causalities normally attributed to events and trends.  Resources, religion or even ethnic feuds are no longer casus belli, nor are identifiable institutions prime movers or participants.

We look across the Middle East in particular but must turn to further reaching areas as well, the Russian-Ukrainian steppes, the Hindu Kush or the Sahel of Africa and we see one thing, a destruction, suffering, populations in upheaval, and behind it all, mysterious supposed “non-state players” at war.  None of it should be taken at face value.


There is general agreement that the end of the wars in Syria and Iraq will lead to a wider conflict.  No one admits as to why, no one dares.  Here is what can be told.

War is now a living thing, like a child.  Its parents may well be the “usual suspects” who gave us the Napoleonic Wars, certain the architects of the two great wars of the 20th century and the Bolshevism that violently swept much of the planet in the aftermath, ending in Vietnam and the fall of the Soviet Empire.

The end of ISIS is being mourned like the death of a child.  ISIS will live on, and we will explain why, but its wars of conquest may well never rise to the levels of profitability seen in Iraq and Syria.  The war and ISIS as well is a construct of need, a response to a regime that long ago replaced capitalism or the once imagined free markets or any other economic system.  There are no economic systems, even the “bankster debt slavery” peddled by the IMF and World Bank, no longer serve, not without a backdrop of war.

One hypothesis seems to prove out above all outs, that the last two decades of war indicate a political change in the West, that elected governments have been supplanted by one or more criminal organizations.  It may be further postulated that there may be two kinds of war:

  • War as economic necessity, the real “last stage” of capitalism
  • War is now and may well always have been a natural result of the real natural stages of human development, invariably ending in mob rule

The Methodologies

Were one to ask experts, government advisors or “cutting edge” think tanks, the world of “minds on the take,” so often used to launder and certify “fake facts” into government policy, you still end up with an unpleasant answer.  Universally, all agree, the United States is “dead in the water” as a world leader without its military engaged around the world, particularly in the Middle East and now Africa.

With America’s European allies “off the table,” now only willing, after the post-9/11 fiasco, of lending token force against helpless foes like the Houthi’s of Yemen, the balance of global power has shifted.

How It Will Play

The Astana talks on Syria have demonstrated why Washington is seen to require war.  Turkey and Iran, the real military powers of the region, each considerably more “combat sustainable” than Israel or Saudi Arabia, have found a dangerous commonality.

With Pakistan’s Imran Khan ready to move Pakistan closer to China and perhaps Russia as well, America’s adventure in Afghanistan will come to an end.  Khan will likely unite Pakistan’s Pashtun population with Afghanistan, overwhelming the US backed Northern Tribal Alliance.

What may well happen is a restructuring of Pashtun goals, mirroring the Kurdish moves further West, seeking a purely Pashtun state carved out of both Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Has the Taliban always been more of a national liberation front than extremist group?

Khan will torpedo America’s “divide and rule” game in Afghanistan and may well move nuclear Pakistan away from its traditional role as defending of Saudi Arabia and backer of CIA interests.

The making of an Islamic “anti-NATO,” which could even include Iran, with Russia and China as guarantors, could change the global balance for the foreseeable future.   What has driven this, of course, is that other narrative, one that identifies the reality of our time, that war itself is the norm, the real engine behind the shadow world economy driven by the real “non-state players.”

The Unpleasant Reality

As few as 500 individuals govern the planet.  They don’t “rule” anything, however.  Though most are elected officials and a mix of equally corrupt “tin pot” dictators, none have real power.  There are no elections that can’t be rigged, what is going on now in America is proof of that.

Where the proof is, however, points no fingers at Russia.  The proof is how the press, the police agencies, congress, all marching in lock-step, follow totally fake narratives on behalf of, well, on behalf of what or who?

There is one organization in the world that rigs elections and that is the CIA.  It “leverages” press assets around the world, and to any reasonable person inside America as well, it controls voting machines software and has a newfound partnership with quasi-secret organizations like the Federalist Society that controls paper ballot counts and polling place security across America as well.

Both the CIA and “Federalists” work for the same masters, particularly as the CIA was almost entirely privatized after 9/11.  Almost all US security organizations are now privatized or infiltrated or “castrated.”

The pattern is simple, with police across the US “trained” in Israel, where they are indoctrinated or bought off and all Washington based organizations, employing up to 1 million, answer to a chain of command that terminates “offshore,” events that drive America are more theatre than reality.

The proof, more often, is in the coverup than the acts themselves.  When one assumes a “government” serves the electorate, when all evidence supports any other hypothesis, events become predictable.  Mass killings like recent events in Las Vegas or terror attacks such as 9/11 and not some of the others, but most, are simply the “kinetic” end of government sponsored psychological warfare programs.

Terrorism and “Kinetics”

This is the term, “kinetics.”  It refers to use of violence by “surrogates” to create sufficient fear and anger, and even more dangerous, the feeling of general despair, that allows totalitarianism to be marketed as “democracy under attack.”

The concept grew up in the late 1960s, initially in Vietnam, when the US decided to implement a policy of mass murder of political opponents under the Phoenix Program.  The targets weren’t just politicians or religious leaders, the US sent assassins after teachers, nurses and journalists, anyone capable of supporting a cohesive society outside of American control.

After Vietnam, Phoenix moved to Central America, run out of the School of the America’s, began running death squads in El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras, killing numbers no one may even guess.

Under Gladio, the supposed NATO guerilla warfare “stay behind” network, intended to operate in a Soviet conquered Europe, terror groups were formed, the Red Brigades and a number of IRA and even “Palestinian” organizations as well, with the aid of Israel’s Mossad and operating from bases in Gaddafi’s Libya.  Gladio staged dozens of bombings across Italy, but according to anonymous CIA sources, the 1986 Berlin discotheque bombing and the 1983 Beirut bombings that killed 241 US and 58 French “peacekeepers.”

American Vice President Pence refers to the Beirut attacks, and rightly so, as the “opening salvo” in the War on Terror.  What they may well represent as well is the beginning of a policy of regime change “where desirable” or war “where profitable” justified by “self-induced” terrorism against the United States and its citizens.


Though we move to describe and even predict events, the concept of “perception is reality” and the absurdity of what mankind has allowed, never escapes us.  What was once called “mob rule” is now “managed consensus.”  Consensus is managed by control of institutions, education, press, even society itself.  Human interaction is redefined, political life channeled into a Skinner box, perceptions hand fed through false narratives, fake news, fabricated history and an endless flood of disinformation.

Never in human history have so many people known so much that is utterly false.  Had farmers grazed their cattle at the bottom of the sea, a learning process might well have kicked in as evidence of drowning became inexorable.  Are analogies like this even enough to describe a society that continues to believe what is known to be false, that has been programmed to ignore facts, turn away from the causality learning process infants learn?

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Study Shows We Are Born Creative Geniuses But

 The ‘Education’ System Dumbs Us Down

  • Nov 5, 2017

“You are more powerful than you know and they fear the day you discover it!”


I remember listening to a talk by Sir Ken Robinson several years ago; about how backwards the education system is, and the imperative to implement major reform. Although he certainly gave an exceptional presentation on the matter, what ultimately captured my mind was the mention of what I now consider the most important study I have ever heard of in my life — a study in divergent thinking.

NASA — who houses the world’s foremost space program and some of the brightest people on the planet — contacted Dr George Land and Beth Jarman to develop a highly specialized test that would give them the means to effectively measure the creative potential of their rocket scientists and engineers. As a result, the duo came up with an unorthodox test, rooted in the process of divergent thinking; which is the ability to look at a particular problem and propose multiple solutions.

NASA were very pleased with the efficacy of the test results, and so it proved to be a huge success. But for Land and Jarman — who had obviously explored the concept of creativity in great detail whilst devising this test — they decided they wanted to explore and try understand the true source of creativity better. Was it a genetic trait? The result of life experience? Something else??

Because the test Land and Jarman created for NASA was so simple, it could actually be applied to any age group. So they found 1,600 children between the ages of 4 and 5, and decided to measure their progress. What they found shocked them.

Out of the 1,600 kids that took the test, 98% of them scored at genius level! Excited by these incredible findings, the team decided to turn this test into a longitudinal study, and give the same group of children the same test again in 5 years time. Once again their findings were quite shocking, but this time for conversely different reasons. Because these same children, by now in grade school, had rapidly declined to just 30%; a 68% reduction! The same study was conducted again 5 years later on the same group of kids — by now in highschool — and  they had dropped all the way down to just 12%!

Disturbed, but still intrigued by this fascinating study, Land decided to conduct this same test on adults aged 25 and up (with an average age of 31). After numerous studies, what he invariably found, was that less than 2% of all adults scored at genius level. And for those who question the consistency of these results — or think they may be isolated incidences — these results have actually been replicated more than a million times![1]


The implications of this profound study are rather self evident, I would say. We are innately born with the potential of a creative genius, but the moment we enter the school system, we get dramatically dumbed down. The reasoning for this, is not too difficult to apprehend; school, as we plainly call it, is an institution that has historically been put in place to ultimately serve the  wants of the ruling class, not the common people. Whether it be ancient Sparta, Germanic Prussia, or the more modern industrial American system, education has always served as a “lawful” means of mass indoctrination.[2]

If you would like to learn more about this history of deliberate manipulation, I highly recommend reading award winning teacher, John Taylor Gatto’s book The Underground History of American Education, which traces the genesis of modern day compulsory schooling and clearly demonstrates how it has always been used against us.

You see, children pose the greatest threat of all to this corrupt system. Their “wild imaginations” are so intense and remarkable, that if left unchecked would result in a creative revolution that will ultimately compromise the ruling class’s proverbial game of monopoly. In order for the so called elite to maintain their lavish life style’s of overt luxury — where they contribute the least but enjoy the most — they understand that children must be dumbed down and brainwashed to accept (and even serve) their rapacious system of artificial scarcity, unending exploitation, and incessant war.


Creativity is born in the mind; specifically the imagination. The good news is, in spite of the ruling class’s best efforts to degrade our inner genius, the imagination can only be suppressed, it cannot be killed. Because every night when we go to sleep, the imagination gets stimulated.[3] Therefore, your creative potential — your inner genius — is simply sleeping within and just needs to be reawakened and rehabilitated.


According to George Land, based on all the studies he has conducted and all the brain scans he has looked at, we must learn how to judge less, and look to understand more. We must criticize less, and be curious more. He also cites fear and anxiety as being extremely counter productive.

Some of the greatest ways to deal with these mental debilitations, is to engage in practices like yogameditation, and physical exercise, since they help to alleviate stress and anxiety. They also inspire a process called neurogenesis — which is the creation of new brain cells. Diet also plays an important role in mental strength and overall wellbeing. In fact, I recently wrote an article about how roughly 10% of serotonin (which helps to regulate mood) is produced in the brain, and the other 90% in the stomach.

The other thing, is to challenge your belief system. It is important to understand that whatever view we currently hold of the world, it is partly — if not wholly — the result of some form of cultural or societal indoctrination; and that regardless of how much we think we know, we are all ignorant in one way or another. We are still solving life’s problems, and we still have much discovering and exploring to do. Learning is a journey without end. So be humble and curious.

We must also develop a keen sensitivity to our external environment. Avoid surrounding yourself with narrow minded people. Stop watching fear mongering news stations, or celebrity gossip. Stop watching television shows, and music videos, that reinforce stupid stereotypes and shallow lifestyles. Your imagination is the most important asset you can cultivate, so you cannot afford to allow it to be infiltrated and shaped by outward forces.

Remember this, and remember it well my friends; this system is built on our imaginations. Money has imaginary value. Government has imaginary authority. And we have imaginary limits. If we want to change things, we must start with the imagination.

*If you feel like you need a more detailed understanding of how you can change your life for the better, please read my essay on how I changed my life HERE



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