Stating The Obvious: ‘Humanitarianism’ is (Yet Another) Vicious Fraud

By Kevin Boyle on April 2, 2012

It is fair to ask:

What kind of humanitarianism is it that cares so deeply about a people that it destroys the forces of their government by aerial bombardment, deposes (and kills) their leader………..

………and then loses interest in those same people once their country has descended into civil war?

Libya is in a terrible state. There is, effectively no government. Only tribal gangs killing each other, vying to establish local dominance.

Where are the TV news reports showing the carnage?

Where are the outraged newspaper editorials?

In the liberal broadsheets those who still read them will, no doubt, soon be coming across the word ‘mistakes’.

But no one in the mainstream media will express doubt about our government’s motives.

No one in the mainstream media will express doubt about our government’s good faith.
Is there anyone left in Britain still buying into the fraud of ‘humanitarianism’?

With an I.Q. over 70?

But maybe the people are starting to ‘get it’? Let’s hope so.

Here is what this Libyan version of ‘humanitarianism’ was about (and here the regime-change template, brilliantly exposed):
We control the oil fields.

There is no irritating Gaddafi around to to levy new taxes on the oil companies.

There is no irritating Gaddafi around to promote the (truly dangerous) idea of an African Central Bank that might organise effective resistance against thieving western international banksters.

The western corporate/banking oligarchy has driven China from the North African oil fields because there is no irritating Gaddafi around to play East against West nor make strategic deals with the Chinese government that undermine the historical hegemony of the west over the resources of that cruelly victimised continent.

We have released the gangs of our partner, Al Qaeda, to do as they please within the country thus creating safe havens for revolutionary Islamicists (Gaddafi suppressed these people) and a springboard for activities that will, in time, inject the bogus ‘War On Terror’ with a new lease of life.

So…….who cares about “the Libyan people” now?

No one, seemingly.

Another day, another dollar.

Already we hear that Libyan rebels like Belhadj are involved in the attackstaking place in Syria.

Oh yes…………………..Syria.

One can understand that Syrians might be scared shitless.

They have been told that David Cameron and William Hague are distressed by their suffering.

Haguehas just been attending the ‘International Friends of the Syrian People’ conference in Istanbul……


The day this war-mongering creep expresses concern for my well-being is the day I start building a bomb shelter in my back garden.


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