15-Year-Old Boy Invents Air Powered Perpetual Car Engine

 Jolly | Jan 15 2008

Do you really think that going green requires the expertise of the best scientists of the world? Think again! A 15-year-old student of the academic school in the city of Samarkand (Uzbekistan) has invented a car that can perpetually run on a special and ecofriendly fuel that is abundant in nature, Air!

The student managed to start a conventional internal combustion engine with the help of air pressure. The fuel that is air in this case enters the engine from a special tank filled with air under high pressure. These tanks automatically refuel themselves as the car moves, giving it its signature perpetual motion. The student named Maruf Karimov has installed the engine on his friends’ old car and has also driven it for several hundreds of meters, though he states that the speed of the car is very low. But the idea and execution of this young engineer can by no means be underestimated.

The designs have been sent to specialists from Germany and the young engineer will also continue his research work in Germany. Scientists have also stated that a perpetual motion machine is difficult to make but it is not impossible. Considering that the current understanding of the laws of physics can be incomplete in the mind of this budding engineer, scientists are expecting better results from the engine when it is refined and retuned.

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“Kelajak Ovozi” opens talents
By Dilafruz Alimova
The winner of the Republican competition of gifted youth “Kelajak Ovozi” Maruf Karimov continues work on his invention presented in nomination “Rationalization suggestion, technical projects and developments“. Local and foreign specialists consider that the engine invented by 15-year-old boy has a right to be named “perpetual”.
The student of the academic lycée in Samarkand Maruf Karimov presented at the competition the car engine working on unusual fuel. The content of his invention is that he has managed to start a standard automobile engine of internal combustion from an air pressure. This fuel comes to the engine from a special tank with compressed air. After the air delivery the tank automatically refills again. Thus, the engine created by the 15-year-old teenager deserves an epithet “perpetual”.
“This idea rose in my mind long time ago”, says Maruf Karimov. “I cannot sit still, I always try to improve, develop everything. And in 2006 in Samarkand there passed magnificent summarizing of regional rounds “Kelajak Ovozi”. I learnt that in competition there is a nomination which suits me, and decided to present my invention on the court of jury. And the victory for me is important first of all because it proved – I think and work in right direction.
The first example of air engine Karimov installed to the car and managed to drive several hundred metres in it. The young inventor is sure that increase of the propulsion unit power is just a technical matter. As he said, to reinforce the power many times he needs a special air tank made of superstrong materials.
 The work of Uzbek boy was highly appreciated not only by specialists of the Tashkent Technical University, but German engineers as well.
“I became the activist of the Center of Youth initiatives “Kelajak Ovozi” where found big support from children”, says Maruf. “I have gained such a powerful fund of energy, and I am very glad that my work is so highly appreciated. It’s great that people do not wave away from youth initiatives in Uzbekistan, but, on the contrary, carefully look for talents and give them all opportunities for personal self-realization. Now I continue work on the motor, I want to expand areas of usage of the invention, after all it can be used not only in motor industry. Certainly, the engine still demands improvement, for this purpose it requires the help of competent specialists, additional researches and experiences. But I am full of energy because I want to benefit the country, to make people’s life better and more convenient.


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  1. Thanks for posting an enjoyable Blog. Keep it up.

    • Timefloater

      I pray that the Germans, etal. do not terminate the potential here. Newton is his biggest supporter and critic all at once. Heat and friction are a problem. But, Newton saw success by, “…standing on the shoulders of those who went before”. Were Newton’s the last set of shoulders? If friction/heat is the problem is it possible that running an engine in a gravity-free environment might settle that problem?

  2. Cheech

    That’s awsome,he’s starting to help the people in the future get out of paying for gas.
    With high gas prices,this will keep the air clean,and it’s out there,there are cars & trucks that some people out there that convert their engine to run on air.

    Check these sites out!



  3. Galvi

    where is the picture ?

  4. great post! I always like finding blogs that have info I can use!

  5. cool post! I always like finding blogs that have info I can use!

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  7. bill

    Have the plans been lost yet?

  8. I like it when individuals get together and share thoughts.
    Great website, stick with it!

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