“All military-age males” are on targeted killings program until proven innocent?

Tell the top lawyers at the CIA and the Pentagon: End illegal targeted killings

He was 16 years old and an American citizen. He had committed no crime and was charged with no wrongdoing, but he was killed without trial or due process — by our military and the CIA.

Abdulrahman Al-Aulaqi was the innocent victim of an out-of-control CIA and Pentagon “targeted killing” program. This shadowy program started by targeting those on secret “kill lists.” Then, it was expanded to target those who fit a specific “pattern of behavior” — even if their identities were unknown.

And now, outrageously, the CIA is counting “all military-age males” in specific areas as targets unless intelligence proves them innocent — after they’re dead. 

Help stop this unlawful, un-American program. Tell the top lawyers at the CIA and the Pentagon to do the right thing: End illegal targeted killings.

The law is clear: the government may use lethal force in extremely narrow circumstances, when it is a last resort to address a specific, concrete, and imminent threat of deadly harm…



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