Murder for fun and “morale”:

 Shocking video of lethal Israeli attack on sleeping Palestinian prisoners

Ali Abunimah

May 17, 2012

The camera follows heavily armed Israeli security personnel raiding a prison dormitory, shouting at the prisoners to get out of bed, and that they would be shot if they didn’t obey orders.

The prisoners can be heard screaming in terror at the surprise attack. It was a night of brutal and lethal violence that Israeli participants would describe as one that was “beautiful” and “happy.”

One of the Israeli attackers shouts, amid flashes, flame and smoke: “I want to open these gates and take care of these little sons of whores.” Other Israelis shout vulgar Arabic insults at the prisoners regarding their mothers.

Prisoners writhe in agony and fear. One can be seen – in images reminiscent of Abu Ghraib – lying on the ground as an Israeli points a gun at him shouting “lie on your stomach!”

Others are shot without apparent reason.

These are scenes from a video that was shown in April 2011 by the investigative program Ovda on Israel’s Channel 2 television station. The violent attack it records against the Palestinian prisoners on 22 October 2007 was real, but it was carried out as a “training exercise” for Israeli security personnel at Ketziot Prison to boost their “morale” and “motivation.”

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