Mass Dematerialization ?

Stuart Wilde

At the Amsterdam gig in 2009 almost the whole audience (225 people) dematerialized during one process that I showed them. I was happy about that. Humans are not solid all the time, until you see it, you can’t believe it. * (see below)

The Dematerialization of Buddha Photo: Rein Nomm

And I did a process that sent people sideways into the other dimensions like the magical worlds. It was very interesting when they shared their experiences, as they were all very similar. Many saw the magical forests and the sacred animals and some saw the Golden Radiant Beings. So it was a joy for me to listen to their stories. It’s all real ya know, more real than here really.

People were moved and I felt they realized by the end of the seminars that there is a way through the up-coming mess and that they need have no fear of the future. They are light beings, brave and capable, they have to follow what I suggest to stay safe on an energy level but they are not complex instructions.

Embrace the three graces warmth, generosity and respect, that is, respect all people and their beliefs no matter how evil they are.

The appearance of the fascists was foretold a long time ago, they have to come out and have their day in order to be destroyed. Go your own way, stay under the radar if at all possible. (sw)

** We have seen humans disappear over 1000 time since I first saw it in Brazil in 2005. It’s not in doubt anymore. The Morph comes down, the walls go hazy, and the human blips in and out then disappears completely. Sometimes they are gone for 10-20 seconds and sometimes they are gone for ten minutes. It varies.

I once saw a man dematerialize in a garden, he was smoking a cigarette.  He disappeared but the cigarette remained here in 3D.  It was fascinating to watch the red glow of the cigarette hovering mysteriously in midair while he smoked it. I could see the cigarette but I could not see him.

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