Fables of Ancient Israel Now Being Dissected.


Evidence for the fabled King Solomon of Israel is nonexistent. Biblical historians Thomas L. Thompson and Niels Peter Lemche of the University of Copenhagen and Philip Davies of theUniversity of Sheffield argue that David and Solomon, and indeed the entire biblical descriptionof the history of Israel, are nothing more than ideological constructs produced by priestly circles
in Jerusalem in post-exilic times. Nineteenth- and early 20th-century excavations around theTemple Mount in Jerusalem failed to identify even a trace of Solomon’s legendary temple orpalace complex. The king called Solomon is most likely based upon the Assyrian god ShulmanuAshared. “Shulmanu” translates as “foremost one.” Shown above is a Peter Paul Rubens painting of the fabled meeting between Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, yet another gal who supposedly fell for Solomon. (He was reputed to have had approximately 700 wives and 300 concubines, according to the Old Testament.) At right, “King” David is shown in prayer in a section of a painting created in the 1630s, now housed in a Utrecht museum. David was probably more of a tribal chieftain than a great king. More can be seen of this scene on TBR’s front cover…

Researchers are weighing the accuracy of the reigns of King Solomon and King David against archeological and scientific data just recently discovered. These scholars are coming up with some very interesting conclusions.



more at: http://barnesreview.org/pdf/TBR2007-no3-4-16.pdf

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