Global Warming Proven False

August 19, 2008

 All those liberals so invested in propaganda science are now reaping the shame of not understanding science, how statistics lie, and how models ignore realities.

The Artic ice cap grew by 30% from 2007 to 2008.

“According to collated data from the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center and the University of Illinois, Arctic ice extent was 30 per cent greater on August 11, 2008 than it was on the August 12, 2007. This is a conservative estimate based on the map projection.”– Article

Source: London Register

“The 30 per cent increase was calculated by counting pixels which contain colors representing ice. This is a conservative calculation, because of the map projection used. As the ice expands away from the pole, each new pixel represents a larger area – so the net effect is that the calculated 30 per cent increase is actually on the low side.”–London Register Article

“But what of the Antarctic down south? Figures tell us that ice coverage in the year since August 2007 has grown by nearly one million square kilometers.”– Article

Source: University of Illinois

A scientist at the University of Mexico claims we are entering into a little age in about 10 years that will last 60 to 80 years. This is due to acknowledging solar activity in climate change models. For more information, see “Scientist Predicts Ice Age Within 10 Years.”

I also watched a National Geographic documentary that stated the ice/snow depth in Greenland has increased several hundred meters over the past 60-70 years. I also heard on the Alex Jone’s radio show that polar bears can swim over 100 miles, which is a fact that completely debunks the popular “drowning polar bear” propaganda.

Now that we are entering a new ice age, I hope those polar bears can find water. Google it. Even Wikipedia mentions it is classified as a “marine animal” in the middle of it’s mountain of global warming propaganda. Never trust a politician who wants to raise taxes, especially when those taxes are going to an international banking cartel.

And yes, there is a young Rothschild spending billions on promoting carbon taxes to fund global government, global banking all in the name of supporting their trillionaire lifestyle and world domination.

Updates: Carbon dioxide is a very insignificant greenhouse gas, which follows warming, not causing it. The only significant greenhouse gas on planet Earth is water. This is the fact the giant corporations and globalist organizations seem to forget to tell you in their quest to promote carbon taxes to fund global government, bomb nations, pay off key people, and destroy the competition.

Howard Hayden and other scientists have also reported that big money is behind pushing the global warming propaganda. The cause of the recent global cooling? The sun was reported to have little to no sun spot activity in the past few months. It has been the most spotless year since 1954. The sun is the cause of warming and cooling trends. Top environmental scientists are also reporting that the solar system as a whole warmed during this recent warming trend.

Source: NASA – Hot warming sun, Sept. 27, 2001


Source: NASA – Spotless cooling sun, Sept. 27, 2008

 Most recently the government has been found lying and making up data, now being spun as mistakes, about this year’s global temperatures to make it seem like a warmer year rather than the colder year it has been.


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55 responses to “Global Warming Proven False

  1. John McMullen

    Archive this, print this out, laminate it, put it up on the wall, so you can read it again and again when we’re fighting over water instead of oil.

    • W. G.

      There’s no need to be afraid the sky’s not really on fire. If it was, the entire aggregation of sensor and detection and calculating power of humankind combined could find the MAGIC INVISIBILE CONTINENT SIZED HEAT ISLANDS MIGRATING TO THE POLES TO THEN MELT THE ICE CAPS WHILE WE ALL FERVENTLY LOOKED FOR IT.

    • I farted really hard when I was born in 1969. It was so bad that the earth’s crust started to soften which made many mens testicles shrivel and women’s breasts shrink. This was due to increased levels of progesterone in men and testosterone in women caused by the tilting of the earths’ axis This global hormone change could only be blamed on the carbon emmisions floating around in the air so this in turn got blamed on the weather. Hence Global climate change. When it was proven that this was not normal scientists of both genders made up stuff. Brief explanation I know, but it will have to suffice for now. SORRY for my flatulence!!!

  2. thanks you got me a d- thats the best grade ive ever gotton thanks how did find this u r scaring me i get a d- thats the best ggrade ive ever gotten

  3. Joey

    The LORD Jesus Christ is going to take care of everthing. Jesus said “….I am with you always….” Matthew 28:20 God Bless

    • Kevin

      too bad hes not real

      • billarends

        Kevin since your reply does not allow me to link back and find out who you are I don’t think you’re real either. That said Joey The Lord Jesus is likely less concerned about AGW than we are. G-d Bless.

      • Anonymous

        Kevin you’re a tool

      • Change

        @ Kevin If you have to go around disrespecting other peoples believes just to get a kick out off life then you really are at the bottom of the human specie genetic line aren’t you?

        @ billarends I’d be taking a guessing here that you’re Jewish, I suppose? I only say this out of curiousity from having noticed your method of spelling the first word to your last sentance. I hope you don’t find my asking you this offensive in any way..

    • Change

      @ Joey Not to degrade you at all man but there’s a time and place for biblical references. A thread on global warming is not usually the best of places for one, even with the best intentions it’s usually better to simply say “You just have to believe that it will all turn out all right in the end. No matter what you might think will cause that miracle, just belive in it with all your heart.” or something to that sense..

  4. Patrick Sawyer ,14

    Amen, brother

  5. Bob Miller

    “With the release of the revised statement by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists in 2007, no remaining scientific body of national or international standing is known to reject the basic findings of human influence on recent climate change.”


  6. Maree

    If there is global warming the Lord Jesus Christ will take care of it in the Millenium age when every thing will be “repaired” according to His ruling principles!!

    • Change

      @ Maree I won’t tell you what you should or shouldn’t believe but if YOU were ‘Him’ and you saw that humans weren’t being very respectful to the world which you/’He’ created, don’t you think you might be, at the very least saddened by the way humans are acting?

      In general, we should show that we aren’t so much as to relying on ‘Him’ to save us but trying to fix what we brought upon ourselves and if ‘He’ deems us as taking responsibility for our actions then ‘He’ll’ be more willing to help us where we left off.

  7. Hey Guys,
    Yes, I’m going to post a link to my video on global warming, and hopefully get you guys to check it out.

    I thought I’d give my opinion that is a little different then most, but still relates to most of you.

    let me know what you think,
    Brittany Simon!

  8. Spencer Goodrich

    The “Lord” might not do anything and you should all keep that in mind.

    The “Lord” did not build Noah’s ark.

  9. Please explain to my retard teacher why global warming is fake at

    • billarends

      Don’t believe everything you read on the internet – that is what your teacher will say and He or she is right…

  10. Alex

    Yeah, global warming is fake. Add that island that disappeared recently under rising sea levels was just a fluke.

    Of course global warming is real. We’re getting worse storms, the Sahara is expanding, and heat waves during the summer are getting worse and worse. I f global warming is fake, why did the temperature start rising after we invented electricity and engines? Explain that.

    • Anonymous

      If global warming is real, why did the last ice age end?

    • me

      in the sixties the media said that the rising carbon emissions were blocking the suns rays and throwing us into an ice age and the temperature dropped little by little every year, until the late sixties early seventies when the temperature started to rise and the media came up with this crap. And i guess the government (being the government) believed it to. and in 2012 the sun will reach its solar maximum and begin to drop in temperature. then 50 years later, it will reach its solar minimum and continue on its cycle over and over.

    • ...

      what islnd? atlantis?

    • Change

      Um, dude… the Sahara wouldn’t expand by global warming, it would probably instead be caused by excessive winds blowing the sand around. But it CAN be said that certain areas of the world are getting dryer though.

    • Anonymous

      Are you serious with that statement. The Earth natural cools and heats up. When people say global warming is fake they are saying that man made global warming is fake not the natural warming and cooling the earth goes through. Look we have had ice ages then the earth warmed. So the rising sea levels is a natural occurrence.

  11. billarends

    It was 25 C in Ottawa Canada on Easter first time in 2 centuries.. No Global warming here.

    • Victor Wong

      Smart post.

      Global warming isn’t about one day, silly.
      It’s a progressing trend, and if you watch the trend between carbon emissions increasing, you see a direct correlation with the overall temperature.

  12. Anonymous

    I’ve checked every source linked and mentioned in this article and it’s all true.

  13. billarends

    Anonymous you checked every source?

    1. Newworldliberty blog is no longer up
    2. Prisonplanet is the platform for conservative conspiracy theorist Alex Jones
    3. The Register is the creation of Tabloidist John Lettice

    Truth is subjective in this case.

  14. Theraison

    All of you have laughable opinions. The climate is controlled by the government and the government is controlled by God’s balls and God’s balls are controlled by aliens and aliens are controlled by Oprah.

  15. gmanisbeast46


  16. Anonymos

    I agree with this article fully, and that oprah controls all

  17. niki


  18. I hope you realize that global warming means a few degrees less in overall temperature, right? It does not mean that in a year the Earth will be a burning wasteland.

  19. “I also watched a National Geographic documentary that stated the ice/snow depth in Greenland has increased several hundred meters over the past 60-70 years.” The ice depth measure is in the center of Greenland. Ice and snow collect there each year, causing layers similar to that of tree rings. These can then be investigated, because they contain materials from that time, which has lead to numerous discoveries to help prove global warming

  20. There is no man-made global warming! its obvious that earth goes through many ups and downs in its climate! even if the globe was warming it would go down and again. Global warming might even be beneficial. there would be longer growing seasons which means more crops thus world hunger would cease. the glacier caps would melt showing land which will provide oil drilling and many resources untouched by man. but really… man made global warming? i think not

    • Mooselove

      again, agreed

    • A smart person

      You really do not have a basic grasp on the Earth sciences, do you? Climate change, or Global warming as it used to be referred to, causes the shifting of ocean currents and the dumping of the ice cap into the ocean, causing further current changes which will start shifting cold water to areas where warm water once went, i.e. Northern Europe. England will lose the warm current that comes from the Gulf and will eventually freeze over.

      Global warming does not necessarily mean that the whole Earth will turn to desert. It’s CLIMATE CHANGE…silly kids

      • Hold on, so you just said that since the ice caps are melting, the currents will bring the cold(but not freezing water) toward england…thus causing the warm Gulf current to freeze over… clearly you’re just making sutff up to support your claim

  21. me

    the suns temperature changes that’s whats causing “global warming” in 2012 the temperature will begin to drop and those who believe this will realize there stupidity. have fun with that.

  22. Anonymous

    Please stop posting religious junk here, this is a talk about global warming, not religious views

  23. Donald

    Thought you might like these.

    Al Gore in Global Horsesh#t. Episodes 1-3
    Episode 1
    Episode 2
    Episode 3
    Between a Barack and a Hard Place.

    They are funny. Enjoy – Donald

  24. It is normal for Earth’s temperature to vary. This is mainly due to sun’s activity. There is no such thing as man-made global warming – that one’s just a story used by governments and politicians to scare people and make big time money.

  25. Change

    You guys seem to miss one big reason behind the idea to the carbon taxes:

    Them fossil fuels are running short.

    Now I don’t care either way if you want to think that global warming is fiction or reality, but the people out there who are promoting renewable energy are doing it so that we won’t have to end up in a global energy crises one day.

    Not only that, but anyone who lives in large cities will probably agree with me on this:


    And in turn, smog leads to respiratory problems. Who are most affected by respiratory problems: children.

    Plus, oil isn’t even all that clean when you think about it. Those oil spills that tend to happen are VERY polluting to the land and sea, not to mention the effect it has on the ecosystems of the effected areas. So if the poler bears don’t drown, they might just die from injesting oil-covered fish and other types of prey. Oh, and do you know anyone else who might eat fish? Humans.

    Now don’t you guys have to go and dis the environmental candidates just because they tell a lie here and there. Those other guys aren’t exactly saints either. (Might I mention George Bush maybe? No offense meant. Just saying..)

    So the next time you might hear a statement about global warming increasing or whatever from the person your talking to, instead of saying to them “Global warming’s a big lie!” be more specific when you correct them instead by saying “Global warming isn’t what we should be worried about the most. Instead we should try to stop depending on oil for our own benifits.”

    Just some food for thought for ya…


    • nigga cock

      how do you know fossil fuels are running out? you have only heard about it. we could have a thousand years worth of fossil fuels left . we would run out long after you are dead

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