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Rep. Michael Burgess – “We are under Martial Law”

By: D. H. Williams @ 4:20 PM – EST

Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX) reports from the floor of the House that the Republicans have been cut out of the process and called unpatriotic for not blindly supporting the fraudulent bailout. He says the only debate has been about what talking points to use on the American people. The most ominous revelation is when he claims the Speaker has declared martial law.

“I have been thrown out of more meetings in this capital in the last 24 hours than I ever thought possible, as a duly elected representative of 825,000 citizens of north Texas.” Said Congressman Burgess.

Burgess asks the Speaker of the House to post the bailout bill on the internet for at least 24 hours instead of passing the largest piece of legislation in US financial history in the “dark of night.”

The most frightening part of Rep. Burgess’ one-minute floor speech is when he says, “Mr. Speaker I understand we are under Martial Law as declared by the speaker last night.”

Discussion Draft of yet unnumbered House Resolution Bill to turn your life and liberty over to the elitist who really control this country. Think of it as the Emancipation Proclamation in reverse.

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Set Youself Free: Break The Bank

If the Treasuries are allowed to go bust, this will mean that the US will be defaulting on the liabilities to other citizens of other countries…not a solution either. It is like saying that we can spend but let others foot the bill. The US should get a system to have meaningful internal changes.


The New American
Revolution Break The Bank
By Joan Veon
In 1913, at 11:45 p.m., on the eve of Christmas, a group of powerful men came together to form a private corporation, designed to control the monetary system of our country. They moved with a calculated craftiness and deceit to pass legislation that would enslave every American as a debtor to their corporation.
To give you an idea as to where our country is with debt, as of September 2008, the U.S. federal debt totaled approximately $9.7 Trilion, or $31,700 per person. However when the unfunded liabilities such as Social Security, Medicare, and other social programs are added in, our total debt grows to $59.1 Trillion or $516,348 per household. In 2005, the total personal debt, consisting of mortgages and consumer loans was estimated at $11.4 Ttillion, with total U.S. household assets, including real estate, totaling $62.5 Trillion. (Wikipedia, United States public debt). This leaves approximately a $3 Trillion difference between our liabilities and our assets.
Why it is Americans can’t forgive themselves the interest on the debt? We don’t owe it to “we the people,” we owe it to the Federal Reserve and to foreign governments in the form of U.S. Treasury bills, notes, and bonds. Currently the top four foreign owners of our debt include: Japan at $592.2 B, China at $502 B, United Kingdom at $251.4 B, and oil exporters at $153.9 B. Other countries include Brazil, Caribbean Banking Centers, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Russia, Norway, Germany, Taiwan, and Switzerland.
We are told that there are a number of reasons for the financial crisis we are in today. One is the passage of the Home Ownership Equity Protection Act of 1994, whereby the Federal Reserve was given authority to issue regulations and interest rates over mortgages and home equity lending. As a result, its enactment led to a sharp increase in home equity lending accompanied by a sharp boost in the subprime mortgage market, from 80,000 subprime loans in 1993 to 790,000 by 1998. Another is the passage of the 1999 Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, removing all the protection put in place following the 1929 stock market crash, which allowed foreign banks, brokerage firms, and insurance companies to buy American owned banks, brokerage firms and insurance companies. Additionally, this increased a risk to our economic system by easing regulations on monetary policy. The 45-year low interest rates in 2001-2002 to stimulate the economy following 9/11 exacerbated the stress on our economy.
In short, we have been set up! Laws were designed and passed to specifically get us into this position! We are the sheep, but our shepherd is not Moses, King David or the Great Shepherd. Now many of the career-congressmen who supported passage of the above laws are the same people who will push through legislation so they can recess to go home and campaign for re-election. Their misplaced priorities have created the emotionally charged environment under the threat to “get it done, now” by the Federal Reserve’s transfer agent, Treasury Secretary, Hank Paulson, investment banker extraordinaire.
Unless you know the chicanery of how the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913, unless you understand the central banking system that runs almost all the countries of the world and their history of manipulation, deceit, deception, and distortion, you will not be able to hear, see, and understand what is happening under your nose. In July, Congress gave Hank Paulson a blank check, with his promised that he would not use it unless he needed to. Congress went home for summer recess and Paulson found a reason to use it; rescue Fannie and Freddie to the tune of $5.3T.
What do you think is going to happen when they get the new Resolution Trust Corporation and their hands on the purse of America? We will have several days of peace in the market and then the pattern will start all over again because the next project is to pass the Treasury’s Blueprint For A Modernized Financial Regulatory System, The Blueprint is designed to transfer to the Federal Reserve, power over all savings and loans, credit unions, thrifts, state chartered banks, the entire insurance industry, mortgage industry, the U.S. Payment and Settlement System, and to make the Federal Reserve the Market Stability Regulator. Following this current round of volatility, we can expect more peaceful days in the market then, bang! The attack will shift to the personal savings, 401Ks, pension plans, and commercial mortgages. This is a complete restructuring of the American economy around the Federal Reserve. At this point, congress will be rendered powerless because they chose to “get it done fast” and voted away ALL of their power. As we go to press, the futures at 12 midnight are down 179 points-all because Congress did not agree on a bill on Thursday.
Let me give you an example of unbridled power. It is called “Market based Democracy.” It was at a Group of Seven Finance Ministers meeting in Florida that then Treasury Secretary John Snow used the phrase “market based democracy.” After doing a fair amount of research, I realized that Wall Street had transferred all tangibles into the bond, stock, commodities, or currency market. There is not one investment or asset that we own that cannot change in value due to markets, trends, or the power of the market. If you remember the Asian Currency Crisis, the currencies of five Asian countries fell to horrendous lows when they refused to sign on to the World Trade Organization Financial Services Agreement. To punish them, their currencies were sold. So much for thinking your savings and purchasing power were safe. The banks have made out like bandits. They have not retained ANY risk for the loans they make. If they make a mortgage, they can sell it on the secondary mortgage market and then that mortgage can be packaged into tranches and sold to investors worldwide; if you have an auto loan or credit card debt, it too can be sold to investors in the form of bonds; if you have certificates of deposit, they can be sold to money market funds or through brokerage firms, etc. What I am pointing out is that the system is already in place whereby the value of any asset can drop substantially and without warning because of market-based democracy. We have no control whatsoever.
Once the Federal Reserve is given unbridled power over all the valuables of America, like a pirate they will seize whatever they can, for whatever reason and we will have absolutely no recourse-that is unless YOU ARE WILLING TO STAKE YOUR SACRED FORTUNE FOR THE FREEDOM OF YOUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN AND FOR THE PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD WHO HAVE STOPPED LOOKING AT AMERICA FOR ANSWERS WHEN WE ARE THE PRIME REASON FOR THE PROBLEMS IN THE WORLD.
LET US BREAK THE HOLD AND BONDAGE THAT THE FEDERAL RESERVE HAS ON AMERICA! LET US DO WHAT WILSON, ROOSEVELT, TRUMAN, EISENHOWER, KENNEDY, JOHNSON, NIXON, FORD, CARTER, REAGAN, BUSH l, CLINTON, AND BUSH II have not done. LET US CALL FOR THE BREAKING OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE BY SAYING NO. We then absolve ourselves of the $51.9 Trillion which is owed to the Federal Reserve. What freedom. We will be dirt poor but we will have overcome a noose around the neck of every American citizen. This is really OUR MOMENT OF OPPORTUNITY TO SET AMERICA FREE FROM BONDAGE!!! Lastly, vote out your current Congressman or Senator if they vote for the proposed bailout.
If we fail in convincing our lawmakers, then after the Blueprint is passed we can expect a new currency, the Amero and a 50% devaluation of the dollar as it is merged with Canada, Mexico and other countries in this hemisphere. If that is not enough, the coming tax on services to pay for all the bailouts will add to our misery. Will you be able to afford or stay in your home then? It will be too late. Now is the time to BREAK THE BANK!

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Chinese Say They’re Building ‘Impossible’ Space Drive

September 24, 2008


Chinese researchers claim they’ve confirmed the theory behind an “impossible” space drive, and are proceeding to build a demonstration version. If they’re right, this might transform the economics of satellites, open up new possibilities for space exploration –- and give the Chinese a decisive military advantage in space.

To say that the “Emdrive” (short for “electromagnetic drive”) concept is controversial would be an understatement. According to Roger Shawyer, the British scientist who developed the concept, the drive converts electrical energy into thrust via microwaves, without violating any laws of physics. Many researchers believe otherwise. An article about the Emdrive in New Scientist magazine drew a massive volley of criticism. Scientists not only argued that Shawyer’s work was blatantly impossible, and that his reasoning was flawed. They also said the article should never have been published.

“It is well known that Roger Shawyer’s ‘electromagnetic relativity drive’ violates the law of conservation of momentum, making it simply the latest in a long line of ‘perpetuum mobiles’ that have been proposed and disproved for centuries,” wrote John Costella, an Australian physicist. “His analysis is rubbish and his ‘drive’ impossible.”

Shawyer stands by his theoretical work. His company, Satellite Propulsion Research (SPR), has constructed demonstration engines, which he says produce thrust using a tapering resonant cavity filled with microwaves. He is adamant that this is not a perpetual motion machine, and does not violate the law of conservation of momentum because different reference frames apply to the drive and the waves within it. Shawyer’s big challenge, he says, has been getting people who will actually look into his claims rather than simply dismissing them.

Such extravagant claims are usually associated with self-taught, backyard inventors claiming Einstein got it all wrong. But Shawyer is a scientist who has worked with radar and communication systems and was a program manager at European space company EADS Astrium; his work rests entirely on Einstein being right. The thrust is the result of a relativistic effect and would not occur under simple Newtonian physics. Many have dismissed his work out of hand, and British government funding has ceased. He has had some interest from both the United States and China. Now the Chinese connection with the Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) in Xi’an seems to have paid off.

“NPU started their research program in June 2007, under the supervision of Professor Yang Juan. They have independently developed a mathematical simulation which shows unequivocally that a net force can be produced from a simple resonant tapered cavity,” Shawyer tells Danger Room. “The thrust levels predicted by this simulation are similar to those resulting from the SPR design software, and the SPR test results.”

What’s more, Shawyer says, NPU is “currently manufacturing” a “thruster” based on this theoretical work.

The NPU have confirmed that they have reproduced the theoretical work, and are building a demosntration version of the Emdrive.

Needless to say, independent confirmation is a big deal — though many will want to see it published in a peer-reviewed journal. Even when it is, I doubt the controversy will subside. Prof. Yang has plenty of experience in this type of area, having previously done work on microwave plasma thrusters, which use a resonant cavity to accelerate a plasma jet for propulsion. While the theory behind the Emdrive is very different, the engineering principles of building the hardware are similar. The Chinese should be capable of determining whether the thruster really works or whether the apparent forces are caused by experimental errors.

The thrust produced is small, but significant. Shawyer compares a C-Band Emdrive with the existing NSTAR ion thruster used by NASA. The Emdrive produces 85 mN of thrust compared to 92 for the NSTAR (that’s about one-third of an ounce), but the Emdrive only consumes a quarter of the amount of power and weighs less than 7 kilos, compared to over 30 kilos. The biggest difference is in propellant: NSTAR uses 10 grams per hour; the Emdrive uses none. As long as it has an electricity supply, the Emdrive will keep going.

The possibilities are phenomenal: Instead of going out of service when they run out of fuel, satellites would have greatly extended endurance and be able to move around at will. (We wouldn’t have to shoot them down because of the risk from toxic fuel either.) Deep space probes could go further, faster –- and stop when they arrive. Shawyer calculates that a solar-powered Emdrive could take a manned mission to Mars in 41 days. Provided it works, of course.

What will China do with the technology? It may be relevant that professor Yang is not unknown in military circles, having published a paper called “Plasma Attack Against Low-Orbit Spy Satellites.”

Meanwhile, what about the American interest? Shawyer told me that “the flight thruster program is on hold for the present. [O]nce the U.K. government had provided an export license for a U.S. military application, the major U.S. aerospace company we had been dealing with stopped talking to us. ”

The company may have decided that the Emdrive could not work. If they’re wrong, China has at least a year’s head start in a technology that will dominate space and make previous satellites as obsolete as sailing ships in the age of steam.

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