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Smokers Inhaling Same Radioactive Poison That Killed Litvinenko!


When Did Governments (and tobacco companies) Know About Polonium 210 and How Long Have They Known? By Tom Dennen Customers at a restaurant and a hotel visited by the poisoned ex-KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko will be tested for the radioactive substance that killed him, Polonium 210, said British health chiefs on Friday. Polonium 210 is found in trace amounts in cigarette smoke and is the major reason it causes cancer. Polonium 210 is the only component of cigarette smoke that has produced cancers by itself in laboratory animals by inhalation – tumors appear at a level FIVE TIMES LOWER than the dose to a heavy smoker. SCIENTISTS KNEW BY 1980 Lung cancer rates among American men kept climbing from a rarity in 1930 (4/100,000 per year) to the No. 1 cancer killer in 1980 (72/100,000) in spite of an almost 20 percent reduction in smoking through anti-smoking information campaigns. But during the same period, the level of polonium 210 in American tobacco had tripled. This coincided with the increase in the use of phosphate fertilizers by tobacco growers – calcium phosphate ore accumulates uranium and slowly releases radon gas. (From Lenntech Water treatment & air purification Holding B.V. Rotterdamseweg 402 M): As radon decays, its electrically charged daughter products (including Polonium 210) attach themselves to dust particles, which adhere to the sticky hairs on the underside of tobacco leaves. This leaves a deposit of radioactive polonium and lead on the leaves. Then, the intense localized heat in the burning tip of a cigarette volatilizes the radioactive metals. While cigarette filters can trap chemical carcinogens, they are ineffective against radioactive vapors. The lungs of a chronic smoker end up with a radioactive lining in a concentration much higher than from residential radon. These particles, including Polonium 210, emit radiation.

Smoking two packs of cigarettes a day imparts a radiation dose by Polonium 210-emitted alpha particles of about 1,300 millirem per year. For comparison, the annual radiation dose to the average American from inhaled radon is 200 mrem.

In addition, polonium 210 is soluble and is circulated through the body to every tissue and cell in levels much higher than from residential radon. The proof is that it can be found in the blood and urine of smokers. The circulating polonium 210 causes genetic damage and early death from diseases reminiscent of early radiological pioneers: liver and bladder cancer, stomach ulcer, leukemia, cirrhosis of the liver and cardiovascular diseases.

Former United States Surgeon General C. Everett Koop stated that radioactivity, rather than tar, accounts for at least 90% of all smoking-related lung cancers. The American Center for Disease Control concluded: “Americans are exposed to far more radiation from tobacco smoke than from any other source.”

Cigarette smoking accounts for 30% of all cancer deaths.

Only poor diet rivals tobacco smoke as a cause of cancer in the U.S., causing a comparable number of fatalities each year. However, the National Cancer Institute, with an annual budget of $500 million, has no active funding for research of radiation from smoking or residential radon as a cause of lung cancer, presumably to protect the public from undue fears of radiation from smoking tobacco.

Corruption, anyone?

Meanwhile, the British Health Protection Agency last week called for people who had been to the Itsu sushi restaurant or Millennium Hotel in central London on November 1 to come forward.

Its appeal came as the Conservatives indicated that they would ask the Government to make a Commons statement over the affair.

The HPA is taking “extremely seriously” concerns that other people may have been contaminated by the Polonium 210 that led to the death of Alexander Litvinenko in hospital although it made clear the risk was low.

Doctors discovered that he had somehow ingested a large dose of the radioactive substance and samples of it were later found in the hotel and restaurant.

Mr. Litvinenko, a former colonel in the Russian security services, visited both places on November 1, the day he was taken ill.

A vocal opponent of Vladimir Putin, Mr. Litvinenko, 43, claimed in a statement made public after his death that the Russian president had had him poisoned.

Scotland Yard’s counter terrorism unit is investigating but has not described it as murder. Foreign Office officials have passed on a request via the Russian Ambassador, Yuri Fedotov, asking authorities in Moscow to make available any information that might assist police with their enquiries.

A post-mortem examination of Mr. Litvinenko’s body has been delayed while a risk assessment is carried out to see if it is safe to perform the procedure and what precautions may be necessary.

Polonium-210 is very dangerous to handle in even tiny amounts – milligram or microgram amounts – and special equipment and strict control is necessary.

Human damage arises from the complete absorption of the alpha particle energy Polonium 210 emits, which is captured by soft tissue.

Sources maintain that it is not only a very unusual method of assassination, but also that not even fiction writers have bothered with it as a difficult-to-detect murder weapon.


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Is It Possible…?

Terrorists free, anti-terrorists in prison?
With Bush, everything is possible!


1. Is it possible that the United States protects the masterminds responsible for the bombing of an airliner?
YES. On October 6, 1976, Orlando Bosch and Luis Posada Carriles killed 73 innocent civilians, including the Cuban fencing team, by blowing up a Cuban D-C 8 in flight. Even the U.S. Department of Justice found Bosch to be “implicated in the terrorist attacks abroad”. Nevertheless, Bush Sr. granted him a green card.
Posada Carriles, a CIA employee, publicly boasted of also being responsible for several bomb attacks perpetrated in Havana between July and September ’97. Presently, he is out and about in the U.S., protected by U.S. authorities, and does not face the prospect of any trial. Washington refuses to extradite him to Venezuela which, since a long time, wants to put him on trial for his terrorist acts.

2. Is it possible that the United States fails to take any action against terrorist groups operating out of its territory?
YES. Armed Cuban organizations exiled in Miami have committed and are preparing to perpetrate still more acts aimed at sowing terror in Cuba. Specifically, when this country endeavored to develop its tourism industry at the beginning of the 1990’s, these groups launched a vast campaign of terrorist attacks to dissuade tourists from coming to the island. An Italian tourist, Fabio di Celmo, was killed; dozens of others were injured.
Since 40 years, anti-Cuban terrorism has taken the lives of more than 3,000 individuals. The protests and steps taken by Cuba have consistently fell on deaf ears. Washington continues to tolerate and even protect the activities of these groups.

3. Is it possible that the United States does not imprison the terrorists, but rather those who try to prevent attacks?
YES. Gerardo Hernandez, Antonio Guerro, Ramon Labanino, Fernando Gonzalez and René Gonzalez were arrested on September 12, 1998 in Miami (Florida). These five Cubans had been commissioned to infiltrate the anti-Castro terrorist circles and to report potential attacks being prepared. They were not assigneto spy on the U.S., but rather to keep surveillance on criminals and to inform Havana of their plans.

When their evidence was handed over to the FBI, the latter did not arrest the terrorists but instead those who informed on them! Accused of espionage and of wanting “to destroy the United States” and sentenced in all to four life sentences plus 75 ans in prison. Despite the fact that former high ranks in the military and Secret Service had testified that there had not been any espionage. They were separated and detained in high-security prisons.

4. Is it possible that the Bush administration manipulates the courts in charge of the case?
YES. To prevent a fair trial, the case was tried in Miami despite the hysteria which reigns in this city (Cuban athletes and artists are prohibited from performing there). The Miami prosecutor himself admitted acknowledged that it was impossible to guarantee to the Five a fair trial in this city.
It was precisely for this reason that, in August 2005, the Atlanta Court of Appeal repealed the sentence and ordered a new trial. An extremely rare occurrence, Bush’s Attorney General was himself on appeal and had the ruling quashed. Since, the legal battle continues…

5. Is it possible that the United States flouts penal and international law by denying visits of some spouses and children of the prisoners?
YES. Since eight years, the authorities have forbidden Adriana Perez from seeing her husband Gerardo. Olga Salanueva has not been able to enter the U.S. since 2002. As a matter of fact, she has been a victim of unlawful blackmail: They deported her in order to try to force her husband to confess. Daughter Yvette Gonzalez (8 years old) has not seen her father for eight years. A form of mental torture that is particularly ignoble.

6. Is it possible that the United States sends the protestations of the U.N. and of Amnesty International to the garbage disposal?
YES. In May 2005, the U.N.’s International Commission of arbitrary detentions held the detention of the Five to be arbitrary, illegal and contrary to the U.N.’s international conventions. Amnesty has condemned the violation of the right to visitation as well as the suspect character of the convictions. Harold Pinter, recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature, and 110 members of the British Parliament called for respect of the right to visitation. The U.S.’s National Council of Churches wrote to Mrs. Rice to demand respect of the right to visitation, at least for humanitarian reasons. All of these protestations were thrown in the garbage can.

7. Is it possible for us to do something so that Gerardo, Rene, Ramon, Fernando and Antonio would finally be returned to their spouses and children?
YES. European governments, allies of Washington, remain silent in the face of these crimes whereas they claim to be fighting against terrorism and for civil rights. The European media hardly talk about it. And yet, it concerns the right of each country in the world to defend itself against all terrorism. Including that financed or protected by the United States.

We call on each one of you to sign the petition displayed at: And to bring this to the attention of the media so that they finally talk about it.
We do not accept the arbitrariness of Bush which protects terrorists and jails those who try to prevent these attacks!

We video-taped two brief interviews of Adriana, wife of Gerardo, and Irma, mother of Rene. (In Spanish with French subtitles) Twice three minutes, to view at :
The 5
A link that you can easily send to your contacts and to journalists.


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China defies Vatican over bishop

Looks like China is taking a page out from all the Protestant churches’ book. Religious faith does not have to come from Rome. See Comments from China.[Ed]

China defies Vatican over bishop

China has named a new Catholic bishop in a move likely to increase tension with the Vatican.

Father Wang Renlei will be ordained on Thursday, a Chinese official said.

China and Rome do not have diplomatic relations and in May the Vatican excommunicated two bishops who were ordained without its approval.

There are 10 million Catholics in China, divided between the officially tolerated Patriotic Church, and an underground Church loyal to Rome.

“Wang Renlei was elected as the bishop of the Xuzhou diocese,” Liu Bainian, vice president of the China Catholic Patriotic Association, told the French news agency AFP.

“This election is legal and valid. This is in the interest of the [Chinese] Church….a church cannot exist without a bishop,” he said.

“We cannot wait until after the normalisation of relations to consecrate bishops,” Mr Liu said.

‘Deep displeasure’

There has been no comment from Rome so far, but in May the Vatican excommunicated two bishops who were ordained by China.

Pope Benedict XVI expressed his “deep displeasure” over the appointments.

Beijing and the Vatican have been engaged in talks for some time with the aim of re-establishing relations, which were severed more than 50 years ago.

China does not recognise the Pope’s authority, insisting that all Chinese Catholics belong to a state-run church.

China is often accused of religious oppression by human rights organisations.

In August, Beijing released a bishop jailed for more than 10 years for being a member of the underground Roman Catholic Church, loyal to the Vatican.

In the past, many other followers of the underground Catholic Church have also received lengthy prison sentences.

And many Buddhist monks and nuns have been jailed for their loyalty to the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama.

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