Assassination Attempts on Bush & Family ?

November 22, 2006

US Presidents Daughter Saved In Assassination Attempt As Turmoil Surrounds Regime Leaders By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western SubscribersFSB reports today are describing a scene of turmoil surrounding the Elite Ruling Military Families of the Bush and Clintons in the
United States as a series of attacks by Coup Forces have sought to destabilize the rouge regime currently in power.

In the latest attack, according to these reports, the American Presidents daughter, Barbara Bush, upon returning from Paraguay where she is overseeing the Bush Families Massive Compound, which we have previously reported on  in our October 15 report titled “US President Bush Makes Massive Land Purchase In Paraguay Ahead Of Expected War Crimes Charges“, survived an attempt on her life after being targeted by an assassin while entering her hotel in the Argentina capitol of Buenos Aires.

Reports from FSB sources in Argentina describe a scene of ‘chaos’ as one of the First Daughters Secret Service body guard detachment was wounded by the bullets meant for the young woman, and upon fleeing the scene with her protectors abandoned her personal luggage which could be seen lying in the blood stained sidewalk in front of the hotel.

American propaganda organs, as always, have not released this information to their people choosing instead to describe this assassination attempt as a ‘mugging’, which is beyond our belief to understand as the American Presidents Family are the most protected human beings in the World.  Even more incredible than this report are these same American propaganda organs reporting that the wounded Secret Service bodyguard was also ‘mugged’ in an ‘altercation’ in a bar.

More ominously for the American Ruling Elite Families was this latest attack upon them follows by days a similar attack upon the Clinton Family compound in
Chappaqua, New York which left one of their neighbor’s dead and another in grave condition.  Likewise, American propaganda organs ‘explained’ this attack as being a ‘mysterious shooting’ of the Clinton Family neighbors.

Russian Intelligence Analysts are reporting that these attacks are linked to the American Presidents planned visit to Jordan next week, but which is in fact a ‘secret mission’ to the ancient Iraqi city of Babylon where it is expected he will complete the ‘ritual’ begun this past year, and as we have previously reported on in our April 16 report titled “Mysterious ‘Ritual’ Performed By United States Military Forces In Babylon Raises Concerns Of Muslim And Russian Orthodox Religious Leaders“, and wherein we had stated:

“To the Darkness that has enveloped the Western peoples for their devotion to the ancient gods of darkness we have spoken of many times, but with these new events occurring in Babylon today the entire world should indeed shudder…for by all accounts, those cruel demons of our ancient days may be once again unleashed upon us all by the actions of the Americans.For even in our most ancient of days these horrific dark masters were feared by the Angels themselves, and as war with the Persians of Iran is soon to occur, and which will undoubtedly unleash the largest war of all, it is well that we all remember the words of Daniel [10:20] about this greatest of beasts, read and understand:“But I am going back to make war with the angel of Persia, and when I am gone, the angel of Greece will come. And there is no one on my side against these, but Michael, your angel.”

As more is know of these events we will report them, but none will suffer greater than those in Athens and

AND in a related comment see below by Rayelan:


Posted By: Rayelan
Date: Wednesday, 22 November 2006, 12:59 a.m.

I’m certain we are NOT being told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…But the way I am looking at things… it seems to me that someone is sending an unmistakable message to the President. I wonder what it was. Let’s take a look at the reason I say this.President Bush made a stopover in Hawaii. On his way to Hickam Air Force Base, Three Honolulu Police Department motorcycle officers were involved in an accident.The motorcycles reportedly slipped individually on a rain-slicked roadway at about 7:10 a.m near the base entry area. Two of the three officers are in serious condition.

You can read the story at this URL:

  • The acting director of the White House Travel Office, Mr. Pitts, accompanied President George W. Bush on a brief visit to Hawaii. The stop came after an eight-day trip to Asia.Mr Pitts was robbed and beaten in Waikiki early on Tuesday morning outside a nightclub. “He was knocked down, punched, kicked — his wallet and id were stolen,” His passport and international phone were also taken.While President Bush stayed at Hickam Air Force Base, White House staff, crew from the airplane and reporters stayed at Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki.The article about the motorcycle officers said the officers were involved in a crash while escorting President George W. Bush to Hickam Air Force Base The article about the acting director of White House travel being robbed said that the President stayed at Hickam Air Force Base. The accident happened at 7AM… OUTSIDE the gates of Hickam.

    The motorcycles reportedly slipped individually on a rain-slicked roadway at about 7:10 a.m near the base entry area.

    If President Bush stayed on Hickam Monday night, why was he traveling BACK to Hickam at 7AM in the morning. Don’t tell me he had a 6AM breakfast meeting!

    What could have caused three experienced motorcycle cops to lose control of their bikes? I’m just not buying that three motorcycle officers dumped their bikes because of an early morning rain. What else was on the road? Oil? Bombs? Assassins?

    The injured officers and the beaten White House travel director are all at the Queen’s Medical Center. Mr. Pitts did not return to Washington with the President. Was he that badly injured, or did the President’s security team get the President out of Hawaii before something worse happened to him or his party.

    While all of this was happening in Hawaii, the President’s two daughters were in Argentina. According to an Argentine newspaper, they had been working in Paraguay with Unicef and had made a secret visit to Argentina. Remember, the Bush family just bought enough land in Paraguay to retire quite comfortably… Paraguay is a place that has a long history of giving aid and comfort to dictators in exile.

    According to an Argentine paper, the girls made an “incognito” visit. A source that asked not to be identified said “the incident” happened last night.

    Exactly WHAT happened last night? The first reports said that both girls were assaulted and Barbara was badly beaten. Within a half hour that story had been replaced by the story… supposedly from this Source who asks NOT to be identified… who said that only Barbara’s purse and cell phone were stolen.

    The Argentine paper also reports that “the daughter of the American President was involved in an argument with strangers”. What was the nature of the argument? Was it a verbal argument or did it get physical? Who were these strangers? Do you really think the Secret Service doesn’t know?

    The ABC article on this incident doesn’t mention anything about Barbara or Jenna being in an argument, much less being beaten. The article states that First Daughter, Barbara Bush had her purse and cell phone stolen as she had dinner in a restaurant in Buenos Aires.

    Please remember that the acting Director of the White House travel office also had his phone, his ID, his passport and his wallet stolen.

    Please think for a moment about all the private White House telephone numbers that are in those two phones. The Director of the White House travel office probably has the cell phone numbers of every member of the Bush Administration plus every reporter who ever traveled on Air Force One.

    Barbara Bush would have family and friend’s phone numbers. Her parents, her grandparents, her uncles, her cousins, her friends… who are probably the children of some of the richest and most powerful people in the world.

    What do you think the White House is doing right now? I would think they are all throwing away their old telephones and getting new ones. How long do you think it will be before everyone in the White House has a new cellphone… and everyone has access to all the new cell phone numbers.

    The same will be true of the President’s family and friends.

    Now we have the rest of the Argentine story… another beating.

    According to the ABC article:

    “A Secret Service agent on the advance detail got into an “altercation” with someone after a night out and was badly beaten, according to the law enforcement reports. The Secret Service said today the incident was an attempted mugging that occurred while the agent was on his own time.”

    The Director of White House travel was on his own time when he was mugged and beaten.

    Two beatings… Two cell phones stolen. A wallet and a purse stolen. This means someone has a lot of personal information about the director of White House travel and about Barbara Bush.

    One last thing. The ABC article says the girls were in Panama working with Unicef. The Argentine article says they were in Paraguay working with Unicef. I wonder where they were, and if their secret trip to Argentina was on the Unicef schedule… or their parents.

    I won’t go so far as to speculate that an assassination attempt was averted in Hawaii. I think something else happened here. I think a very OPEN message was sent to the President. I also think that the Bush family and the Bush Administration’s telephone lines were compromised. Because of this there was probably a telephone silence for a number of hours this morning and afternoon.

    By now, telephone security has probably been restored to all involved. But what could have happened this morning and this afternoon while most of the Bush White House and the Bush family were out of touch with each other?

    I wonder if anyone will admit this ever happened?



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