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Common Law Right

Open Letter to anyone thinking of giving up Sheeplehood:

 At this point some properly constituted body should look at a legal contest over the issue of mandating a poorly tested, patented-before-the-discovery-of-the-disease vaccine onto the general public.

Common Law is based on hundreds of years of precedent and defines a myriad situations (personal and property contracts) in which disputes have tried and trusted methods of resolution.

 It has only come up once in my experience and it had to do with property, but essentially the dispute was resolved by this comment from the magistrate: “Any contract signed which attempts to remove any Common Law right is null and void; in fact it is illegal to have a legal person sign such a document.”

 My interpretation of that judgment is that a person cannot sign away a Common Law right.

 Now, as to your body and the invasion of the Swine ‘Flu Body Snatchers:

 If I am not a slave, nobody else owns my body. Therefore I must own myself. Therefore I must own all my actions, including those that I created, including the decision not to be forced to take badly researched medicines.

 Now find a compassionate judge.


Tom Dennen, author of Grand Theft Planet (it’s all one plan).


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Who Is Behind the Uyghur Uprising?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Visitors to this blog divide into those who hang out in the comments and those who don’t. I have no opinion either way but occasionally things get written in the comments that are better than whatever was on the front page. Further to that, what with the mere typing of words into a blog functioning as a summoning spell (by way of google), sometimes the things written in the comments take on a life of their own. Plug this into the meagre bits of intelligence one gets from statcounter and things can get curious.

And it’s going on right now over in that Xinjiang Hooker thing I wrote a while back. (Hmm… struggling to remember what it was even about now – sex, I expect). Anyway, in the comments there I wondered at a very curious lobby group I’d found that was fighting for the emancipation of… wait for it… Buddhists and Muslims, and specifically those located in the People’s Republic of China. Best I can make out, the magic summoning words seem to be ‘snow lion foundation’ and ‘howard g fass’, the name of one of the directors of the Snow Lion Foundation. Keep in mind that it’s possible that Howard G Fass is the Snow Lion Foundation, but who can tell?

JULY 13, 2009 1:10 PM
nobody said…
Yeah VC, it’s the same old story. Do these people really imagine that their money comes from legit sources? Have they not ever heard of the word ‘proxy’? Cop a scrute at the Snow Lion Foundation. I came across it whilst looking up Rebiya Kadeer. See if you have anymore luck than I did in finding a ‘Who We Are’ page anywhere in amongst it. In the ‘Contact’ page? No? Hmm… no one wants to put their name to it, it seems.

Mind you I did find one fellow on their offshoot blog. His name’s Howard G Fass. Standing next to him, Rebiya Kadeer seems, I don’t know… something other than ‘brimming with enthusiasm’? Perhaps she’d just asked Mr Fass if he was as concerned for the occupied Muslims of Palestine as he was for the occupied Muslims of Xinjiang and gotten a curt reply? Who knows?

Otherwise, the Snow Lion foundation seems dedicated to the liberation of whomever is under the yoke of Chinese oppression, and Chinese oppression only. We’re vaguely left to assume that they strongly identify with Muslims and Tibetan Buddhists. Like that makes any sense. Whilst who they’re fighting for makes no sense, who they’re fighting against is crystal clear.

What if I said that Howard G Fass was assigned to the destabilisation of China and he’ll identify with whomever suits his cause, and whomever is stupid enough to believe that he’s for real.

I could be wrong of course. Perhaps the Muslim/Buddhist cause is one that’s very dear to Mr Fass’s heart, and he selflessly gives his time, energy, and money not just to the Muslim/Buddhists under a Chinese boot heel, but to all Muslim/Buddhists the world over. In which case anyone thinking he’s as crooked as the proverbial should hang their head in shame, apologise, and indeed lead everyone in a rousing chorus of ‘For he’s a jolly good fellow’.

Howard, if you do happen to pop in, feel free to tell us all that you are so too the right sort of fellow. If you get it right I absolutely promise I’ll type out all the lyrics to the aforementioned as a penance for having called you out as bullshit. And you can’t say fairer than that!

And then two weeks later Howard’s defenders magically turn up.

SEPTEMBER 3, 2009 10:41 PM
Anonymous said…
I worked with Howard g.Fass in Taiwan during the recent typhoon disaster. You are all completely wrong about him, unlike yourselves who just sit back and complain, he actually trys his best to help people and is 100% for real. He worked tirelessly helping to clear away mud and help many people in Ling Bian in Southern Taiwan during the Morokot disaster. I saw it and was there.

Also I would not say that Howard is anti-china in any way. He just thinks the world should stand up for human rights more and challange china more and get them to stop all their terrible killings and murder. Maybe this is the best love that could be offered to the chinese by reminding them that they need to act more human with compassion and love.

Lien Bai

SEPTEMBER 4, 2009 2:22 PM
nobody said…
Hello Lien Bai,

How sweet you are, ha ha. As much as I’d like to take you up on this, I suspect you know nothing about Jewish people apart from what they’ve told you. Which is to say you have no idea.

In spite of your protestations, I resile from nothing.

I notice you didn’t address why the ‘Snowlion Foundation’ has no names attached to it. Nor why they madly seem to be variously sticking up for Buddhists and Muslims both. Did you ever wonder who funds this ‘foundation’? And who funded the tireless Mr Fass’s trip to Taiwan? As for his standing up for human rights, where does Mr Fass stand on the human rights of the Muslims being oppressed and murdered by Israel and the US (with whom he has far more in common than he does with China)? Or do those countries not need his help like China does? And why might that be exactly?

Otherwise, as much as I’d like to fill you in on the part of the picture you don’t understand, I’ve got better things to do and instead I’ll just wish you well.

Thanks for dropping in Lien Bai, all the best!

SEPTEMBER 10, 2009 1:03 AM
Dolkar said…
I agree with Lien.

I am a Tibetan nun refugee and I can tell you that whoever works for human rights and religion freedom helps all of humanity no matter what color of skin or religion or country. I am a Buddhist nun and this is the perspective I am coming from. Others may think differently.

Rather than complain or make bad judgements we should first look at the work that is being done and look to see if there is a good heart behind it.

From my side I am grateful to the snowlion foundation and think its standing up for what is good and tries to help all sentient beings who suffer in samsara.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2009 3:49 PM
nobody said…
“Rather than complain or make bad judgements we should first look at the work that is being done and look to see if there is a good heart behind it. ”

I’m in utter agreement. And DID you look to see if there is a good heart behind it? Just so you know, that ‘stripping away’ is more or less the point of the exercise at this blog. I’m only ever seeking to more nearly arrive at the truth.

Hmm… it seems that no one from the Snow Lion Foundation itself has popped in here to stick up for themselves – only proxies. Go figure – In a discussion that is as much about the role of proxies as it is about anything else, a couple of proxies turn up to say it ain’t so.

I’ll concede that it’s possible that you two people might actually be what you say you are. If that is the case, tell those Snow Lion folks to pop in here and lay out how their resemblance to a destabilisation of China psy-op is purely coincidental, [and] that they are so too for real. And I’ll stick my tuppence worth in too. And then you can just sit back, watch the to and fro, and see if I don’t make you wonder at who these people are and why they appear to be helping you.

Here’s something I’ll tell you for free – In this wicked geopolitical world we live in, it’s a cold hard certainty that dissident groups will be funded, if not founded outright, by the CIA (and Mossad and MI6 etc. etc.) in order to bring down regimes the West doesn’t like. And believe it or not they’ll lie about it. And yes, appear really credible while they’re at it. Believe it or not, they can walk and chew gum at the same time.

But all of that is provided you are who you say you are. I have nothing to go on one way or another apart from your say-so. But these things are figure-outerable and I’m getting better at it. Feel free to pile back in and establish yourselves one way or the other.

best regards,


Interesting, huh? But what do we know of our two commenters? Know for sure, that is? It’s poor of me I admit, but I can all too easily imagine an individual given to lying defending his rep by pretending to be other people. For a liar this would be a logical choice since it would mean: being above the fray; not having to answer any direct questions; added weight by way of appearing to be the consensus of a group; and all the time being possessed of a borrowed cloak of Buddhist unimpeachability. All stock in trade for a spook.

And sure enough our second Howard-defender’s first utterances are to express solidarity with the first Howard defender. Do we roll our eyes yet?

Back to the know-for-sure: neither of these two had any opinion on anything expressed in the article; they just wanted to talk about things connected with Fass and his foundation. Which means they dropped in directly via google searches. Between the two google-able handles of ‘snow lion foundation’ and ‘howard g fass’, it’s possible that the former delivered people to that blog page. It’s just that I’ve never seen a search for it in my statcounter. (It should be kept in mind that with the free statcounter cache of 500 entries I might well have missed it).

But to hell with that, the searches for ‘howard g fass’ have been unmissable, beaten only by ‘fuck dolls’, ‘dave mcgowan’, and ‘impossible riddle’ in the popularity stakes. And all from the same address in the US. Without declaring any certainty in the matter, I reckon the person most likely to be looking up ‘howard g fass’ in google is Howard G Fass himself. I mean, honestly.

And so! Never mind the proxies, I reiterate my call for Howard G Fass to come on down and pile in. C’arn Howard! Make my day! I’m sure I’m not the only one here who’d love to have you explain to us how the Snow Lion’s Foundation’s resemblance to a CIA/Mossad destabilisation psy-op is purely coincidental. We’d also like to hear you explain to us how it does-so-too make sense for a man who shares the religious beliefs of the most anti-Muslim nation in the world to be sticking up for Muslims, albeit geographically specific ones. Feel free to include something about the long and proud tradition of organisations fighting for the interests of two religions, neither of which has a single thing in common apart from their oppressor, and that also happen to be run by a fellow who isn’t a member or either of those religions. I’m sure there’s been many, many.

Just to give you fair warning, all those niceties and assumed considerations you might receive in mainstream forums will be absent here. Also keep in mind that in this neck of the woods, we’re pretty ofay on all things spooky. We’re a tough audience and we’ve been doing it for years.

That being said, you might be for real. It is possible you can give an account of yourself that makes sense. And I’d love to hear it! Honestly! Watch me admit I was wrong and type out those Jolly Good Fellow lyrics. If you can pull it off, that is. As much as I’d like to see what that picture will look like, somehow I just don’t think you’ll be able to paint it.

But never mind – what with me being a helpful fellow, may I point out what I think your options are?

1. Stay away. This is the spook’s smart money bet, mate. You tried the proxies, they got short shrift, so what are you going to do? Best you just shrug and put up with it. Not forgetting of course that the teapot for this tempest consists solely of the comments section of a weeny few-hundred-hits-a-day blog. Oh, okay, I admit it’s on the front page now, what with me being spurred by the google action, but still: It is the smart money and it’s never too late to ignore a thing that’s only going to get uglier otherwise.

2. Pile in! Not only is this the obvious thing to do but it’s exactly what they’ll expect, ha ha. My advice – Do it! Defend your good name and all of that. You’ve got two routes here –
A) The high dudgeon thing – sputter, say it’s all lies, call me an anti-Semite (I recommend double apostrophes around “nobody” to denote sneering), question my education, intelligence, and sanity, declare I’m on drugs, stomp off.
B) Adopt a measured tone and act disappointed and regretful – BYO straw men and proxies, knock down straw men, have proxies declare you are great, ignore everything else, declare victory, leave.
C) A combination of A and B, ha ha. Oh wait, is that three things? Damn.
Motivation: How would a real campaigner for Buddhist/Muslim rights feel?

And yes, I am a cocky bastard. But never mind, best just to view it as enthusiasm. And you can’t blame me: I figure I’ve got you in a double bind – damned if you do, damned if you don’t. It’s good sport isn’t it? But when you signed up for the spook caper you didn’t think it’d be easy did you? You want to be challenged don’t you?

Excellent. Here we are.

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Illuminati Sabotage Patriot Communication

September 22, 2009

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Illuminati lackeys are intercepting and even changing emails between Patriot websites.

Over the last weekend, I sent Jeff Rense a link to Paul Drockton’s article, “Jonestown Was an Illuminati Experiment.”  

I sent this link six times from two different addresses. Jeff didn’t get any of these emails. Eventually, I had to phone him.

Then Monday night, Jeff wanted to interview Paul on his radio show. Paul sent me his phone number to forward to Jeff. But before it got to me, it was changed by an unseen hand. Jeff couldn’t reach Paul. I got the right number when I asked Paul to phone me. Paul appeared in the last segment of Jeff’s show.

In the past, off and on, I have had my articles blocked when i sent them to Jeff. Jeff routinely has his emails to his webmaster blocked. Last week, Jeff’s site came under cyber attack and was down for about 30 hours.

Two weeks ago, Rixon Steward, webmaster of “The” remarked that his site was coming under cyber attack. Then it went down and has been down ever since. Most of his email addresses went dead too. Luckily one worked and I got his phone number. But the phone was continually busy.

“British Telecom is heavily infiltrated by Masons and/or intelligence operatives. Hence, I suspect problems with my phone are not mere technical problems,” he wrote Tuesday morning.  “However, I’m OK and the website should be up in the next day or two.”

Both Rense and Truthseeker are fearlessly anti-Zionist, anti-Illuminati and anti-NWO.  The NWO is taking the form of brainwashing the human race. Obviously these sites interfere and have become targets.

Israeli already monitors US telephone communications.   We can assume all internet communications are also monitored. But increasingly the forces of darkness are moving beyond mere monitoring. They are attacking websites, stopping emails and actually tampering with them.

This indicates a degree of desperation on their part, and the possibility that ominous events may be on the horizon.

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