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Farrakhan Blasts Obama On Libya Bombing

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The Pillow Biting Alternative Media and the Johns Who Love Them

Posted on March 24, 2011 by willyloman

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: In order to fabricate a “world consensus” on the removal of Gadhafi, the elites have contracted the assistance of a globalist prosecutor at the ICC, a man linked to the World Bank, to step up and “investigate” Gadhafi’s alleged crimes against humanity. In typical show trial fashion, Moreno Ocampo has already declared, prior to ANY investigation, that he is “100% sure” Gadhafi is guilty.  The fake liberal site, Huffington Post, is running with the story just as fast as they can with no question as to how a prosecutor can assign quilt or innocence prior to an investigation.  Here’s a little background on Ocampo…

“He has acted as a consultant to the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and the United Nations

“He defended several controversial figures, including Diego Maradona, former economics minister Domingo Cavallo, and a priest accused of sexually abusing minors”

For those of you who don’t know, Domingo Cavallo is the globalist Milton Friedman acolyte who worked with President Menem to neoliberalize Argentina back during the George H. W. Bush years. He should have been prosecuted for what he helped do to his home country but Ocampo helped get him off.

(Also, as Stan pointed out, most prostitutes are honest, straight forward people who really aren’t trying to harm anyone. By comparison, these neoliberal shills make your average prostitute look like a saint. I didn’t mean to insult the practitioners of the world’s oldest profession by linking them to our newest class of sell-outs.  Please forgive my insensitivity. No disrespect was intended.)


The “obvious humanitarian crisis” is how Hillary Clinton, proven globalist war-monger and neoliberal lick-spittle, recently justified our initial involvement in Libya. This is simply not true. It is eerily reminiscent of her speech on the senate floor in Oct. of 2002 where she quoted every single Bush/Cheney lie to persuade other democrats to vote for an illegal and immoral invasion and occupation of Iraq. This was her speech and if anyone claims, “Bush Lied People Died” they better remember Hillary’s words as well.

“In the four years since the inspectors left, “intelligence reports” (fabricated by Rumsfeld’s Office of Special Plans, run by Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith) show that Saddam Hussein has worked to rebuild his chemical and biological stockpiles, his missile delivery capability, and his nuclear weapon program. He has also given aid, comfort and sanctuary to terrorists including al Qaeda members. It is clear however, that if left unchecked Saddam will continue to increase his capacity to wage biological and chemical warfare and will keep trying to develop nuclear weapons.” Hillary Clinton, in support of the globalist occupation and regime change in Iraq, 2002

What is painfully obvious these days is that alternative media icons are helping spread Clinton’s Karl Rovesque hawkish fantasies about Libya, just like they also helped back in the lead-up to Iraq days, in order to help justify more profitable war and the wholesale privatization of Libya which is sure to follow.

Talk about strange bedfellows. Here’s a mental picture for you; Bill Kristol going heels to Jesus on Amy Goodman with Juan Cole and John Negroponte playing “touch my wand” in the corner with a disco ball flashing overhead and “Friday” playing on the hi-fi.

Don’t like that image seared into your brain for life? Tough. That’s what happens when you work your asses off to support the moderate “Obama agenda“. Why not get Arianna and Stewart to do another “Everything is Just Fine… for Some of Us” march on Washington with C3PO and a midget in a robot costume. That’ll make you feel better about the Obama betrayal.

Going back over all the MSM and “progressive” left’s neocon-like pro-war PR spin, you find one thing is consistent time and time again and that is that each reported “atrocity” comes straight from a rebel “witness” with no video or photographs to back them up.  Or you had real atrocities carried out by people like the “yellow hats” who were clearly not Gadhafi’s soldiers or police, but rather rebel supporters in civilian looking clothes but with these silly yellow hard-hats running around beating peaceful protesters in full view of rebel video cameras which had been set up prior to the PR event. Later they used videos of fighting between Gadhafi’s police and the “rebels” as “evidence” of the make-believe slaughter, forgetting to mention that any police or military unit is going to defend itself when a small faction of capitalist sponsored thugs attack them in the open with automatic weapons and even heavier equipment.

It’s one lie after another lie, followed up by a half-truth, and then some outright propaganda, served up with a heart warming shot of self-righteous self-satisfaction. A recipe for war promotion dating back to the Greeks and probably back to cave dwellers who’ s chief wanted to profit from grabbing the beads of the neighboring tribes.

Remember the two fighter jet attacks on Libyan civilians way-back-when? Never happened. Gates and Mullen said it never happened and suddenly the Obama cheerleaders dropped that bullshit from their justification menu.

Q:  Do you see any evidence that he actually has fired on his own people from the air?  There were reports of it, but do you have independent confirmation?  If so, to what extent?

SEC. GATES:  We’ve seen the press reports, but we have no confirmation of that.

ADM. MULLEN:  That’s correct.  We’ve seen no confirmation whatsoever

Remember the fighter jet that got shot down and was used as “proof” that Gadhafi had violated his promise to cancel military actions? It was staged and they used their own jet. The truth about that came out because the plane rolled too much to the left before crashing and the pre-set video camera caught the full frontal view and it turns out, it wasn’t Gadhafi’s plane. Oops! The complicit left had to drop that bullshit as well.

Remember when the SAS and MI6 spooks got caught in Libya trying to hand over weapons and make plans with the “rebels”? That’s how destabilization campaigns work. Ever hear Juan Cole talk about that?

“The crack troops, armed with guns, ammunition, explosives and false passports, were mistaken for enemy spies, detained and stripped of their mobile phones and satellite communications devices.”

And I bet most don’t know that there were reports of British and U.S. secret forces landing in Libya to aid the “rebels” as far back as Feb. 24th 2011. Did Amy ever do a big show on that?

The advisers, including intelligence officers, were dropped from warships and missile boats at the coastal towns of Benghazi and Tobruk Thursday Feb. 24

I bet they also don’t know that Hillary Clinton met with the leader of the “rebels” a week before the U.S. pushed for the passage of the U.N. no-fly zone mandate which was simply cover for the planned regime change.

In Washington, President Obama again said it was time for Colonel Qaddafi “to leave.””

They probably also don’t know that mandate, aside from giving them universal cover like the “coalition of the willing” did back in 2003, also froze the assets of the nationalized oil company of Libya as well as the state-run central banking system… which is just as much of a target of these globalists as the oil is. Probably more actually.

“The resolution establishes “a ban on all flights in the airspace of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya” while excluding an occupation force. It also calls for freezing the assets of the Libyan National Oil Corp. and the central bank because of links to Gadhafi.”  MSNBC

(You see what I did there, Juan Cole? I made claims and then supported those claims with actual quotes and links to verify my sources. That’s called “journalism” …  Journ – al- ism… Starting to come back to you? Good.)

It’s a classic CIA/IMF style destabilization campaign (for corporate and banking interests of course) coupled as it usually is with a complicit corporate MSM.  Only this time, they’re pulling out all the stops on the “progressive” or liberal left to give the appearance of credibility to an obviously phony “humanitarian action”.  This makes it a unique action, unique at least since the Clintons were given a free-hand to force neoliberalization at gun-point in Kosovo and Bosnia. Nothing sells a “humanitarian effort” like Slick Willy and friends.

Not only do we have the usual fake left suspects singing the praises of this action like Hillary Clinton and Joe Lieberman (they are both about as “leftist” as Mussolini was) did on the senate floor just before the Shock and Awe of Iraq, but today’s unwarranted aggression also seems to enjoy the unquestioning seal of approval of all those so-called anti-war/anti-imperialism stalwarts from the alternative media who rightly exposed the blatant bullshit back in 2002-2003 when 935 lies (and at least one forged document) took us into Iraq, eventually killing over a million of their civilians in that “humanitarian action” which still drags on today. Mind you, that one was also about oil AND control of Iraq’s central banking system which was privatized almost immediately after the fall of Baghdad.

As Blues pointed out yesterday, the alternative media is just becoming an alternative for the PR firms like Burson-Marstellar to use to spread more of their propaganda and pro-war lies. She points out that Juan Cole, “progressive” icon of the internet alter-media machine, is putting together his own coalition of the willing in an all out attempt to promote the pending illegal invasion of Libya as the next best thing since carbon taxes, infinite detention, and national ID cards for keeping the world safe for democracy. Just so long as it keeps Obama’s agenda rolling, no price is too high.  Isn’t that right, Congressman Kucinich?

Juan Cole in his “Big Ten List of Reasons Lord Obama is Justified in his Shock and Awe of Libya” repeatedly uses unsupported claims of those very same “atrocities” I mentioned earlier while citing no references. He cites no references because he knows that everyone he would try to quote, if checked, uses “unnamed sources” or “rebel fighters” as their reference. That would be kind of like asking the “kill team” to give us the official word on all their actions in Afghanistan. And Juan knows it. If he had a legitimate source to pull from, he would have. He’s a journalist, and usually a pretty thorough one at that.

“6. No false allegations were made against the Qaddafi regime, of being in league with al-Qaeda or of having a nuclear weapons program. The charge is massacre of peaceful civilian demonstrators and an actual promise to commit more such massacres.” Juan Cole

No false allegations, except for that MAIN allegation which Juan offers no supporting evidence for. Just takes it at face value, uncritically, and EXPECTS the rest of the left to follow along.

But Juan is by no means alone in his recent betrayal of not only his professional standards but also his professed ideology. Amy Goodman is turning about to be quite the imperialist cheerleader herself.

I saw a video of her taking to another recent sell-out, the guy who wrote the Blackwater book and then went on to spoon feed us imperialist bullshit the ex-CIA thugs spoon-feed him (he admits that on Democracy Now!, BTW)

“The last thing I’ll say on this is that I’ve spent the past couple of months talking to former CIA people, former Special Operations people, former Defense Intelligence Agency people, who have all worked on Yemen for many, many years. All of them say that al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula does not represent an existential threat to the United States. There are one-off incidents like the underwear bomber, Abdul Farouk Abdulmutallab, who was trained in Yemen. There are connections with Anwar Awlaki and others who have committed acts of terrorism. But we’re talking about three to five hundred people that are on the ground there in Yemen…” Jeremy Scaghill

During the video interview, Amy and the “friend of the spooks” were talking about the situation in Yemen and while “spook mouth-piece” was busy interlacing clear facts about the brutal repression of the Yemeni dictator with back-handed spook justifications (like al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula) and down playing both the natural resources angle in Yemen (spook-boy said there isn’t much oil in Yemen but failed to mention billions of dollars worth of LNG and a billion dollar pipeline owned and operated by a Texas company) as well as the horrific results of Obama’s first sortie of cruise missiles in that country back in 2009 which killed 23 children.

While spook-boy spun-up that bullshit, Amy was beside herself tossing out unsupported claims of atrocities in Libya, for some damn reason, as if that had anything to do with Yemen.

“We have to go in one minute, but very quickly on the issue of the comparison of the U.S. response to Libya and Yemen. It’s believed thousands of people have been killed in Libya, not clear how many have been killed in Yemen, but what about the U.S. response?” Amy Goodman

Watching that interview was like watching a republican convention in the lead-up to the 2004 election. Like they were battling to see who could suck-up to their naked emperor the most in 12 minutes.  Almost like they get paid bonuses for every spook talking point they hit. If you think about it in terms of product placement in movies and tv shows, you get the picture.

After reading Juan Cole’s article and watching Amy and spook-boy duke it out for the ”Karl Rove Supreme Lefty Justifier” award, I am left feeling the need to wash the slime mold off my eyes and roto-route my conscience.

There’s a thick film of moderate bliss clouding my vision and making me feel that everything is alright and all I need to do is support the agenda of the president cus he must be just setting them up getting ready to spring his trap. After all, he plays 3 dimensional chess while they play with wooden blocks, think-tanks, tanks, fighter jets, depleted uranium, soldiers lives, civilian’s lives, Tomahawk missiles, central banking systems, worthless over the counter derivatives, privatized state property, union busting, constitutional assaults, rigged electronic voting systems, and renditioned “terrorists” who need to “confess” to acts which justify the next great neoliberal structural adjustment nationwide national liquidation sale.  Isn’t that how the story goes Congressman Kucinich?

So why is it that all of a sudden Amy Goodman and Juan Cole are in bed with Karl Rove and Joe Lieberman in this repulsive 4-way of sweaty bi-partisan spin-making?  Why are both Goodman and Cole forsaking their journalistic integrity and jumping bare-back into the deceased pool of cross party inbreeding?

The answer is as simple as it is frightening.

All across the world, the “virus” that John McCain referred to the other week is breaking out and running wild just like Al Gore pretended H1N1 was doing a year and a half ago so that his stocks in his pharmaceutical company that held a patent would sky-rocket him to the next level of elite status. The difference is that this virus is real and poses a real time threat to the status quo. The “virus” is democracy and the cure is violence supported by bi-partisan bullshit.

This virus is spreading,” he said. “This, I would argue, is probably the most dangerous period of history in… of our entire involvement in the Middle East, at least in modern times. Israel is in danger of being surrounded by countries that are against the very existence of Israel, or governed by radical organizations.” Raw Story

Amy Goodman should change the name of her show to “Democracy Interuptus!”

From Madison to Egypt, from Michigan to Greece, there is a shift taking place. People are infected by the “enough” plague and the elites who see themselves as the owners this planet are going into overdrive to stem the tide of self-determination.

“So tell me when you think we’re gonna rise? Wake from this slumber wipe the tears from our eyes? Yes from this nightmare yes I must now wake, open my fist my destiny I take! Good people sick and tired of being pushed around, we call them kings but I see no crown. Tell me when you think we’ll just stand up? Saying enough is enough is enough, enough..” John Butler Trio

“Stability” needs dictators. It’s just that simple.

There is no way with Egypt on one side and Tunisia on the other that they would possibly allow Libya and her loose-cannon ruler to remain between them, an anti-West wild-card threatening to lend support to real democracies. So “regime change” in Libya has always been the plan once they lost their efforts to keep Mubarak and Ben Ali in place.

Any discussion about Libya in the alternative sphere that doesn’t address this obvious fact is just plain propaganda and that goes for Juan Cole and Amy Goodman and AOL’s HuffPuff and GE’s MSNBC alike. Arianna knows it, Goodman knows it, Cole knows it.  This is life in the big-time alternative media world… it ain’t so alternative. They got big business supporters and Ford Foundation grants to think about. All that money Huffpuff got paid by AOL is just the sterling example for folks like Cole and Goodman.  Just look at how much money got dumped into Democracy Now! over the past year or so. New digs and per deum money to fly Amy and staff where-ever they need to go to get that “big story” to the progressive consumers who hang on her word like the gospel truth spewed over at Glenn Beck’s “Blaze”.  There’s no significant difference other than costumes and hair styles.

The war on YOU is about to go nuclear.  The democracy disease is now airborne and blowing across the Middle East and Europe and America faster than STDs during Fleet Week.

If you’ve been wondering why I have been making all these lewd sexual innuendos, it’s because I am calling Amy Goodman, Juan Cole, and any other alternative media icon who helps spread these putrid lies to justify war, prostitutes. They are all prostitutes. What they are doing is as old as the hills, it is nothing special, nothing admirable. They are selling their integrity for a little attention and continued access to a lifestyle they neither earned nor deserve.

As such, we need to remember, we need to never forget what they reduced themselves to when the shit hit the fan. And we should also remember that everyone knows once you spread your legs for money, each and every time shit gets tough in the future, it gets a little easier for them to assume the position for their corporate pimps.

Things aren’t going to get easier in this country and as long as the Obama Product is the puppet in chief, we can all expect to see more of the Goodman/Cole peep-show parading around as alternative viewpoints.

My only hope is that eventually, just like the Tea Parties out-grew Glenn Beck and his obvious bullshit, so too will the “progressives” outgrow aging ho’s like Goodman and Cole who have so clearly and embarrassingly exposed themselves.

Now, I gotta go wash the sleaze from my eyes and run by the clinic for a check-up before Huffpuff’s Andrew Brietbart pays O’Keefe to get it shut down.

The times, they are a changin’ folks. When you can’t tell the hookers from the heroes, you got bigger problems than reelecting a fraud.  As bad as the prostitutes are, their loyal subscribers are no better. Like a desperate man paying for the illusion of love and telling himself it’s real, this can’t and won’t end well.  Better wake the fuck up now before your wallet’s gone and your pissin fire and you spread your clap to the rest of your family on the toilet seat. Because contrary to what John McCain and Hillary Clinton would have you believe, the real disease ain’t democracy… it’s the bullshit Amy and Juan are infected with.

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