DNA Testing Companies Like 23andme Admit Adding Fake African Ancestry To White Profiles In Order To “Screw With Racists”

Who were your ancestors? What is your ethnic background composed of? Sites like Ancestry.com and 23andme have always been some go to sources in answering all of your toughest questions. But how accurate are they? In a recent interview with Cracked, one of the major ancestry testing companies, (which specific company is unknown) spilled the beans on what really happens when you purchase an ancestry kit. While I can’t say I’m surprised, you may be shocked to learn that these ancestry sites aren’t always as accurate as they claim to be. Beyond this, they’ve also admitted to tampering with the result to “screw with racists”.

When Inside Edition had a set of triplets send their spit in to Ancestry.com and 23andMe, they got wildly different results from both services. Neither gave each triplet the same ancestry results. “Tests can be a crapshoot. For DNA tests, they use genetic markers, which are little variations in the DNA one or several groups may have, but others do not. The more markers there are, the more accurate the test will be.”

Shocked yet? Yeah, I didn’t think so. A lot of my friends have taken these types of DNA Tests, and most of them come back saying, “I don’t think this is entirely accurate…”

Remember when white supremacist Craig Cobb found out that he was 14% black? Well as it turns out, there’s a possibility that those numbers could have been fudged with.

Morgan and his colleagues were caught between a rock and a really-want-to-mess-with-racists place. It would’ve been fun to throw a “10 percent West African” in there, but then they might have a pissed-off, dangerous person at their office, waving a gun. “Since we couldn’t do anything to the results (and we wanted to), what we did was add ‘< 1 percent’ to each African category of ethnicity. That way we weren’t lying, and they would both be wondering how much under a percentage point was. We always try to round to the nearest number because we sometimes hear about percentage points, but for them, we leave it open to whether it’s a one or a zero.”

It’s a compromise that’s elegant in its passive-aggressive simplicity. And it got a result. “The near-N-bomber wrote to us asking what that meant, and we wrote back that it meant it was under 1 percent. And we were not saying zero. Unless they got another test, that was going to bother them. Maybe they weren’t 100 percent Caucasian. I mean, they were, according to the results, but this way it leaves it open, and they’ll always be wondering.”

This is beyond shady and deceptive, people pay more than they can really afford sometimes, just to find out the truth about their heritage. What about this is acceptable? How does this turn a racist into a “non racist”? It doesn’t. There’s nothing but high levels of dishonesty in these companies. Unfortunately, this doesn’t even fully cover the other things they do behind closed doors.

 With a massive database of genetic information, the company can turn around and sell that data to other companies. Plenty of those companies are doing scientific research that can only be done with access to large amounts of genetic information. Even government agencies like the National Institutes of Health use the data to better understand the hereditary causes of diseases.

Popular Science reports. Also, AncestryDNA has a partnership with the Google-owned biotech Calico, and shares the DNA of unsuspecting victims in the name of science and helpful research.

If you were hesitant to purchase these kind of kits before, I’d highly advise you to just save your money and discourage SJW’s from telling every white person that they’re black.



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‘Most famous Buddhist teacher after the Dalai Lama’ is accused of sexually abusing female followers and keeping a harem

  • Sogyal Rinpoche, 71, was head of Rigpa a group which offers Buddhist teaching
  • A recent report commissioned by the charity revealed some of his depraved acts
  • He is now believed to be living in Tibet and has apologised for any hurt caused

A Buddhist teacher who is considered the most famous after the Dalai Lama has been accused of sexually abusing his female followers and keeping a harem.

Sogyal Rinpoche, 71, was for years adored and looked up to by many and his book The Tibetan Book Of Living And Dying sold more than three million copies.

But behind his fame and influence lay a dark secret.

The Tibetan is said to have surrounded himself with a ‘harem’ of beautiful young women upon whom he would inflict ‘sexual and emotional abuse’.

Sogyal Rinpoche (pictured), a Tibetan meditation master and teacher of the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, is now facing allegations of sexual misconduct

Sogyal Rinpoche (pictured), a Tibetan meditation master and teacher of the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, is now facing allegations of sexual misconduct

Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama (right) is seen here with Sogyal Rinpoche (left). The Dalai Lama is said to have disowned Rinpoche following news of the scandal


Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama (right) is seen here with Sogyal Rinpoche (left). The Dalai Lama is said to have disowned Rinpoche following news of the scandal

The formerly world-renowned Buddhist teacher from Tibet Sogyal Rinpoche (pictured seated in the front row and holding a programme) is reportedly currently in Tibet and has apologised for any hurt caused


The formerly world-renowned Buddhist teacher from Tibet Sogyal Rinpoche (pictured seated in the front row and holding a programme) is reportedly currently in Tibet and has apologised for any hurt caused

Some of his depraved requests reportedly included asking followers to wipe his backside and passing off unprotected sex as opening a path to enlightenment.

A scathing report released earlier this month revealed the extent to which many of his followers suffered ‘serious physical, sexual and emotional abuse’.

Commissioned by Rigpa – a Tibetan Buddhist meditation centre of which Rinpoche was spiritual head – and undertaken by law firm Lewis Silkin, the report highlighted some of the depraved acts his followers were asked to endure.

Ex-devotees of the Buddhist – who retired in 2017 after the allegations first came to light – have been speaking to The Sun about his behaviour.

One said: ‘Sogyal is part-tyrant and part-spoiled child. He seems to be addicted to sex, food, smoking and hitting.’

Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama (left) and France's first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy (centre) are seen next to Sogyal Rinpoche (right)


Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama (left) and France’s first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy (centre) are seen next to Sogyal Rinpoche (right)

While another said: ‘Sogyal and the girls thought everything that went into him and came out of him was holy.

‘So the girls wiped his a*** for him. He liked to have work gatherings while he took a s*** with the door open. He also chewed his food then exchanged it with a kiss to the girls.’

The report by Rigpa comes just weeks before The Charity Commission launches an investigation into the handling of the scandal by the Rigpa Fellowship.

It labelled some of the allegations brought to light in the report ‘extremely concerning’.

The fellowship – which spans some 100 different centers across 40 countries – is now having to face up to the scandal.

A former follower of Rinpoche spoke to Canadian TV in 2011 about his behaviour – well before the scandal came to light.

She claimed the teacher had unprotected sex with her and said: ‘Look into my eyes, this is the moment you connect with your master.’

Rinpoche no longer has any role in Rigpa and the charity said it was sorry ‘for the hurt experienced by past and present members’.

Rinpoche (pictured) is said to have inflicted upon some of his followers ¿serious physical, sexual and emotional abuse¿


Rinpoche (pictured) is said to have inflicted upon some of his followers ‘serious physical, sexual and emotional abuse’

Rinpoche (right) retired in 2017 after the allegations first came to light and is now said to be living in Tibet

Rinpoche (right) retired in 2017 after the allegations first came to light and is now said to be living in Tibet

Despite being disowned by the Dalai Lama himself, Rinpoche – who is believed to be in Thailand – has spoken out following the recent report.

In a letter to law firm Lewis Silkin he said: ‘Whatever I have said or done when interacting with my students has been with the aim of helping them to awaken their true inner nature.

‘Nonetheless, I see this intention has been misunderstood and my actions have been judged otherwise.

‘For some, this way of training may not have had the desired outcome.

‘I must accept my own responsibility in this, and apologise to anyone who feels this way.’



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Uganda: Profiling US Meddling Across Africa

23.09.2018 Author: Tony Cartalucci


While China builds roads, rail, pipelines, airports, seaports, and factories across Africa, the United States finds itself resigned to selling weapons and stirring up conflicts between and within African states to disrupt the rise of the continent independent of Western hegemony.

Part of stirring up conflict involves political subversion. In Uganda, the US is propping up an opposition leader who even at the most basic, superficial level fails to conceal his allegiance to and dependence on Washington.

The Making of an Agitator: Bobi Wine’s “Political Rise” 

A media circus has developed in the West around Ugandan pop star turned politician Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu – referred to by his stage name as “Bobi Wine” – portraying him as a rising opposition leader seeking the overthrow of incumbent Ugandan strongman, President Yoweri Museveni.

While depicted as a Ugandan “opposition leader” by the Western media, fewer cases of Western meddling in African politics have been more transparent.

Wine entered politics as recently as 2017. In early 2018, he had already made a trip to the United States to enroll in the Harvard Kennedy School’s “Leadership for the 21st Century” course, described by the school’s website as:

The executive education program, Leadership for the 21st Century: Chaos, Conflict and Courage, delves into why we lead the way we do. The program offers a stimulating and challenging curriculum that invites you to learn how to exercise leadership with more courage, skill and effectiveness. 

Upon returning to Uganda, Wine’s political supporters violently attacked President Museveni’s motorcade after which he was arrested and charged with treason.

The BBC in their August 2018 article, “Uganda’s Bobi Wine: Pop star MP charged with treason,” would claim:

The authorities say opposition lawmakers led supporters to attack the president’s convoy with stones. Bobi Wine’s driver was later shot dead.

And as with all Western-sponsored agitators, the BBC has reported Western governments decrying the charges as “politically motivated” claiming:

The charges are widely viewed as politically motivated and aimed at silencing a prominent critic of the president. The US decried the “brutal treatment” of MPs, journalists and others by security forces. 

By September, Wine would fly to the US to allegedly receive “treatment” for his “injuries,” however most of his time was spent consorting with the US State Department, DC lobbyists, writing columns for the Washington Post, and grandstanding with visible US backing behind him.

In Wine’s op-ed for the Washington Post, he would claim (emphasis added):

When people are allowed to speak, allowed to protest, to organize; when terms are limited and elections are transparent; when the press is free and officials are held accountable, there are no Musevenis. This is why we are seeing increasing censorship — including blackouts of broadcasts by Voice of America, among other heavy-handed attempts to keep Ugandans in the dark.

Voice of America – of course – is US State Department-funded and directed media representing US special interests. Here, Wine suggests that without US State Department narratives, Ugandans are left “in the dark.” While depicted as a democratic opposition leader, it is safe to say any opposition movement being led from “the dark” by foreign special interests, is entirely undemocratic.

Other media sources promoting Wine include The Nation Media Group, majority owned by foreign foundations like the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development and openly partnered with Western foundations like the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation and the International Press Institute.

Like in virtually every other nation around the globe the US seeks influence within, the US is doing this in Uganda not by investing in genuine economic, political, or even military partnership, but instead by simply co-opting or overwriting the nation’s institutions, including its media.

Upon returning to Uganda, Bobi Wine was again promptly arrested – with treason charges seeming somewhat understated now considering Wine’s open conspiracy with the entirety of Washington’s regime change apparatus.

The US “Cannot Ignore” Africa… 

Wine’s lawyer is notorious lobbyist Robert Amsterdam who has worked with other US-sponsored agitators ranging from Thai billionaire, fugitive, and mass murderer Thaksin Shinawatra, to Russia’s Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

During Amsterdam’s press conference in Washington, he would fully admit to seeking further US government support for his client, Bobi Wine, claiming:

We will be meeting with Congressmen, Congresswomen, members of various departments, the State Department, included, and we will be providing them with details of what has been happening in Uganda, the brutality, the truly criminal activity and violations of human rights that are occurring daily.

Paradoxically, in an attempt to frame the Ugandan government as in league with Washington, Amsterdam would claim:

And we want the American taxpayer to know that the American taxpayer is funding this. The military equipment we are supplying to Uganda is being used in a war of terror against Uganda’s citizens.

Yet Uganda’s military receives the vast majority of its weapons from Russia and China, not the United States. What “equipment” Uganda would specifically use to “torture” the Ugandan population is never expanded upon by Amsterdam. The most likely reason for this omission of seemingly crucial details is because Amsterdam’s claims are fabricated.

The US, like its European partners, has a long history of meddling in Africa’s internal affairs, and specifically in Uganda. Amsterdam provided some clues as to why the US seeks to meddle in Uganda’s internal affairs further. He would claim (emphasis added):

This is not an isolated incident. Uganda has a storied history of political violence, an ongoing history the West has largely ignored. We cannot ignore it any longer. We cannot ignore Africa any longer. Within the last few weeks the German Chancellor was touring Africa, thank God. The Chinese have invited heads of state from all over Africa to Beijing.

It is time for America’s voice to be heard, and heard loudly…

China’s progress in Africa over the last decade has prompted an American reaction. Instead of creating alternative programs for building infrastructure and accelerating development, Washington has opted to instead overturn the entire game board at both Africa and China’s expense.

It is in no way a coincidence that Amsterdam’s prescription to coerce Uganda politically focused on a now familiar formula of sanctions, including those designed specifically for Russia but now liberally used around the globe against all obstacles to US geopolitical ambitions.

Amsterdam would cite the Magnitsky Act by name and call on the US to immediately suspend nebulous US military funding Amsterdam failed to either qualify or quantify.

Clearly, with Wine sitting in Washington DC, his DC lobbyist openly admitting they would both be consorting with members of the US Congress and the US State Department, and Wine even afforded space in the Washington Post for an op-ed, obvious accusations of Wine’s role in facilitating foreign meddling have already begun to spread within Uganda and beyond.

In response to this, Amsterdam would claim:

Now a lot of comments have been made with people saying well because he’s got an international lawyer somehow there’s some foreign agent involved. There ain’t no foreign agent involved. There is however something to note. And that is that the Museveni regime is a foreign agent of the American military with respect to its activities in Sudan and Somalia. And therefore it is Washington that has the ultimate control over what’s going on in Uganda today.

While it is true that the Ugandan government has bent to US demands particularly regarding US ambitions in Sudan and Somalia, it is clear that further pressure is being placed on the Ugandan government by the US through the use of opposition figures like Bobi Wine.

Political projection – accusing President Museveni of being a foreign agent of the United States while Bobi Wine literally sat in Washington DC and openly admitted to consorting with the US Congress and US State Department – is rarely so transparent and hypocritical.

And as if to dispel any doubt at all about the interconnected nature of Amsterdam’s work on behalf of not his client Bobi Wine, but the special interests in Washington and on Wall Street they both work for, he would link Ugandan President Museveni to Russian President Vladimir Putin and the myriad of baseless narratives spread by the West to vilify Moscow, by claiming:

The Museveni regime is taking a page from Mr. Putin’s book. They torture you, they poison you. They poisoned people in England and then they call it false news.

Uganda’s history as a British colony that would gain a tenuous independence before being pulled back and forth between great powers throughout the Cold War and up to and including today has undoubtedly left the nation with much to be desired in terms of governance. However, the governance of Uganda is the sole business of the people of Uganda.

For Bobi Wine to flee his nation and seek the aid of foreign sponsors notorious for their multitude of global, ongoing wars, torture, human exploitation – including the destruction of multiple nations in Africa specifically – and political meddling and subversion worldwide, is all the proof the Ugandan people need to know that – whatever they may think of President Museveni – Bobi Wine is worse.

Wine is worse because he is politically weaker, and because before even starting his political career, has found himself entirely dependent on Washington – the heirs of Uganda’s British colonial occupiers. Uganda’s path toward the future – like any other nation – is wrought with many dead ends, few more obvious than “Bobi Wine.”

For Africa as a continent, the danger of US meddling and attempts to reassert Western control through proxies and political and institutional subversion, remains omnipresent. Knowing the methods the West uses to accomplish its modern day colonization is the first step in defeating it.

Tony Cartalucci, Bangkok-based geopolitical researcher and writer, especially for the online magazine New Eastern Outlook”.            

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