Why is Britain ‘a rogue’ state?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Thu Feb 9, 2012 6:52PM GMT
Britain has been developing unprecedented plans for global military interventions as well as supporting state terrorism in several countries around the globe.

As recently as a couple of days ago, the Argentinean president told a group of people in Buenos Aires that Britain was militarizing the South Atlantic by sending reinforcements to the Malvinas Islands.

Tensions between Argentina and Britain have been increasing in recent weeks, with the UK saying last month that it would be sending a nuclear-armed destroyer, HMS Dauntless, to the South Atlantic region.

Argentines say Britain should consider its own history of waging war around the globe, and acknowledge that the islands and seas around them rightfully belong to Argentina.

On the question of Gibraltar, the Spanish government has recently formally asked Britain to reopen talks over the sovereignty of the territory.
Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel Garcia-Margallo made the petition shortly after UK’s Europe Minister David Lidington told an audience in Madrid that Britain would not discuss sovereignty against Gibraltar’s wishes.

As far as the issue of the US-led invasion of Iraq in March 2003 is concerned, the foreign policy of then government of the UK headed by Tony Blair has proved to be disastrous for human rights.
There are certain issues, which it is not done to mention in respectable circles, and one is British involvement in terrorism.

The then Blair government also increased support to the worst human rights violator in the Americas, Colombia.

Britain has long provided aid to Colombia outside of media and parliamentary scrutiny. The SAS have been there since 1989.

Arms exports rose 50 percent in 2001/02 with supplies including missile technology, components for combat helicopters and explosives ostensibly for anti-drugs operations.

Press reports in 2003 revealed secret increases in British military aid including hardware, SAS training the narcotics police, advice to the army’s new counter-guerrilla mountain units and in establishing a joint intelligence committee.

Britain has always had a strong intervention capability and has conducted numerous offensive operations, which have had nothing to do with defending Britain or the interests of the public. But now this is barely even being hidden.

Britain is complicit in the deaths of around 10 million people since 1945, in conflicts or covert operations where it has played a direct role or where it has strongly supported aggression by allies, especially the US.

Declassified government files reveal a whole series of largely unknown British policies, for example British support for the 1963 killings in Iraq that brought Saddam’s Ba’ath party to power and the British arming of Baghdad regimes’ brutal aggression against the Kurds throughout the 1960s, and later in 1980s came the UK’s direct involvement in the 8-year Iraqi-imposed war on Iran.

In Yemen, the British covert operation to destabilize the government of Yemen in the 1960s fuelled a civil war that cost up to 200,000 lives, involving a pattern of human rights abuses and war crimes, also typical of overt military interventions in Aden and Oman.

Meanwhile, Britain conducted covert operations to overthrow the governments of Indonesia and British Guiana in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

The Heath government secretly welcomed the coup that brought General Pinochet to power in Chile in 1973, overthrowing a democratically elected government. Even worse, it welcomed the coup that brought Idi Amin to power in Uganda in 1971 and provided aid, arms and diplomatic support while Amin began instituting a military dictatorship that went on to kill around 300,000 people.

On the question of Iran, the UK government has been among the first arrogant western nations that have threatened the Islamic Republic with military action to stop the country’s peaceful nuclear program, whereas Iran as a signatory to the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) and an active member of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) enjoys every rights to develop peaceful nuclear technology.

An intelligence report has revealed that British troops are leading armed terror gangs in the Syrian city of Homs in their bloody battle against civilians and the Syrian army forces.

In Libya, Britain fought a senseless war, in which several hundreds of civilians were killed as a direct result of NATO bombing campaign aimed at changing the regime of Muammar Gaddafi.

In Afghanistan, where thousands of civilians have been killed so far, the UK government again joined the US-led invasion of the country in the aftermath of the 2001, 9/11 terrorist attacks on the U.S. soil.

An finally, as far as the issue of the European Union is concerned, Britain has been playing a rogue state through its unilateral monetary policies, and its economic hegemony over other members of the union.



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One response to “Why is Britain ‘a rogue’ state?

  1. Since that is a question ,it requires an answer.
    Sadly that truth is simple. One always takes orders from their controllers
    owners or boss or else. In this case Britain had/has been firmly established with those that attaiined positions of influence long ago and will continue to do as they are told. Why no mention of Deigo Garcia or a few thrilling nights of flying over Dresden,Germany in WW-2 for what the war was over. Just implimenting orders on command. Now Argentina is all about oil, lots of it.
    Humanity needs a lot of help.

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