There Is No U.S. Embassy, Consulate Of Any Sort In BENGHAZI LIBYA



Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist, Sep 13 2012.


This will no doubt get plastered all over the web, but like just about anything I put up, it originated here. WE TOTALLY HAVE THE SCAMMING MEDIA BY THE BALLS HERE, WE CAN WAKE UP THE SHEEP WITH THIS, ARCHIVE AND POST!!!


So how, PRAY TELL, was a U.S. embassy raided there, people murdered there, and butt raped in the name of Mohammed? This is BEYOND wag the dog!

Here is the link to the Department of State web site, with a complete list of All U.S. embassies, consulates, and diplomatic missions world wide. There is one in Libya, obviously in Tripoli. And I will state right now that I have that Embassy page saved and captured, in case someone decides to bury this by faking an embassy in for a while. Here is the Wikipedia list, no doubt soon to be faked, it will happen fast here Wont last longand if any fakes get thrown in, well, there are TONS of embassy lists out there, and I will just snag another. They can’t bury this lie.


To further bolster this fact, Here is Google Maps of Benghazi Libya. Delete Benghazi Libya from the search window, and type the word EMBASSY there. Because one does not exist in Benghazi, it will throw you to an alternative embassy near you.

No wonder the Libyans are pissed! Is ANY of this real? Are there ANY embassy raids or riots happening ANYWHERE? This kind of desperate lying would indeed be used if an attack on Iran was SO IMMINENT THAT THE CONSEQUENCES OF GETTING CAUGHT IN THE LIE ARE IRRELEVANT. All they need is to fake it till they make the vote, and then say OOPS, we got the story wrong!

This begs the question, WHERE did the pictures and video come from? Answer. The U.S. and Israel are so guilty of so many war crimes that this type of footage is commonplace in archives. Since the embassy does not exist, they can put up any picture of any building they want and call it that, and no one is going to say THAT is NOT what it looks like.

Many of you are worried about what is coming next. They handed us the silver bullet. Please use this bullet to shoot out the heart of the media werewolf, THIS IS THE BIG CHANCE. This lie is SO BRAZEN and SO OBVIOUS that it should be enough to tip the balance and destroy the credibility of CNN, FOX, ABC, YOU NAME IT, ONCE AND FOR ALL WITH ANYONE. Don’t miss this chance, because once awaken to the fact that the media really does lie, a blinded lamb will often go bull stomping crazy.

And with the darkness of this hour, we definitely need it.


If anyone finds where I am wrong with this, please contact me, but so far it has survived the scrutiny of searches by several people on the forum, and I looked for any indication of any sort of diplomatic mission in Benghzai for several hours and found none at all dated prior to this “incident”.




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5 responses to “There Is No U.S. Embassy, Consulate Of Any Sort In BENGHAZI LIBYA

  1. Anonymous

    Just because there isn’t a website for the Benghazi consulate, doesn’t mean it never existed. You don’t know the difference between a consulate and an embassy. The consulate is where an ambassador lives. The embassy is where he/she works. Both are considered sovereign terrirtory of the ambassador’s country.

  2. oldwoman

    There was also no listing of Mr. Stevens on the alpha list of bios on officials on the State Dept. Website, I also spent a couple of hours going through Google listings and cannot find any listings relating to J. Christopher Stevens, or John Christopher Stevens before the attacks. Nothing. If someone else finds some, please post here. This is all very strange.

  3. Anonymous

    Bengahzi is 500 miles away from Tripoli. Why would he live 500 miles from where he works? That makes no sense either.

  4. You have to type “consulate, benghazi, libya” to get the assumed US Consulate in Benghazi on Google Maps. A consulate is a satellite of the main embassy in a country, not necessarily where he/she lives. It is still odd that the DoS doesn’t list that consulate. Especially since I have personally been to the embassy in Iraq and have friends working at the only consulates mentioned on the DoS website for Iraq (the accurate number). So why wouldn’t they list a Libyan consulate?

    Playing Devil’s Advocate, do not yet rule out the possibility of “government incompetence.” Those two words seem to go together flawlessly. Also, the Benghazi consulate may have been a newer mission which didn’t have its own listing.

    Speaking of mission though, researching the DoS website on the incident, the DoS keep speaking of this “tragedy” in Benghazi as a “mission” vs. a “consulate” which does raise a red flag on wording alone. Also, I know if the consulate does exist, then they for sure do not have their own website. For any consulate I know of, you can type (city)(dot)usconsulate(dot)gov.

    On Wiki, don’t rely on Wikipedia for accuracy. Point being, Libya wasn’t even listed although we know for sure that there is an embassy in Tripoli.

    Be vigilant and be sure to keep checking resources. Semper fi.

  5. Idiot hater

    This is ridiculous. It was a temporary consular outpost. Because he was there, and staying for several days it wa leased. Part of the reason it was less defended… You are idiots

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