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Monday, July 23, 2012

1.There were TWO gunmen.


    Ten Shot Dead At Batman Film Premiere


    3 days ago – At least 10 people have been shot dead at a Batman film premiere inDenver and one of two gunmen is still on the loose. Masked gunmen shot 

  2. The Dark Knight Rises premiere shooting in Denver, Colorad0: 10 


    3 days ago – Two gunmen are believed to have killed ten cinema-goers at a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises in Denver, Colorado, after opening 

  3. Two masked gunmen kill 10 in Denver Dark Knight Rises shooting 


    3 days ago – Two men let off gas canister and shoot into audience at screening of Batman film in Colorado cinema.


    10 killed, several wounded in shooting at US cinema
    Two gunmen opened fire at a cinema in Denver in US killing 10 and wounding several others, reports said. 2012-07-20 14:38:36. Washington (US). Agencies …

    Mass shooting at the midnight show of The Dark Knight Rises …
    3 days ago – At least 20 people have been injured during the incident at the cinema in the city of Aurora in the Denver suburbs. Two gunmen are said to …

    14 killed, 50 injured in shooting at Batman premier: Report – The …
    3 days ago – Two gunmen wearing gas masks and body armour opened fire at a crowded … DENVER: At least 14 people were killed and some 50 wounded …

    Batman cinema massacre – Denver shooting live blog – Mirror Online
    3 days ago – Reports coming from Denver radio station KOA say that two maskedgunman have shot dead 10 people and wounded 30 to 40 others at a …

2. It is likely that neither of the two gunmen was James Holmes.

The following is taken from:

Aurora Massacre: What Does the Location of the Gas Mask Tell Us? What About Security Cameras? Are They Related?

Think about this:

  1. James Holmes goes out Tuesday night drinking and someone doses him.
  2. They do it early Wed morning so they have time in his apartment to set up those elaborate traps (how would James have known how to construct those anyway?)
  3. They keep him drugged and off the radar till Thursday night when they go to the theater. They make sure to park in that spot, right next to the exit of the theater.
  4. The assailant goes in, fakes the phone call, comes out, goes to the car where James is still drugged, gets the gear on, goes in and attacks the innocent civilians.
  5. Then the assailant comes out the exit door, leans against it while dropping the gun and removing almost all of his gear with the exception of the mask.
  6. He runs past the car dropping the gear next to it in a heap, opens the door with James inside, tosses the guns into the car, the shotgun has been there all along, and goes straight down the length of the building toward the corner, toward the camera, drops his mask directly under the camera, and heads off to the nearby street where a car is waiting (cruising slowly) to pick him up.
  7. Holmes is reported to have been “meek” when arrested. This might also explain why he wasn’t shot by police… he was incapacitated, incoherent, or generally not a threat.
3. Various exercises, along the same lines as the actual shootings, were taking place the same day.

“The mass shooting in Colorado happened on the same day members of the Rankin County emergency response teams had planned a similar training exercise…


“Friday’s training exercise in Pearl focused on a fictitious gunman who entered the building and planted explosives.”




4. James Holmes is unlikely to be a criminal.
James Holmes is the son of a nurse, Arlene, and a scientist, Robert.
Holmes and his family were regular attendees of their local Presbyterian church.[19]
In the summer of 2008, Holmes worked as a counselor at a residential summer camp in Glendale, CA that catered to needy children aged 7–14. There he was responsible for 10 children and had no disciplinary problems.[20] 

Dr. Hunter S. Thompson at University of Colorado discussing MK Ultra

5. The University of Colorado, Denver is mentioned as one of the institutions involved in the MK-ULTRA brainwashing project of the CIA.

The Aurora, Colorado Shooting: Echoes of MK-ULTRA? – San … / MKUltra Mind Control



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