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North Korea Shadow Play

Now that N.Korea has tested its nuclear bomb, the main stream media has, almost non-stop, been demonising the North Korea leadership. The latest is that N.Korea puts disabled in camps and the radio waves are filled with ‘escaping refugees’ who are literally dying to get out of N.Korea. Tied into this demonisation process of course is China who is lukewarm at punishing N.Korea. The Chinese are accused of preventing refugees from getting across to China and if they did, sent them back to N.Korea to certain death. If one is to believe the ‘thousands’ who have been sent back for execution, then it stands to reason that pretty soon there will be no more people left in N.Korea. This mode of black propaganda is reminiscent of similar propaganda against South Africa shortly after it had acquired its independance. It was claimed that a woman is raped every 30 seconds  [or minute?]. You guess right, at that rate, there is no woman left that had not been raped.

N.Korea is the latest bogeyman. What the media and talking heads do not say is how the US deliberately sabotage any understanding reached in talks between N.Korea and the US. For a better understanding, read A beginner’s guide to creating a ‘crisis’ by William Bowles. We need to be reminded that N.Korea had tried for some 50 years or so to come to some kind of peaceful co-exixtence but its overtures have been repeatedly spurned.

One wonders why the US pursued such a policy. For that we need to understand that the US wants Japan to militarise on an even more aggressive scale, to shred it pacifist constitution. Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe even wondered aloud about building the capability to launch pre-emptive strikes on north Korea – even BEFORE he became the Prime Minister. This would be a way to keep rising China in check, bolster the US’s missile defence shield plan to encompass Japan, S.Korea and Taiwan.

On the other hand, Henry Makow thinks that China has ‘checkmated’ the US with the North Korean Threat . Henry Makow writes:

“It appears that China has outflanked George Jr. and the Neo Cons and stymied NWO plans for world hegemony based on control of Middle Eastern and Central Asian oil.

By getting its proxy North Korea to menace South Korea and Japan, China
has saved Iran and written the epitaph for the US in Iraq. America cannot pursue its Middle East strategy while contending with another war in North East Asia.”

Beneath the flurries of international pronouncenents and diplomatic activites over N.Korea, one can see the shadow plays going on.

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Something Other Than Folly This Way Come?

Practically everyone in the US Congress expresses shock and dismay at Foley’s phone sex with a minor. Bush himself says of Foley:

    “I was dismayed and shocked to learn about Congressman Foley’s unacceptable behavior. I was disgusted by the revelations.”

It seems that it is only US kids matter, or so it would seem. Do we ever see reports of the brutal, shocking rape and murder of 14-year-old Abir al-Janabi and the simultaneous murder of several of her family members? or the silent but deadly depleted uranium being spread by bombs being used in Aghanistan and Iraq and causing terrible untold birth defects ? Do these children matter?

The constant propaganda is that we care about the ‘young and innocent’ ones. Yet it is scandalous to find that in Florida alone, 1000 children in State custody cannot be accounted for. Maybe because they are mostly blacks and poor.

Is this strictly a Mr.Foley’s folly. Hardly! such ‘activities’ can be traced back to recent times with the so called Franklin coverup where ‘call boys’ took midnight tours of the White House, the child sex ring that reached Bush/Reagan Whitehouse. Maybe the uncovering of “bi-partisan” pedophilia in Washington, D.C., IS the larger scandal as some may claim, but read on……

The child abuse problem is not restricted to politicians, it is also a trademark of clergymen and people of ‘religious’ standing. There is a British documentary claiming that Pope Benedict XVI was implicated in a systematic cover-up of child sex-abuse by Catholic priests. Then there is the East Indian Guru Sai Baba, described by concert pianist David Bailey, as a paedophile. Interestingly the good Guru also tried to snare Prince Charles.

If you think that this common thread of child sex running through people of influence and power could be for something else, you could be right. Tal Brooke, himself a victim writes in Lord of the Air and wondered whether the sex was not an indulgence but the wellspring of Baba’s seeming occult authority.

Is it part of the devil worship ritual then?

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The Pursuit of Happiness


The minds of humans have always been infected by notions of freedom, independence, pursuit of happiness etc. Such longings have been expressed in many countries that fought for independence. Countries like the US is but one example. Yet all these qualities somehow continue to escape the citizens to a degree or another. It is such feelings of the people that the concept of sovereignity springs dearly in peoples’ heart and mind. Yet     governments in countries from time to time work to undermine such sovereign status.

Examples abound in the likes of IMF, World Bank, WTO, UN, FTAs and so on. In other words, ordinary citizens feel that they come under attack everytime the sovereignty of their country is eroded. Such erosion somehow is accompanied by more oppressive laws, regulations, taxes and so on. There is a certain amount of a sense of loss of control in one’s lives as many nations struggle to be free and for others it may never be acheived.

It is therefore refreshing that we have the natives of N.America coming out with a very generous offering for anyone wishing  to be adopted as citizens of  the United Nations of Turtle Island. No one is compelled to renounce their own culture, customs or language. All are welcomed as ‘brothers and sisters’. Can it be that this ‘Turtle Island’  concept is one way, as a start, towards the ‘pursuit of happiness’ ? For starters one can apply for one’s passport besides driver’s licence etc.

Presumably all the above rights are made possible because of this document as appears below:. United Nations of Turtle Island, an offer worth checking out?

This Document shown to the right,
 protects all Indians from Taxation.
Although if you are an American as
a citizen, you may have lost this
right by becoming a citizen of the
United States. On this document it
states that, ” being regarded as a
North American Indian”, could be
interpreted  for geographical reasons
only. Today many Native peoples
protest that the 1924 Indian
Citizenship Act made by the
was an attempt to defraud all
Indian Nations of their Treaties,
by simply forcing them into
being American Citizens. This
document also states a Treaty,
which by International law is
evidence that the Original Nations
of Turtle Island possess a Sovereign
status. “Passing and repassing”,
as well as being free from
“licensing”, is interpreted by
us as being able to cross freely
over the invisible lines that divide
Canada from the U.S., as well as
being free from purchasing a
State License.
Being free from Taxation, is actually
noted in this document three times,
which should be clear enough for an
elementary student to understand
that as Natives, we are non-taxable,
not tax exempt, but non-taxable. Any
natural medicines that native peoples
decide to cultivate and sell here it is
clear that we are free to do so.
This document although is stated as a
permit, it was made for the purpose to
educate others as to our natural birth
rights. Nothing in this document may
beconstrued as to take away any
rights of the individual natives way
of life that may be perceived as a
religious right.


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