Kidnapped British journalist “no Syrian amongst the rebels”

… says 9 brits were amongst those ordered to kill him

No Syrian in sight

First published: 08/05/2012 15:58, Last updated: 05/08/2012 15:58
Photographer takes pictures of the ruins of Syria. Photographers in Syria may be at risk of being kidnapped, as was John Cantile. Photo: AFP

A British photographer who was kidnapped in Syria escaped last week. No Syrian was among the thirty who had imprisoned him, but nine of them were his own people.

Kidnapped in Syria

John Cantile, a British freelance photographer, was kidnapped along with his Dutch colleague 19th July and held for a week. Cantile was held captive by the 30 Muslim men of war and many were from Pakistan and Chechnya. Twelve of them spoke English and there were 9 with an accent that reportedly Cantile was obviously from south London.


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