US “Democide” to exceed Genocide of Past?

Sunday, March 04, 2012

If GMO “food” is making sheep and cattle sick, is killing them, is causing spontaneous abortions, and the “food” designed to grow its own poison to kill crop eating bugs, might be killing natural bacteria in the stomachs of farm animals where they can starve with full stomachs of GMO, such as provided by Monsanto, so these animals are dying horrifically painful deaths.

The corporations and banks who run the US Government, US Military, and who are out to rule the world want you to eat this same food. Should you trust them to give you injections, and inoculations? If there is civil unrest, can you trust them to “care” about you when you are sent to a FEMA Camp. Information about DHS Homeland Security Fusion Center Locations and the TSA agenda [click here].

[Plum Island] which is a bio-weapons laboratory is allegedly the source of Lyme Disease and the West Nile Virus, weaponized African continent based diseases and viruses made stronger in labs. Sheep and goats infected with various diseases were allegedly used to produce infected urine to be dried and sprayed all over war zones such as in Iraq. Is there more to Gulf War Syndrome?

I recall Kathleen Dickson telling me about Yale University scientists in New Haven and Big Pharma are working on bio-weapons that will kill people based on their race. Allegedly some of what has been developed kill Jewish people too, and further work is needed to allow Jews to live while killing target races. [Check link] for interviews with Kathleen Dickson.


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