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Full Body Scanner – Cancer Threat

Even Low Exposure To X-Rays,Gamma Rays Increases Cancer Risk, Study Finds

ScienceDaily (Oct. 27, 2005) — Exposure to X-rays and gamma rays, even at low-dose levels, increases risk of cancer. That is the bottom line of a comprehensive five-year study by a National Research Council (NRC) committee that included Stanford’s Herbert L. Abrams, a member of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences.

“There appears to be no threshold below which exposure can be viewed as harmless,” said Abrams, professor emeritus of radiology at Stanford and Harvard universities and a member in residence at the Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC) in the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies.

Abrams was one of two physicians and the only member from Stanford on the committee of 16 international experts in fields including epidemiology, radiation biology, genetics, cancer biology, radiology and physics. As a radiologist, Abrams said he “was able to serve as a bridge between the epidemiologists and the biologists on the committee, whose approaches to risk were based on completely different data sets.”

The landmark 700-page advisory report to the U.S. government, titled “Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation (BEIR) VII,” was completed in July, near the eve of the 60-year anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings. It is the seventh report in a series since the 1945 atomic bombings to investigate the effects of low-level radiation exposure. The reports provide U.S. policymakers and health agencies with authoritative risk estimates. Beginning with the first BEIR study, published in 1956, the reports have used data from the Life Span Study by the Radiation Effects Research Foundation in Japan, which continues to track developments among a cohort of 120,000 people who were in Hiroshima or Nagasaki at the time of the bombings, as well as other radiation-exposure studies.

The NRC convenes BEIR committees periodically, at the request of U.S. government agencies, to decide whether sufficient new information is available to merit an updated study, and if so, to conduct it. This process has yielded BEIR reports I, III-V and VII, which assess low-level radiation risks in general, and BEIR II and VI, which focus on radon gas effects.

BEIR VII, sponsored by the U.S. departments of Defense, Energy and Homeland Security and the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, “provides the most up-to-date, comprehensive estimates for risk for cancer and other harmful health effects from low-dose radiation,” according to the NRC. The committee reviewed not only new data on A-bomb survivors and their offspring but also 1,300 other studies on radiation exposure at the cell, animal and human levels, Abrams said. Since the 1990 publication of BEIR V, “substantial epidemiologic and experimental research has yielded a wealth of new information on radiation-induced cancer, as well as other adverse health impacts,” he added.

The new report confirms that even very low doses of radiation can produce cellular injury. The committee defined “low-dose” as a range from near zero up to about 100 milliSieverts—about 10 times that from a CT scan, 1,000 times greater than a mammogram and 30 to 40 times the annual background exposure a person encounters. Background radiation from the natural environment—including outer space, the ground, and basic activities such as eating, drinking and breathing—accounts for about 82 percent of human exposure, while man-made radiation from sources including medical X-rays and consumer products accounts for the remaining 18 percent. Progressive exposure to such radiation causes DNA damage, Abrams said, which correlates with an increased risk of developing a variety of cancers. While the report examined a range of potential health risks, it focused on causal relationships to solid cancers in humans.

The report is among the first of its kind to include detailed estimates for radiation-induced cancer incidence and mortality, Abrams said. The report enhances prior risk estimates for solid cancer and leukemia, using risk models based on a gender and age distribution similar to that of the entire U.S. population. The committee estimated the excess lifetime risks for 12 categories of cancer.

Major findings

For boys, radiation exposure in the first year of life produces three to four times the lifetime cancer risk as exposure to the same dose between the ages of 20 and 50. Female infants have almost double the risk as male infants.

For women, the risks of developing cancer after exposure to radiation were 37.5 percent higher than for men. The risks for all solid tumors, such as lung and breast tumors, when added together, were almost 50 percent greater for women than for men. But for a few specific cancers, such as leukemia, the radiation-induced risk estimates were higher for men.

Examining data on children of A-bomb survivors, the committee did not find genetic effects in children whose parents had been exposed to radiation from the bombs, but exposure of the fetus during pregnancy was associated with significant damage to the brain, including mental retardation. Studies of mice and other organisms have produced extensive data showing that radiation-induced cell mutation in sperm and eggs can be passed to offspring, the committee reported. Such mutations might also be passed on to human offspring, but their detection might require a survivor population larger than that of the children of A-bomb survivors.

What’s next?

The report identified key areas for further research:

# Determining various molecular markers of radiation-caused DNA damage. # Examining adverse genetic impacts, with particular emphasis on the hereditary effects. # Elucidating the specific role of radiation in the development and growth of tumors. # Clarifying the genetic factors that influence radiation response and cancer risk, as well as the correlation between radiation and other diseases such as heart disease and stroke. # Exploring the health effects of radiation exposure to patients in the practice of diagnostic radiology—such as repeated screening CT scans—and in high-risk occupations such as nuclear industry workers and uranium miners. # Conducting epidemiologic studies of workers in these high-risk jobs as well as persons exposed in key regions of the former Soviet Union and remaining atomic bomb survivors.

Studies in these areas could inform the next BEIR report, when enough new data accumulate to warrant an update.

For Abrams, completion of BEIR VII adds to an already distinguished career. The director of diagnostic radiology at Stanford in the 1960s, Abrams was the Philip H. Cook Professor and Chairman of Radiology at Harvard Medical School for 18 years before returning Stanford in 1985 to join the Radiology Department and CISAC. He was a founder of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, which received the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize.

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French Revolution! Carbon Tax Ruled Unconstitutional…

 …just two days before taking effect

29 12 2009

Anthony Watts

This new French carbon tax was scheduled to go into law on Jan1, 2010. The tax was steep: 17 euros per ton of carbon dioxide (USD $24.40).  In a stunning move, and surely a blow to warmists everywhere, the tax has been found unconstitutional and thrown out. Originally found here (Google Translation).

Lord Monckton was kind enough to assist me in deciphering the meaning of the ruling and writes:

In France, if at least 60 Deputies of the House and 60 Senators appeal to the Constitutional Council, it has the power to pronounce on the constitutionality of a proposed law – in the present case, the 2010 national budget of France, which contained enabling provisions (loi deferee) for a carbon levy. The Council found that these enabling provisions were unconstitutional on two grounds: that the exemptions contained within the provisions for a carbon levy vitiated the primary declared purpose of the levy, to combat carbon emissions and hence “global warming”; and that the exemptions would cause the levy to fall disproportionately on gasoline and heating oils and not on other carbon emissions, thereby breaching the principle that taxation should be evenly and fairly borne.

The Press release from the French Constitutional Council is here in English (Google Translated) and in original French

Here’s a Deustch-Welle news article on the reversal.

France’s Constitutional Council says the country’s proposed carbon tax is illegal. This is a severe blow to French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s plans to fight climate change.

France’s Constitutional Council has struck down a carbon tax that was planned to take effect on January 1st. The council, which ensures the constitutionality of French legislation, said too many polluters were exempted in the measure and the tax burden was not fairly distributed.

It was estimated that 93 percent of industrial emissions outside of fuel use, including the emissions of more than 1,000 of France’s top polluting industrial sites, would be exempt from the tax, which would have charged 17 euros per ton of emitted carbon dioxide.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has argued the tax is necessary to combat climate change and reduce the country’s dependence on oil.

However, the council’s ruling is a severe blow to both Sarkozy’s environmental plan as well as France’s budget for 2010. The government now has to find a way to come up with about 4.1 billion euros in revenue that was expected from the tax.

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Illuminati Vowed in 1969: “Travel Will Be More Difficult”

December 28, 2009

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

Like sheep, humanity had better adjust to constant harassment as long as it tolerates Illuminati control of all important government and social institutions.

At the height of the holiday season, millions of travelers to the US were delayed and inconvenienced because of one suspicious incident Friday.

In 1969, Rockefeller Insider Dr. Richard Day predicted the future in these terms:

” Travel … would become very restricted. People would need permission to travel and they would need a good reason to travel. If you didn’t have a good reason for your travel you would not be allowed to travel, and everyone would need ID… later on some sort of device would be developed to be implanted under the skin that would be coded specifically to identify the individual.” (Tape two)

The reaction to the failed “terrorist attack” eventually may lead to this state of affairs. Ironically, the Nigerian bomber was allowed on the plane without a passport! Although shabby in appearance, he was accompanied by a man, presumably an Intelligence agent, who was well dressed.

Anyone who has traveled recently knows security measures already are stringent. There is no way a man can get on a plane with an explosive device taped to his body. Like most terror, this event was concocted by the Illuminati and executed by their intelligence agencies.

In a Globe and Mail Poll Monday, over 2/3 said the current security measures were an overreaction.


As long as the masses refuse to acknowledge the Illuminati conspiracy, they will continue to be complicit in their own destruction.

Last weekend, six Chunnel trains broke down and thousands of people were confined for as many as 16 hours in the dark without food or water. This is a traumatic experience.

For the last six months, we have been bombarded with propaganda about the Swine Flu. Millions have been vaccinated. Billions of profits have been made. These vaccines might have been harmless. Who knows about the next? What we do know is that, generally speaking, Swine Flu proved to be less dangerous than seasonal flu.

Then, recently for over a week, we were bombarded with hysteria about weather change (aka “climate change.”) The Club of Rome concocted this bogeyman back in the 1980’s.

We must regard official society as a brain washing chamber where we are being subjected to trauma-based mind control. Other traumatic events from the last decade include 9-11, the Tsunami, Hurricane Katerina, the great Northeastern power black-outs, the financial meltdown, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It’s been a good decade for the Illuminati. Society is far more fearful and pessimistic, far more willing to accept totalitarian control.


In the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the author writes that their goal is: “To wear everyone out by dissensions, animosities, feuds, famine, inoculation of diseases, want, until the Gentiles sees no other way of escape except by appeal to our money and our power.” (Protocol 10)

“We will so wear out and exhaust the Gentiles by all this that they will be compelled to offer us an international authority, which by its position will enable us to absorb without disturbance all the governmental forces of the world and thus form a super-government.” (Protocol 5)

Harold Rosenthal who was a member of this cabal boasted that they even implanted a “guilt complex” over the holocaust and anti-Semitism that prevents society from addressing the threat.

Through control of banking, they acquired a total monopoly of “the movie industry, the radio networks and the newly developing television media…we took over the publication of all school materials… Even your music! We censor the songs released for publication long before they reach the publishers…we will have complete control of your thinking.”

We “have put issue upon issue to the American people. Then we promote both sides of the issue as confusion reigns. With their eyes fixed on the issues, they fail to see who is behind every scene. We, Jews, toy with the American public as a cat toys with a mouse.”

It would be great if the problem could be confined to “Jews” but literally everyone who advances the New World Order agenda wittingly or unwittingly is implicated, and that is, millions of people, i.e. the “Establishment.”


The Illuminati central banking cartel controls government credit, media, banking, corporations, education, professional associations, justice, military name it. They use Freemasonry as their instrument. Recently, I posted an article about how they control the US Black community using the Masonic “Boule.” The same principle applies everywhere.

Society operates on two rails. The formal–the image of a democracy ruled by law that dupes the masses and ensures their cooperation. The informal– the Illuminati club, which actually makes the decisions regardless of what’s happening on the formal level. The informal infiltrates the formal until the latter is merely a mask for the former.

Want to succeed? Join the club of secret Satan worshipers. That’s what Barack Obama did.
In a post May 29, 2009, Emily Gyde, an Illuminati defector who claims to be the real author of the Harry Potter series, says Obama told her this:

“I remember PRESIDENT OBAMA talking to me about how he had joined the ILL CULT – he didn’t want to – but he described himself as just an ordinary guy who wanted to take a wage packet home…that is how it was…he didn’t want to end up on the streets…at the end of the day, it was all about money…you had to have it to live…if he hadn’t joined the ILL CULT…he would have been disbarred…he wouldn’t have got a job…wouldn’t have been able to live…that’s how a lot of people get conned into joining the ILL. You are young, you want to prove yourself in life – you are told that you will ‘never get a job’ if you don’t…the ILL prove how powerful they are.”

I don’t know if this is true but it is plausible.


When I was a sixties radical, we used to think people who worked for the Establishment had sold their soul to the devil. I didn’t imagine it was literally true, as the Illuminati are Satan worshippers, so you’re unwittingly working for his disciples.

The world has been colonized by this Satanic cult. What we are experiencing, while trying to maintain some civilized traditions over Christmas, is their relentless attempt to induct us into their cult as mind controlled servants.

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