The Criminal Plot to Stop Ron Paul

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Added introduction comments on Zionist strategy to stop Ron Paul and re-elect Obama by splitting the Republican base with spoiler candidates.The Zionist gangsters funding Mitt Romney and his supposed rival Newt Gingrich are part of a bigger strategy to get Barack Obama re-elected and prevent Ron Paul from winning the Republican nomination and the presidency.  This is basically the same tactic that these same Zionist forces used to get Obama elected to office in Illinois and the U.S. Senate.  In every election that Obama ran for office in Illinois the opposition candidate was effectively destroyed before the election so that there was no real opponent running against him.  Ron Paul would win the presidency if he were to face Obama in the general election in November.  This is why the Zionists are pouring money and favorable press on Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum.  They need to stop Paul so Obama will win.  It’s a conspiracy to stop Paul.

The following video from Maine shows how caucuses and primaries are being stolen from Ron Paul across the nation.  The crimocracy is pulling out all the stops to prevent Ron Paul from winning in any state.  What the criminals don’t realize is that the supporters of Ron Paul outnumber them 10,000 to 1.  The fact that this egregious vote fraud is being done against one of the most popular presidential candidates in many years will help bring the corruption of American elections into the spotlight.


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