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The Hypocrisy and Danger of Anti-China Demonstrations


by Floyd Rudmin

We hear that Tibetans suffer “demographic aggression” and “cultural genocide”. But we do not hear those terms applied to Spanish and French policies toward the Basque minority. We do not hear those terms applied to the US annexation of the Kingdom of Hawaii in 1898. And Diego Garcia? In 1973, not so long ago, the UK forcibly deported the entire native Chagossian population from the Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia. People were allowed one suitcase of clothing. Nothing else. Family pets were gassed, then cremated. Complete ethnic cleansing. Complete cultural destruction. Why? In order to build a big US air base. It has been used to bomb Afghanistan and Iraq, and soon maybe to bomb Iran and Pakistan. Diego Garcia, with nobody there but Brits and Americans, is also a perfect place for rendition, torture and other illegal actions.

When the Olympics come to London in 2012, the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu will certainly lead the demonstrators protesting the “demographic aggression” and “cultural genocide” in Diego Garcia. The UN Secretary General, the President of France, the Chancellor of Germany, the new US President and the entire US Congress will certainly boycott the opening ceremonies.

The height of hypocrisy is this moral posturing about 100 dead in race riots in Lhasa, while the USA, UK and more than 40 nations in the Coalition of the Willing wage a war of aggression against Iraq. This is not “demographic aggression” but raw shock-and-awe aggression. A war crime. A war on civilians, including the intentional destruction of the water and sewage systems, and the electrical grid. More than one million Iraqis are now dead; five million made into refugees. The Western invaders may not be doing “cultural genocide” but they are doing cultural destruction on an immense scale, in the very cradle of Western Civilization. Why is the news filled with demonstrators about Tibet but not about Iraq?

And as everyone knows but few dare say, “demographic aggression” and “cultural genocide” can be applied most accurately to Israel’s settlement policies and systematic destruction of Palestinian communities. On this, the Dalai Lama seems silent. Demonstrators don’t wave flags for bulldozed homes, destroyed orchards, or dead Palestinian children.

The Chinese Context

The Chinese government is responsible for the well-being and security of one-fourth of humanity. Race riots and rebellion cannot be tolerated, not even when done by Buddhist monks.

Chinese Civilization was already old when the Egyptians began building pyramids. But the last 200 years have not gone well, what with two Opium Wars forcing China to import drugs, and Europeans seizing coastal ports as a step to complete colonial control, then the Boxer Rebellion, the collapse of the Manchu Dynasty, civil war, a brutal invasion and occupation by Japan, more civil war, then Communist consolidation and transformation of society, then Mao’s Cultural Revolution. Such events caused tens of millions of people to die. Thus, China’s recent history has good reasons why social order is a higher priority than individual rights. Race riots and rebellion cannot be tolerated.

Considering this context, China’s treatment of its minorities has been exemplary compared to what the Western world has done to its minorities. After thousands of years of Chinese dominance, there still are more than 50 minorities in China. After a few hundred years of European dominance in North and South America, the original minority cultures have been exterminated, damaged, or diminished.

Chinese currency carries five languages: Chinese, Mongolian, Tibetan, Uigur, and Zhuang. In comparison, Canadian currency carries English and French, but no Cree or Inuktitut. If the USA were as considerate of ethnic minorities as is China, then the greenback would be written in English, Spanish, Cherokee and Hawaiian.

In China, ethnic minorities begin their primary schooling in their own language, in a school administered by one of their own community. Chinese language instruction is not introduced until age 10 or later. This is in sharp contrast to a history of coerced linguistic assimilation in most Western nations. The Australian government recently apologized to the Aboriginal minority for taking children from their families, forcing them to speak English, beating them if they spoke their mother tongue. China has no need to make such apology to Tibetans or to other minorities.

China’s one-child-policy seems oppressive to Westerners, but it has not applied to minorities, only to the Han Chinese. Tibetans can have as many children as they choose. If Han people have more than one child, they are punished.

There is a similar preference given to minorities when it comes to admission to universities. For example, Tibetan students enter China’s elite Peking University with lower exam scores than Han Chinese students.

China is not a perfect nation, but on matters of minority rights, it has been better than most Western nations. And China achieved this in the historical context of restoring itself and recovering from 200 years of continual crisis and foreign invasion.

Historical Claims

National boundaries are not natural. They all arise from history, and all history is disputable. Arguments and evidence can always be found to challenge a boundary. China has long claimed Tibet as part of its territory, though that has been hard to enforce during the past 200 years. The Dalai Lama does not dispute China’s claim to Tibet. The recent race riots in Tibet and the anti-Olympics demonstrations will not cause China to shrink itself and abandon part of its territory. Rioters and demonstrators know that.

Foreign governments promoting Tibet separatism and demonstrators demanding Tibet independence should look closer to home. Canadians can campaign for Québec libre. Americans can support separatists in Puerto Rico, Vermont, Texas, California, Hawaii, Guam, and Alaska. Brits can work for a free Wales, and Scotland for the Scots. French can help free Tahitians, New Caledonians, Corsicans, and the Basques. Spaniards can also back the Basques, or the Catalonians. Italians can help Sicilian separatists or the Northern League. Danes can free the Faeroe Islands. Poles can back Cashubians. Japanese can help Okinawan separatists, and Filipinos can help the Moros. Thai can promote Patanni independence; Indonesians can promote Acehnese independence. New Zealanders can leave the islands to the Maori; Australians can vacate Papua. Sri Lankans can help Tamil separatists; Indians can help Sikh separatists.

Nearly every nation has a separatist movement of some kind. There is no need to go to Tibet, to the top of the world, to promote ethnic separatism. China is not promoting separatism in other nations and does not appreciate other nations promoting separatism in China. The people most oppressed, most needing a nation of their own, are the Palestinians. There is a worthy project to promote and to demonstrate about.

Danger of Demonstrations

These demonstrations do not serve Tibetans, but rather use Tibetans for ulterior motives. Many Tibetans, therefore, oppose these demonstrations. Many Chinese remember their history and see the riots in Lhasa and subsequent demonstrations as another attempt by foreign powers to dismember and weaken China. There is grave danger that Chinese might come to fear Tibetans as traitors, resulting in wide spread anti-Tibetan feelings in China.

Fear that an ethnic minority serves foreign forces caused Canada, during World War 1, to imprison its Ukranian minority in concentration camps. For similar reasons, the Ottomans deported their Armenian minority and killed more than a million in death marches. The German Nazis saw the Jewish minority as traitors who caused defeat in World War 1; hence deportations in the 1930s and death camps in the 1940s. During World War 2, both Canada and the USA feared that their Japanese immigrant minorities were traitorous and deported them to concentration camps. Indonesians fearing their Chinese minority, deported 100,000 in 1959 and killed thousands more in 1965. Israel similarly fears its Arab minority, resulting in deportations and oppression.

Hopefully, the Chinese government and the Chinese people will see Tibetans as victims of foreign powers rather than agents of foreign powers. However, if China reacts like other nations have in history and starts systematic severe repression of Tibetans, then today’s demonstrators should remember their role in causing that to happen.


The demonstrators now disparaging China serve only to distract themselves and others from seeing and correcting the current failings of their own governments. If the demonstrators will take a moment to listen, they will hear the silence of their own hypocrisy.

The consequences of these demonstrations are 1) China will stiffen its resolve to find foreign influences inciting Tibetans to riot, and 2) the governments of the USA, UK, France and other Western nations will have less domestic criticism for a few weeks. That is all. These demonstrations can come to no good end.

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Passengers Refused To Get Off The Plane

Does this show that the people in China are suppressed? Submissive and docile people certainly would not behave in this manner.  Had this happened in North America or Europe, people would be tasered or handcuffed off the plane.


Passengers sleep on plane after flight cancelled

Fri Jun 27, 1:05 AM ET

BEIJING (Reuters) – Fifty-two passengers on a Chinese airliner whose flight was cancelled due to bad weather refused to disembark and instead spent the night onboard before finally leaving to their destination, local media said on Friday. The passengers boarded for their 8 p.m. (1:00 a.m. EDT) flight from Beijing to the eastern coastal city of Yantai, but after more than three hours of sitting on the tarmac, the airline cancelled the flight, the Beijing Morning Post said.

“Most of the about 200 passengers disembarked to complete flight transfer procedures, but a Mrs. Shi was one of 52 passengers who refused to get off,” the newspaper said.

“Mrs. Shi said that she and her colleagues had to get to Yantai for a meeting, they were on a very tight schedule, and could not accept the cancellation of the flight.”

At 3 a.m. the airline finally told them they could take a 7.30 a.m. flight to Yantai.

“The passengers said that in the 12 hours or so they spent on the aircraft, the crew provided continuous service, and all along offered food and drink,” the report said. Chinese media frequently report stories of badly behaved passengers refusing to get off delayed aircraft or running amok at airports following delays, but also criticise airlines for not giving enough information to passengers about delays.

The government and airlines have spent billions of dollars upgrading airports and buying new aircraft, but service standards have struggled to keep up.

Beijing is especially worried about poor service at airports and on airlines as it gears up to host this summer’s Olympics.

(Reporting by Ben Blanchard)

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Don’t Get Fooled Into Another Waterloo

Written by Andrew Winkler, The Rebel Media Group  

Friday, 27 June 2008

When asking Western school children about the significance of Waterloo, the answer will be something along the lines of ‘the decisive battle between Napoleon and an English lead European coalition’. In fact, the future of the European continent was perceived to depend upon the battle of Waterloo. If Napoleon won, France would have been confirmed as the undisputed master of Europe. If Napoleon was beaten, England would have become the leading power in Europe and greatly expand its sphere of influence. 

What Western school children are not taught – for obvious reasons – is the much bigger story behind the official narrative, the story of one of the biggest frauds in human history. Nathan Rothschild, the head of the English branch of the Rothschild crime family, took advantage of his advance knowledge of the outcome of the battle by tricking the London Stock Exchange into believing that Napoleon had won. The resulting crash of the Exchange enabled Nathan Rothschild’s agents to buy the entire London stock market for a Penny in the Pound and seize control of the Bank of England.

This shameless fraud was ruthlessly repeated in 1929. The private owners of the U.S. Federal Reserve, Rothschild subsidiaries J.P. Morgan, Citi Bank and Chase Manhattan Bank were awash with money earned by financing World War I. Using their market power, Rothschild’s agents first engineered an artificial boom in the stock market, tricking smaller banks and private investors into putting huge amounts of money into the stock market and then deliberately crashed it, enabling the Rotschild agents to buy most of the U.S. stock market. The ripple effect of the New York crash also enabled Rothschild agents in other countries, such as Germany, to buy local corporations at a fraction of their actual value.

Eighty years later, it looks like our ruling psychopaths are at it again. They are systematically destroying trust in the U.S. dollar, causing holders of large amounts of greenbags to sell them. At the same time, the Rothschilds are preventing the European Central Bank from printing sufficient Euros for U.S. Dollar owners to exchange all of their holdings into Euros. That way Dollar owners are forced to buy gold instead, causing the gold price to explode.

Simultaneously, the Rothschilds are using their influence on the media sector to spread rumours of an imminent crash of the U.S. Dollar and international stock markets. As per usual, in the day and age of infowar, those rumours first started in the alternative Internet based media, only to spread into the mainstream business media. Last week’s ‘global stock and credit market warning’ of the Rothschild owned Royal Bank of Scotland means that the next Waterloo must be imminent.

All it takes is a trigger such as a thwarted USraeli attack on Iran or the blocking of the Persian Gulf for oil transports, followed by a major stock sell-off by Rothschild agents. Once the world’s stock and credit markets have completely crashed, the price of an ounce of gold will be in the thousands, enabling the Rothschilds and other owners of large gold holdings to buy the market for a fraction of their true value.

Andrew Winkler is the editor/publisher of Sydney based dissident blogs, Jews Anonymous and Power of No . He can be contacted at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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