The Illuminati worship Satanic alien shapeshifters.


Quote from Woodrow Wilson
“Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the U.S., in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”

The Illuminati worship Satan.. So does the Global Zionist Jewish (VN: Khazar) leadership.. and yet the Illuminati/Satanic/Rabbis are channeling extraterrestrials, who are creating a New World Order for themselves to rule our Earth..

Because the Aliens have chosen to be represented on earth by the Ashkenazi race of us humans, probably because they are the most ruthless/intelligent people (VN:  and least spiritual, creative, or adaptable) on this planet.. Aliens would logically follow the rules of ‘The Survival of the fittest’, the smartest..most ruthless people on this world should represent them… That’s the way things work here on Earth..

The Ashkenazim (VN:  Khazars) are so clever that they even swiped the ancient religion of Judaism and claimed it as their own.. Therefore controlling/polluting both the Christian and Muslim incarnation of an even greater otherworldly force.. that some of us dummie earthlings call GOD.

These Rabbis channel the extraterrestrials, and the aliens tell them through meditations that “A thousand of our lives are not worth one of their fingernails.” The Rabbis are right as far as the aliens are concerned…
The Rothschilds helped to finance the Scofield Bible edition that twisted the ‘Good Book’ to their own ends to unite Christianity to the cause of  ‘A Greater Israel’, or Zionism, or a place from which to rule the world forever. They corrupted your/our Bible..
The Bible has helped to enslave us to THEM… Get used to it…
They created Mormonism, THEY created Christian Scientists, THEY created The Seventh Day Adventists in order to fragment Protestant Christianity into arguing sects. They had already captured Catholicism a thousand years ago.

The Rothschilds fiat money fractional reserve banking dynasty imposed upon us through the Federal Reserve  is helping THEM create the throne for ‘Satan’ in what is now called Greater Israel… using ESP contact through occult seances to help THEM to do so.  (VN:  better known as interdimensional communications)

All present Christian denominations are fakes meant to feed us to our alien captors. And all of our Government officials, Senators and Congressmen who side with the Satanic Rothschchild Zionist Alien force are traitors to all mankind.

Our National Health agencies are created to make us sick or kill us ,our educational system is is intended to make us dumber than a box of rocks,  our war machine spits out radioactive dust intending to mutate us all, and the wars THEY orchestrate kill us by the millions now, and by the billions in the near future.  (VN:  Aaah, but then that is only one side of the story, wait til we tell the other side.  It is already emerging, which is the awakening of the dumber-than-a-box-of-rocks crowd.  Why is organic food purchases and the natural remedy industry a minimum $60 billion business?  Why are the corporations trying to get a piece of that action?  Why can’t the powers that be get natural remedies banned?  Why haven’t these pigs at the trough had their false flag nuke attacks yet?  Why haven’t they had their third world war yet?  They are behind schedule.   We will see who is what when it all hits the fan…. will brilliance and psychopathy prevail?   or will  creativity, adaptability, spontenaity, flexibility,  passion, and righteous anger prevail???  We will see, wont’ we?)



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9 responses to “The Illuminati worship Satanic alien shapeshifters.

  1. Anonymous

    so you talk apon the power of evil and what they have put toghter what about the power of the lord and his works , whats his plans can look that
    up in a book ,this battle is already won ,the power of god

  2. low lve

    …. when its time for humanity to go , its time. but for now everbody we should be enjoying our lives untill its time to go, everybody dies, just when its there time, its thier end of the world for thum but we ckant? why because of fuckkin conspiracy theories. the world we live in todai controls us from the media to buissneses to catholics nd order from which we recieve from the president . i have more to say but i would not want to reveal stuff outhers didnt no. god is an alien

  3. Anonymous

    Satan disciples luv

  4. rashida dobbins

    i belive every last bit of it every last drop thats why i pray so if it comes a day that i come face to face with one i can beat the haell out of it

  5. BeeBee

    Yes, as in Ezekiel there is evidence of aliens. However, there is good and bad and I choose to be on the side of the good, no matter what it may be. Good will ALWAYS prevail over evil. Get used to it!

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