The Pakistan War


For many years now, the USA has been trying to break up Pakistan.

Pakistan’s only hope of survival may be to kick out the CIA, and form a close alliance with China.

In November 2011: “Pakistan and China are staging joint military exercises, showcasing their relationship as Islamabad’s ties with Washington suffer. The war games that began Monday follow remarks by Pakistani officials suggesting that China could step into the economic, military and diplomatic void if Pakistan’s relationship with the United States collapsed.” 

Pakistan has been cracking down on the CIA.

Each time Pakistan cracks down on the CIA, there is an act of revenge by the USA.

On 26 November 2011NATO murdered at least 26 Pakistani soldiers

In retaliation, Pakistan “has now given the US 15 days to leave the Shamsi airfield, used by the CIA.

“It also announced that NATO supply routes into Afghanistan will be shut down.”

November 2011: A recent ‘CIA-NATO plot’ involved Pakistani-American tycoon Mansoor Ijaz.

He delivered a memo to Admiral Mike Mullen’s office, allegedly on the instructions of Pakistani Ambassador Husain Haqqani.

In exchange for US help, according to the memo, President Zardari offered to turn over ‘rogue military elements’ suspected of harbouring ‘terrorists’.

The ‘plot’, when revealed in the Financial Times, was presumably intended to ‘divide and rule’.

Some History:

September 2008: Bomb at the Marriott hotel in Islamabad

February 2009: Attack on cricket players in Lahore

February 2010: Three American soldiers, wearing disguises, killed in Pakistan

30 Sept 2010: Nato helicopters kill two Pakistani soldiers, prompting nearly two-week border closure in protest

January 2011Umar Patek was arrested by Pakistani forces in Abbottabad. Umar Patek, an Indonesian, was reportedly an asset of the CIA.

January 2011: The CIA’s Raymond Davis killed two officers of Pakistan intelligence.

22 April 2011: Supplies to Nato forces in Afghanistan halted for three days in protest over drone attacks

23 April 2011: A US predator drone strike killed 25 people including at least five children and four women.

2 May 2011: Reported battle between US and Pakistan forces at Abbottabad, after apparent Pakistan raid on CIA house in Abbottabad.

US invents ‘Bin Laden’s death’ and says Pakistan not warned of raid. ‘OSAMA HOUSE’ BUILT BY ‘CIA FRIEND’ DAWOOD …


2 June 2011: Top US military chief Adm Mike Mullen admits “significant” cut in US troops in Pakistan

10 July 2011: US suspends $800m of military aid

In September 2008, there was a bomb attack on the Marriott hotel in Islamabad.

There were GOVERNMENT number plates on the the explosives-laden truck which hit the Marriott hotel in Islamabad. (62 die as suicide bomber strikes Pakistani luxury hotel (Roundup)

On 22 September 2008, the BBC reported that:

1. a Pakistan government spokesman claimed that the prime minister and other top people were planning to have dinner at the Marriott at the time the bomb went off, but cancelled the booking at the last moment.

2. The Marriott Hotel’s owner says this is not true and that there was no booking.

Did elements of the Pakistan government work with the CIA and its friends to carry out the bombing, so as to support the case for Pakistan government cooperation with the Pentagon?


Rehman Malik was the effective Interior Minister of Pakistan.

Pakistan Daily writes of ‘the bizarre, abortive handover of the ISI (spy agency) to Rehman Malik’. (You Can’t Be On The Wrong Side Of Pakistan Mr Asif Ali Zardari)

Benazir Bhutto appointed Rehman Malik as chief of Pakistan’sFederal Investigation Agency (FIA)

According to the article on Rehman Malik at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia :

The Pakistani military was dismayed by reports of FIA contacts with the Israeli secret service, the Mossad, which had been cooperating with Indian secret service RAW.

According to the Pakistani Spectator, 11 May 2008, (Rehman Malik Runs Zardari and PPP The Pakistani Spectator):

“Rehman Malik … helped Zardari a lot to launder … looted money and invest and secure it at different places in the world… He does what he is told to do by the masters in Washington.”

In The Pakistan Spectator, 21 September 2008, Ali Yar Khan asksWhat Was Going on in the Marriott Hotel?

He makes the following points:

1. After the blast, a mysterious fire started on the fourth and fifth floors. It was said that this fire was the result of a gas pipeline burst.

2. Allegedly, the fifth and fourth floors of the hotel were housing mysterious steel boxes under the guard of United States marines. Allegedly, these boxes were moved into the hotel when Admiral Mike Mullen met Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and others in Islamabad.

The boxes may have contained explosives?

(In 2003, a bomb hit the Marriott hotel in Jakarta. A number of poor Moslems were killed. “Something interesting happened just hours before the explosion shocked the JW Marriott Hotel, Mega Kuningan, South Jakarta. The US Embassy cancelled the booking of 10-20 rooms in that hotel.” –Prison Do You Have the Knowledge to Escape?)

It was reported that several senior officers of the CIA were in Islamabad, on a visit, at the time of the explosion. (Islamabad blast)

According to Dawn, 21 September 2008, “Well-equipped security officers from the US embassy were seen on the spot soon after the explosions. However, they left the scene shortly afterwards.” (Terror tears through capital) 

Muhammad Azam, a Marriott security personal, told The Post that he was standing across the road when a big brown truck appeared.“I saw him (the truck driver) getting out of the truck, taking position and firing two rockets at the hotel.” (Front & Back Page News Updates)

The explosion created a crater at least 25 ft deep and 30 ft wide, and totally destroyed the road in front of the building. (1000 kg explosives used in Pak blast) .

The bombers may not have intended to destroy the hotel. But, reportedly, gas lines running to the hotel’s kitchen exploded and started a fire that damaged about two thirds of the hotel. Police sources said the dead include three South Koreans, two Saudis and at least one American. (62 die as suicide bomber strikes Pakistani luxury hotel (Roundup)

Some officials said the intended destination of the truck with the bomb might have been the prime minister’s house. The Marriott is one kilometer distant from Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani’s house where President Asif Ali Zardari, army chief General Ashfar Parvez Kayani and over 300 MPs were at an Iftar dinner. (62 die as suicide bomber strikes Pakistani luxury hotel (Roundup)

However, Kiyani has been trained in the USA. And Zardari is reportedly a friend of the neocons.

One report suggests that the American neocons toppled Mussharraf and put Zardari into power.

In the Guardian, 7 September 2008, Tariq Ali wrote that “a hardcore neocon faction led by Zalmay Khalilzad, the US ambassador to the Security Council, was busy advising Asif Zardari in secret and helping him plan the campaign to oust the general (Musharraf).” Asif Ali Zardari: the godfather as president

Attack on a bus carrying a cricket team in Pakistan.

On 3 February 2009, in the Pakistani city of Lahore, gunmen killed at least five Pakistan policemen and wounded up to six Sri Lankan cricket players. Cricketers wounded in Lahore attack / Sri Lankan cricketers injured in deadly gun attack in Pakistan .

The attackers, reportedly armed with Kalashnikovs, rocket launchers and hand grenades, targeted the Sri Lankan team’s bus.

Habibur Rehman, Lahore’s chief of police, said there were about 12 attackers, who “appeared to be well-trained.” They appeared to have had formal combat training.

Video seen on news channels showed the cricket team’s white van with its front window shattered. Pakistan TV showed footage of gunmen with rifles and backpacks running through the streets and firing on unidentified vehicles.

At least 12 American soldiers have been killed in Pakistan in recent years.

On 3 February 2010 three American Special Operations soldiers were killed in Lower Dir, in Pakistan. (Soldiers’ Deaths in Pakistan Raise Questions on US Presence)

The three American soldiers were wearing disguises.

They were dressed in Pakistani baggy trousers and long tunics, according to a Pakistani officer. (Soldiers’ Deaths in Pakistan Raise Questions on US Presence)

Reports from Pakistani security officials said the soldiers were killed by an explosive device.

Next the explosion site is a school.

Most of the 131 people who were wounded were girls who were pupils at the school. 

Three of the Pakistanis who were killed were schoolgirls.

The soldiers were reportedly en route to the opening of the girls’ school.

Why might American special forces, wearing disguises, want to visit a school in a volatile area?

Would it not have been better for Pakistanis to be involved in the opening of the school?

According to a ‘Taliban’ spokesman: “The Americans killed were members of the Blackwater group. 

“We know they are responsible for bomb blasts in Peshawar and other Pakistani cities.” (Blackwater-type US security contractor in NWFP: Bilour)

Capt. Jack Hanzlik, a spokesman for the United States Central Command in Tampa, Florida, said 12 other American soldiers had been killed in Pakistan since 11September 2001. (Soldiers’ Deaths in Pakistan Raise Questions on US Presence)

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