The Art of Self Dumb Down

Sun 27 Jun 2010

I wish I could have something to say about the miracle of humanity, their selfless and generous giving to help their fellow human beings, the nobility of spirit, extending friendship to all, their sincere pursuit of truth but…sadly. .. this is not so prevalent as some may like to believe. It it was true, the world would be a totally different place today.

Some say there is a deliberate numbing or dumb-down of the general population but it is also an observable fact that people generally, as a result of monumental stupidity, cannot/will not see through the spin and propaganda in the main stream media – even if contrary facts are painfully presented to them to the extent that logical thinking is overtly rejected and denied. Many times, the ego and emotional side of humanity play the obstructionist role. The need to ‘win’ an argument at ANY cost reveals the extent of the stupidity. An example is given below.

Despite the fact that their own media has reported their own spy agencies admitting that there is no Al Qaeda, some people will still stubbornly hold the view that there is an Al Qaeda. One could also watch the BBC videos on the LIVE coverage for that site, but is unable to ask themselves how is this possible that the same BBC can announce the WT7 falling 20 minutes before it did. Here we have a classic example of self dumbing down in free-fall.

Then there is the doomsday cult mentality where there is this relentless effort to present Muslims as the enemy of humanity. For the proof of this look at the number of exhaustive studies at http://www.takeourw orldback. com/itwasntmusli ms.htm.

Yes there are bad Muslims, but there are also bad people of various religious faiths as well. It would seem that extremists from all sides wish to have a destructive clash so that THEIR messiah can be brought forth. What kind of Messiah will this be if the condition for bringing forth of their Messiah is via massive blood shedding? Will this not be a blood sacrifice of Biblical proportion? What about the inviolable commandment ” Thou shall not kill”?

No amount of talking, persuading, reminding, logic, facts, even evidence is going to work for those who are unable to see the truth. Most likely it will make them angry or confused.

So now we see some people screaming at how bankers, financiers, politicians, insurance companies, your friendly investment broker etc..can milk, steal and prevail their crimes upon their victims and get away virtually scot free. They may even marvel? at the immunity of corrupted Powers That Be, yes they are enemies, but…there are other enemies like, ignorance, clueless, wilful stupidity… and so on. Some may use all the right sounding words, spoken openly for social impact but are treated no differently from a dirty tissue paper, to be discarded once used.

As the saying goes, it is something like this. Sickness may be treated, ignorance may be overcome, knowledge may be learned, even wisdom may be acquired…but stupidity… …it lasts forever!

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