The Queen and Missing Kids

Saturday, March 12, 2011

This is Queen Elizabeth with Anthony Blunt who reportedly ran a paedophile ring which included a lot of top people (aangirfan: Sexpionage).

“It was long rumoured that the unusual resemblance between Blunt and Edward VIII was because they were half brothers.” (Sir Anthony Blunt)

This is William Combes.

He said he witnessed “the abduction of ten fellow residential school children by the Queen of England and her husband in October, 1964 at the Catholic school in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.”

According to Anonymous:

In Canada, “government and church run ‘residential’ schools were used to systematically break down native communities over decades.

“Sexual abuse was normal, and murders also happened.

“Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip have been directly accused of being present at such a school when 10 kids went missing…

“An official inquiry was due to hear testimony in a few months from the last surviving witness to see the Queen with those kids.

“That last witness died this week in mysterious circumstances.”

Website for this image

At we read “Kevin Annett Reacts To Death

March 2011.

The man who claimed to witness “the abduction of ten fellow residential school children by the Queen of England and her husband in October, 1964 at the Catholic school in Kamloops, B.C. has died suddenly…

“William Combes, age 59 and in good health, was scheduled to be a primary witness at the opening session of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) on September 12 in London…

“William was the sole survivor of a group of three aboriginal boys who claim to have witnessed the abduction of ten children during a royal visit to the Kamloops residential school in mid October, 1964, when both the Queen and Prince Philip were in Canada.

“‘They took away those ten kids and nobody ever saw them again’ described William…

According to William Coombes’ signed and witnessed declaration made on February 3, 2010:

“I am … 58 years old. I live in Vancouver, Canada.

“I am a survivor of the Kamloops and Mission Indian residential schools, both run by the Roman Catholic church.

“I suffered terrible tortures there at the hands especially of Brother Murphy, who killed at least two children.

“I witnessed him throw a child off a three story balcony to her death.

“He put me on a rack and broke some of my bones, in the Kamloop school basement, after I tried running away.

“I also saw him and another priest burying a child in the school orchard one night.

“In October, 1964 when I was 12 years old, I was an inmate at the Kamloops school and we were visited by the Queen of England and Prince Phillip…

“The day the Queen got to the school, I was part of a group of kids that went on a picnic with her and her husband and some of the priests, down to a meadow near Dead Man’s Creek.

“I remember it was weird because we all had to bend down and kiss her foot, a white laced boot.

“After awhile, I saw the Queen leave the picnic with ten children from the school, and those kids never returned.

“We never heard anything more about them and never met them again even when we were older. They were all from around there but they all vanished.

“The group that disappeared was seven boys and three girls, in age from six to fourteen years old…”

Photo from:

Thousands of girls and boys were raped and tortured, and many were murdered, in Canada’s aboriginal boarding schools. (CANADA )In Canada, up until 1985, Christian churches ran around 100 boarding schools for aboriginal children.

Between 100,000 and 200,000 children were forced to attend these boarding schools. (Canada probes TB ‘genocide’ in church-run schools – health – 05 …)

Reportedly, around 50,000 aboriginal children died in these schools.

Documents show a death rate of 50%. ( Protesters demand PM, churches reveal fates of residential school … )

“A 2001 report by the Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada documents the responsibility of the Roman Catholic Church, the United Church of Canada, the Anglican Church of Canada, and the federal government in the deaths of more than 50,000 Native children in the Canadian residential school system.

“The report says church officials killed children by beating, poisoning, electric shock, starvation, prolonged exposure to sub-zero cold while naked, and medical experimentation, including the removal of organs and radiation exposure.” – CANADA

On 1 January 2008, the Canadian government’s ‘Truth and Reconciliation Commission’ head, Bob Watts, stated that criminal acts had gone on in the schools, accounting for the deaths of ‘unknown’ numbers of children. (Epoch Times Move to Investigate Residential School Deaths …)

Reportedly (Film: Horror in Canada):

Children suffered ‘beatings, electric shocks, forced sterilization, medical experimentation, starvation, rape as well as various other forms of sexual abuse, and murder….. Some spoke of young girls becoming pregnant as a result of rape, or nuns becoming pregnant after sexually abusing boys…’

Reportedly ( Genocide in Canada ):

1. The United Church provided aboriginal children from its schools for drug-testing, radiation experiments and CIA mind control programs.

2. The United Church may have knowledge of a pedophile ring, associated with The Vancouver Club, which involves United Church clergy, lawyers and judges.

Documentary filmmaker Kevin Annett estimates there are at least six burial sites at former British Columbia residential schools run by the Catholic Church. (Natives want children’s remains returned)

According to Annett: “We know that there’s mass graves behind the school in Port Alberni, in Alert Bay, in Mission, right next to the grounds of the Mission Folk Fest.”

Annett said he has heard many stories of children who simply disappeared from the more than 100 residential schools for aboriginal children that operated in Canada from the 1870s to the early 1980s.

Former students have told Annett they helped with burials.

Many died from tuberculosis, violence and abuse.

According to Annett: “It’s about genocide. It’s about murder…. If you do a conservative estimate, then you are talking at least 50,000 children across Canada over a century.”

“The priests dug up the secret gravesite in a real hurry around 1972, when the school closed. No-one was allowed to watch them dig up those remains.

“I think it’s because that was a specially secret graveyard where the bodies of the pregnant girls were buried.

Some of the girls who got pregnant from the priests were actually killed because they threatened to talk.

“They were sometimes shipped out and sometimes just disappeared. We weren’t allowed to talk about this.” (Testimony of Arnold Sylvester to Kevin Annett, Duncan, BC, August 13, 1998). ( CANADA )




An organized system of exploitation of women and children appears to exist on Canada’s west coast, according to sources.

This system is decades-old and has been supplied for many years with women and children from aboriginal (Indian) reserves and children’s homes (residential schools).

This system is international.

Reportedly, Vancouver is one spoke in a wheel of pedophilia, sex slavery, human organ black markets, snuff films and violent child pornography that has outlets throughout the Pacific Rim world, particularly in China and Thailand.

CENSORED NEWS: Kevin Annett: Eye Witnesses of Murder and Torture.

Censored News Page 2: Kevin Annett: Eye Witnesses of Murder.


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59 responses to “The Queen and Missing Kids

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  2. will maracle

    Time is not on her side,the world will know of this and Elizebeth Windsor and Canada will stand trial for Mass Murder as the Nazis had

  3. Chris A

    Will, if there is any justice at all that will happen and I will rejoice. I am a Canadian who strongly believes our country can and will only be truly great when we face the horrible crimes against the original peoples of this land. How can we demand our government treat First Nations with dignity, respect and honour now when we all collectively refuse to face the truth about the Residential Schools? In my heart of hearts I know this whole country is effectively continuing the abuse by refusing to acknowledge it and NONE of us will ever heal until it is faced.

  4. There has been a huge cover-up about the abuse of Native children in Canada and Quebec and it’s been going on too long.

    Here in Montreal, on Chemin Cote de Liesse, an old orphanage run by priests and nuns under the orders of Quebec Primier Maurice Duplessis in the 1950s was renovated and converted into an office building. No tenant stays there for more than 3 months because of the negative energy there. People who have gone in have said that no one can stay in that basement for more than 5 minutes without freaking out.

    Over the years, many ghost hunters have tried to go in and investigate that place but it’s guarded now with dogs. Have no idea why anyone would want to protect and guard an empty “office building” (scroll down to response #190)

    Google “Creche d’Youville orphanage”

  5. no doubt that they did this and a lot more we dont know about .but sadly iv no doubt they will get away with it .to many big-wigs involved.

    • Anonymous

      Agree.They will do a few like Saville dead Rolf Harris ect but the big fish will get of the hook and there are lots of them .Some have secrets on lots of high profile people in power so they will make sure they dont get arrested .

  6. gnosticmind

    Reblogged this on Gnosticmind.

  7. Sue

    I’m really shocked at reading this article…. I can’t believe that things like this were really allowed to go on…. If this is the British church, and the monarchy was involved……Well it just repulses me…. and the fact that they got away with it, and just it covered up!!
    Its just really shocking and upsetting!

    • RomanticWildFire

      Sue, if you do research you will see a trend towards key witnesses dying or disappearing. Whistleblowers who are framed and accused of internet crimes, and the big boys get off. Do you remember the Frankin S&L scandal? Boystown? Read up on it and watch YouTube vids on record.

    • rods

      Its coming out now.. all royalty are masons and masons are lucifairians.
      wikileaks stated there is over 750K mason police in north america.. There NWO operatives.. Like the rest of the masonic horde the NWO is..CIA/Vatican/Royals/Masons/kkk

  8. john

    This is Crazy. I don,t believe it!!

  9. Alan E Chaplin

    I am deeply saddened to hear about this. I knew nothing
    about it until now. I hope you can disperse this knowledge
    far and wide.

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  11. Anonymous

    The answering will be done if not in this world in the next. The effects of Residential School have effected many generations in First Nations who have yet to recieve recovery of the damages done, on that note money was not the answer. Does the Goverment and churches truly know what they have done?
    They created a long line of Sexual, physical, emotional abuse to contiune within the communities of First Nations. These “social problems” the goverment likes to call have effected even those who have not attended Residential school. Money does not cover the damages done to our people and the apology does not make things right.
    The churches need to step up to the plate as well and admit their part in this as well it was “tourture” it was “Cultural Genocide”!
    The stories & affects of Residential School have been pass down from generation to generation from our elders. When they speak of their experience the school is referred to as two terms “when I was in HELL” or “when I was in JAIL”.
    I grew up with my grandmother passing down to me this phrase “Hell is full of priests and nuns because they know the truth about what really happend in the Hell I was in. They have to answer to the creator and someday the TRUTH will be told. Until then they will have to answer what they did to us if not in this life in the next.

    • John

      Clergy people are some of the most evil people on the planet, the hell they wreak on children is the most foul and disgusting of sins. We have to account for our life at its end, they will burn for what they have done; and so will those who participated and turned their backs knowing what was happening.

  12. Thank you for this extraordinary article! I was watching a film on television the other night called “Never let me go” directed by Mark Romanek, starring Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan. I found the subject matter deeply disturbing and had a strong sense that the book and film are based on real events. Your article has just confirmed that for me. Thank you so much. Bless you for sharing this.

  13. simian

    Reblogged this on simianpress and commented:
    Please read and share this extraordinary article and then watch the film “never let me go”.

  14. Janelle Marshall

    The world has a choice, more of the same in the heirs of the Whore, William the Antichrist descended from Vlad the Impaler his Father Charles…or the world can get behind the True King of Judah returned Lord Jesus Christ Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall..
    He has been alerting the world to the evil of the Queen and her family since he was able to speak and then
    prove to the world who he is. The world instead has rejected Him and so the world chooses hell over Paradise…time to wake up and google the name Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall…

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  16. Anonymous

    Robert green,, Uk solicitor started to investigate this stuff look him up

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  18. Yes the truth is coming out, and it is so unbelievable, it goes contrary to everything we see as human and rational that very few allow themselves to believe it. But we must face it !!. Where did those children go ? The answer is truly horrific and beyond all things on this earth. What did the Queen do with them ? I cannot bring myself to say it. Research, research, keep going until you are not shocked anymore. The more who know about this stuff the quicker it can be brought into the light.

  19. flux

    These repugnant, evil Monsters. They have no right to be called humans.
    For some time i have been looking into my theory about evil bloodlines and the effects of EPIGENETICS.
    Well people, here is the evidence and notice it is tied up with the church.

    1) look into the nature of ancient roman society. They had laws FOR child abuse. And no emperor put an end to these laws. My point – the Emperors interbred with German rulers during the fall of the empire. Make sense now – EPIGENETICS lasts for ever. All the way down the lineage.

    2) Backup evidence for my claim

    3) Freemasons. Look here and see, of those kings and queens above, how many were freemasons.

    The man on this site, tells us how proud he is to be part of this evil order.

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  21. Anonymous

    Don’t believe it!

  22. darla

    What horror ! These poor babys ! Wth is wrong with society that so many children are abused and killed,this story has my heart so heavy. Children rest in peace ! These heartless souls can try and out run justice from society,but they will face there maker !do not wish harm upon the little ones for a great refth will bestole down upon you,the pain will be so great you will wish for death,but you are dead and so this shall be your destiny!

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  25. Anonymous

    I love you bro.know your in a better more pain.we miss never stopped believing in your spirit,and getting your msg across. you can let it all go.its still here.the ones who hurt you will pay in their next hell they created for themselves. love your bro. amisuh

  26. Mel

    this make me sick to my stomach i cant believe this all happened to our people and these poor kids and our ancestors and so forth wish justice shall be served for all whom done this to our people and the Queen and well should be ashamed of her self omg that is sick

  27. Anonymous

    Discusting!!! No words could ever repair harm like that on a child….. I hope all those poor babies are safe in heaven and that all pedophiles alive now die a horrid death …..

  28. jd

    Conspiracy theories contain nuggets of truth. There is no question that abuse and murder took place in these schools, it’s well documented. From there, the claims get frankly absurd. The Roman Catholic church and the Church of England have been in cold war with one another for centuries. They are sworn enemies. To believe the RCC would just let the head of the CoE visit secretly, let alone walk off with anyone the CoE could use as a propoganda weapon against the RCC… Not buying it.

    The witness did not see Queen Elizabeth take anyone, the statement says only they were TOLD it was the Queen (without bodyguards? and no Royal Etiquette?) and that they saw none of the ten return.

    It seems much more likely that they were told a lie, if indeed they were told anything at all. It isn’t as if the kids could check. The total absence of Royal Protocol (QEII is a stickler for it) is a dead giveaway that something is seriously wrong with the story.

    It also seems very unlikely that whoever the woman was took anyone. She wasn’t observed taking them anywhere, for starters. If the kids really went missing (a claim is not a fact) then someone else did.

    Option 1: The claim that it was the Queen was a fiction devised by the school to make the kids utterly unbelievable if anything went wrong. If the woman was described, she would be able to convincingly show that she took nobody. This is an era where criminals left no loose ends, so the three “witnesses” were not witnesses to anything directly criminal. Indirectly is another matter. I could believe the man and woman were couriers delivering something. That is plausible and I could believe the school would not want to risk a couple of strangers sneaking round. The kids vanishing would then be a distinct event.

    Option 2: The event never happened at all. Kids were getting murdered and likely not always in plain sight. Ten kids “vanishing” in addition to known murders, over the time the guy was at such a school – very plausible. A couple visiting the school (perhaps for illegal purposes, perhaps not) – also very plausible. The events may have become rolled into one, perhaps taking in a nrws story about the Queen on the way – not unheard of, most psychology studies on witnesses show examples of unrelated events blurring.

    Option 3: Conspiracy theories are created by well-meaning but disturbed individuals. Anyone who has suffered prolonged, severe abuse is at risk of developing a disturbed mind. The guy may well have suffered such abuse, quite plausibly at an RC school. His beliefs would then be quite genuine and rooted in real events, just not the events described.

    I do not consider a literal reading of the statement and interpretation as remotely likely, for the reasons given. Whether it is possible to pluck out the strands of truth and identify which big picture each strand belongs to – that will be tough. Which is why most people prefer to believe than to examine. Examining is hard work and has a high probability of failing. Believing is easy and success is guaranteed.

    Can a real answer be found? Like I said, it would be tough. Maybe, but is it truth people want? Or just a good horror story? If you are willing to risk being wrong, and are willing to gamble literally millions of dollars on a slim chance of getting the truth, then you would have a chance. The sort of work required isn’t cheap. It is also more tedious than my posts. If you didn’t get this far, you haven’t the patience it takes to do fieldwork of this sort. If Dan Brown made his novels match the time it really takes to do stuff, his first novel would be longer than all the Harry Potter books combined.

    • Anonymous

      OR option 4: the truth was told

      • Anonymous

        Australia have admitted and apologised for their abuses of aboriginal children. They now have an annual ‘apology’ day. This shit happened everywhere that you have twisted religious fundamentalists in charge of helpless children and women!! Look at the Irish Magdalene laundries etc, it is everywhere. it seems to me that the fundamentally religious are the weakest at resisting the very darkness they preach against!!!!

    • The Queen never had anyone kiss her foot either. If anything it was a curtsey for girls

  29. Deborah Millette-Sanchez/Blais/Blair/Girard/Patenaude/Nicolas Milette/Pelletier's Aye!


  30. I do not even know the way I stopped up right here, however I assumed this post was once good.

    I don’t recognise who you’re but definitely you are going to a famous blogger should you are not
    already. Cheers!

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  33. Hi there, of course this post is really pleasant and I have learned lot of things from it concerning blogging.

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  35. Anonymous

    this is still going on and the royal family are still at the helm. They are satanic pedophile scum and need to be exposed.

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  37. luca giaccari

    la famille royal est hybrido-humano-reptilienne et ils sont au service de satan et ils ont vendus leurs ames au diable.
    se sont des demons et un jour la justice divine de Dieu Tout Puissant les punira severement de ce qu’ils ont fait!
    c’est honteux et Horrible!!!!!!

  38. Mariamante

    I am from Latin America, where millions of Catholic schools taught children without separating them from their families. I am trying to understand this story, because we have a large indeginous population in South America, and Indians were basically respected by the church. That is the reason, that unlike the USA and Canada, they remain a majority in many nations to this day.

    The Queen of England is the head of her own church, the Anglican Church of England. She owns Canada. Why would she choose a “Catholic” school?” Anything is possible, but this is simply unlike anything seen in any nation in South America, Central America, or Mexico.

    Something is a little off about this story.

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  44. Anonymous

    There are still obviously non believers . The Windsors are Agents of Rome by Order of the Garter and The Knights of Malta. The Vatican which is and always has been a satanic institution for the purpose of controlling the temporal power of Monarchs and bankers . They are at war with the people and use the hoax of Flavian Christianity as the ‘opium of the masses’;the most successful example of mass brainwashing and control in history. The Black Pope is not called black for nothing! The Windsors ,Cardinal Ratzinger etc.were found guilty by The International Common Law Court of Justice and the ITCCS in 2013 in Brussels ,that’s right the crimes of church and state ,and to this day stand convicted of mass murder !May the children rest in love and peace and may the truth set us free .

  45. The queen is a reptilian. The so-called royal family are all non-human, human eating, blood drinking satanists that are reptilian.

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