Greek Police Revolt?

Greek police stormed a government printing

Греческие полицейские штурмом взяли правительственную типографию

In Athens, Greek Ministry of Internal Affairs officers stormed the state printing office. It is reported by TV channel “Russia 24”.

Greek police want to prevent the publication of government paper with the text of the law of the new stringent economy measures of the federal budget.  According to the law of the country, passed a law can come into force only after publication in the official newspaper of the Government of Greece.

The bill, which caused such a reaction, provides a significant reduction in salaries, bonuses and holiday pay, the growth of other taxes and excise taxes.

The Government expects that additional austerity measures will bring the budget 4.8 billion euros of additional revenue that would allow reduction in the state budget deficit to the level of 4% against the deficit of Greece to 8.7% of GDP.

Recall also that the principal officers of the Greek airline Olympic Airlines, the airline laid off after the transfer into private hands, the fifth consecutive day hold in their hands the building of the Chief Financial Management (Treasury), Greece. Because of their actions partially offset by a central Athens street Panepistimiu.

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