Demonic Covert Art In Catholic Publications

See Picture of 666 Close up on OCP Today’s Missal – Music Issue 2004

Scandal: Catholic Publisher Designs 666 on Missal; Distributes Them to U.S. Churches

New York, NY (July 6th, 2004) – The Oregon Catholic Press (OCP), supplier of the worship materials used in two-thirds of American Catholic parishes, has published demonic cover art featuring a 666 on their “2004 Today’s Missal Music Issue.” The missals have been distributed to U.S. Catholic churches, and are in widespread use for an apparent covert message.

The OCP, already being investigated for their hymnals and missals containing phallic symbols and demonic imagery, have added the sign of the beast to their current music issue, which features a colorful exploding red cross in a cartoon-like drawing, obviously aimed at children.

The imagery was discovered at Holy Name of Jesus Church in Westchester, NY while the young children of Silver Sword International film producer Michael A. Calace were examining the missal during Mass. Mr. Calace used his visual art expertise to confirm the images, and subsequently uncovered a trend of demonic church artwork.

Overseen by OCP Art Director Jean Germano, this missal contains the same cover art found on their “Respond and Acclaim 2004” missal.

“As any fellow artist will attest, art is planned. In each medium, we plan every minute detail, which is then further scrutinized in the editing and review process. This is even more demanding for the single image, where the artist has only one chance at making the desired impression. Nothing goes out to the public without first undergoing extremely careful design,” said Mr. Calace.

Dr. Wilson Bryan Key, famed author, professor and the definitive word on such imagery, corroborated Calace’s findings, saying there is “no question it’s present” and added, “They’re using this to recruit kids and corrupt them.”

Mr. Calace said, “This artwork needs to be removed from all churches immediately, even if the front and back covers are torn off of the books and discarded.”

After his young children became attracted to the colorful 2004 OCP Music Issue during Mass, film producer Michael A. Calace discovered that the missal showcased a 666 along with demonic imagery, as part of a wild cartoon-like cross. This further confirmed Calace’s recent uncovering of a trend of occult laden church artwork by perpetrators within trusted Catholic organizations.

Silver Sword International ( is the motion picture company producing the family feature film, “Intimate Fear,” congruent to the company motto “merging media with morality.”



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3 responses to “Demonic Covert Art In Catholic Publications

  1. great article. unfortunately the picture is only a .doc file.

  2. AgnosticThroughLogic

    Great article.

    This is yet another example of the negative aspects of overly organized religion. Read the book and believe the words if you must, you do not need someone 1000 miles away rewriting it for you and the rest of your country. Religious publications if needed should be produced by your local community, this prevents any subversive imagery or words placed in them from reaching as many people before they are noticed and abolished, as well as bolsters a sense of community spirit and pride.
    Just as a comical side note, you do not need to put demonic symbols onto publications to expose someone to them, they just need to read a bible.

  3. Michael scAm Calace ripped off his investors of over $800K in the making and distribution of this film. How’s that for thay for “merging mrdia with morality.” I am the associate producer of Rape of The Soul and scAm has raped myself and two other investors out of a lot of money If anyone knows where tc (the crook) is hiding please post it so I can try to get my money back!

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