Brown Gas

Posted By: X_Hermes 

Date: Friday, 22-Apr-2011 09:38:20

Professor Yull Brown (deceased in the 1990’s) was a wizard of water. His later career was spent studying the many strange characteristics of the liquid we all take for granted, and applying what he learned to practical issues. But there has always been huge disinformation around Yull Brown, and this seems to be increasing. In particular, his name is being wrongly applied in a fairly comprehensive way. Here is the scenario:

There are two very different gas states arising from water. For the first: if you cause water to resonate using a radio frequency beam at 13.56 MHz (for details please see: you get dissociated water, a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen. It is an excellent fuel, far more potent that petrol, very easily made and pretty safe (no gas tank required and pollution free – all you get is water). The old powers, with their policy of control via energy (amongst others), appear to be very spooked by this. There has been a long running program by Big Oil to suppress or buy off all related technologies – but they are loosing the battle, I think. People everywhere are getting the message, and many amateur engineers are developing effective systems.

Just to illustrate the lengths the illuminasti will go to, how desperate is this? Recently a man in France is reported to have been arrested for running his car on dissociated water. He appeared to have been dealt with very harshly for ‘not paying his taxes’ (on his fuel) – so, the illuminasti are still at it and on the case!

But…this wonderful and completely free fuel (once you have built the equipment) is NOT Brown’s Gas. Neither are most if not all of the many ‘bubblers’ that you can see in numerous You Tube videos – they produce dissociated water with widely varying degrees of efficiency.

Brown’s gas is the ‘other’ gas product. It is H2O as a clear, dry gas. It is not two gasses mixed, but a ‘stochiometric mixture’, meaning that the hydrogen and oxygen are there in an absolutely fixed molecular ratio, exactly as for liquid water. The Characteristics of Brown’s gas are radically different from the freely mixed hydrogen and oxygen of dissociated water. The production system designed by Yull Brown (and in mass production in China and Korea) is electro-mechanical in nature – but he always claimed that it would be far better done by electronics and resonance – presumably at a different frequency to that used for dissociated water.

Here are five examples of how Brown’s Gas can be used:

1) You can run Browns Gas through a welding torch, and light it. The flame has difficulty cutting something like copper (normally very easy) – yet it cuts through tungsten like butter (very tough for ordinary gas cutters). The flame is a ‘constant implosion’ (the opposite of normal) and some of its characteristics are thus reversed.
2) I watched a demonstration of three dissimilar metals being melted (by a welding torch using Brown’s gas) in a crucible. After a while they burst into flame, with a light that was so bright that it was painful to look directly at. We were told that this was a ‘nuclear combustion’.
3) A sealed container (apart from one connection) was filled with Brown’s Gas and placed on a shelf about 15 feet up. It had a garden hose from the connection down into a bucket of water at floor level. There was a spark plug mounted in the container, with a connecting wire equipped with a push button led down to the operator. When the plug was sparked, the water went almost instantaneously from the bucket to fill the container 15 feet up. The Reason – Brown’s gas collapses to 3% of its volume when sparked! (If you think of this being used in a modified steam engine, it is potentially a wonderful source of motive power)(also for many pumping applications). Oops – the potential for a wonderful motive power system that does not need the oil industry…
4) We were told that a corona of Brown’s gas can be set up to clean radioactive materials. When something like Cobalt 90 is passed slowly through the corona it looses most of its radioactivity first time around – I think the number was 94%. After three passes it is effectively inert (i.e., no remaining radioactivity) When Brown tried to interest the US is this vitally important technology, his life was threatened. I was given to understand that when he told the Chinese, they built a factory to utilise the technique! Oops – there goes the threat to the population of spent fuel rods and the like…
5) Yull Brown had devised a system whereby a deep column of sea water has a chamber of Brown’s gas sealed above it. On sparking the gas, a highly effective vacuum is created. Lowering the pressure over the water causes the surface of the sea water to boil – swiftly creating a volume of moisture that is run off as clean water. If this is repeated every few seconds, and over a number of similar columns, you have an effective and cheap-to-run desalination plant. Oops – there goes the scarcity of water scam…

OK, you may be thinking ‘this is all rubbish or hearsay’. Well, no, actually. You see, I was there, and the person doing the demonstrations was Professor Yull Brown, who I had stayed with for several days prior to this event. Present were Professor Mike Laughton, the Dean of Engineering of London University, and Dr Geoffrey Pardoe, then the Queens adviser on Technology and also the Chairman of the Royal Aeronautical Society at the time, i.e., two very eminent scientists. Fortunately very open-minded ones! After many questions, and much debate as to what they had seen, they said “this technology clearly works – but we have no clarity on the reason these things are happening, and there are quite obviously new and as yet unstudied principles involved”

There is a web site that sets the characteristics of Brown’s Gas out pretty well (most of the others are grossly inaccurate): see

So now, every dissociated water device is being labelled ‘Brown’s gas’ – which they emphatically are not. In the confusion that is being – as I observe it – intentionally crafted, the real Brown’s gas and its extraordinary abilities, is being rapidly lost from view.

The old controllers know that Brown’s Gas can break several aspects of their global con-job. But no! Control of the serfs (that’s us) must continue at all costs…

Me? I think the population’s growing awareness of the illuminasti thrashing around as their global control systems steadily collapse is just…

…a Gas!

Xavier Hermes

Note: Just remember, if anyone is labelled ‘scam’ on the internet, it is frequently a standard way for the illuminasti and their minion alphabet agencies to start undermining someone doing a good job of getting to them. The more scam notices, (probably) the better the resistance / disclosure / truth promotional job being done.


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  1. Hello, I met him in California and spent some time listening to his horror stories. Witnessed is H2O genarator in action. If any would like the full story from Euriope to USA and then Austrialia with the Holden car say so ,it is in print.
    The real crazy stuff is when New Zealand and China became
    business partners. He was like Tesla and had to go. US coporations
    put an end to his dream for humanity.

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