Princess Diana And Jorg Haider Assassinated By Boston Brakes

Apr 2011 28

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diana_crash3Were Princess Diana and Jorg Haider victims of the ‘Boston brakes’?

Princess Diana And Jorg Haider Assassinated By Boston Brakes

By Jon King


When Austria’s far-right political leader, Jorg Haider, died in a car crash last October (2008), rumours that his death was no accident quickly emerged.

Within hours a semi-coherent theory was doing the rounds, suggesting Haider might have been assassinated by Mossad. His imminent appointment as Austria’s chancellor, the theory proposed, was unacceptable to Israel, who perceived Haider as a kind of latter-day Adolf Hitler.

Somewhat predictably, many were quick to jump on these rumours, but not everyone. Personally I was caught somewhere midstream.

While I harboured little ambition to involve myself in the argument publicly, I couldn’t help but notice that several stark similarities seemed to exist between Haider’s death and that of another, even more famous political icon, one I had come to know only too well: Princess Diana.

For the past eleven years I had been centrally involved in investigating Diana’s death, and had indeed written two books on the subject with my co-author John Beveridge’s Princess Diana: The Hidden Evidence; (SPI Books, New York, 2001 hardback), and the more recent and massively updated paperback, “Princess Diana: The Evidence”.

As a result of these endeavours I had naturally become familiar with every piece of evidence there is to be had regarding Diana’s death, even the minutest detail.
Which is why I was taken so aback when I stumbled on an article in the “London Times”:, detailing the death of Jorg Haider (see below).

Princess Diana And Jorg Haider Assassinated By Boston Brakes


Before I proceed, I should perhaps explain that the reason I became involved in investigating Diana’s death in the first place was due to information I received a week prior to her fatal ‘accident’ in Paris. Not the place here to delve that information for anyone interested it is all openly detailed in my book.

But the point is that part of the information I received concerned how the media would be primed to respond in the event of Diana’s death, how it is primed to respond in the event of any political assassination. This information turned out to be frighteningly accurate.

With that in mind, I refer you to the following media reports and the correlations they seem to bear, which quite frankly continue to haunt me.

In the days immediately following Princess Diana’s ‘accident’, media reports famously informed us that her car “crashed into a concrete pillar while overtaking another vehicle” (a white Fiat Uno).

We were also told that the “speedometer was stuck at 120 mph”, a claim later proven conclusively incorrect when Mercedes engineers revealed the speedometer was designed to revert to zero on impact.

In any event, check this paragraph taken from the “London Times”: article I mentioned above. It was penned just a few days after Haider’s death (my italics).

“The leader of Austria’s Far Right was driving alone in his black Volkswagen Phaeton on a little-travelled road in southern Austria and crashed into a concrete pillar while overtaking another vehicle. The speedometer of the wrecked sedan was stuck at 142kph (88mph), police said” more than twice the limit for that road.

This paragraph could so easily have been lifted from reports detailing Dianas death eleven years earlier. The wording is not only close, it is exact, word-for-word.

And here is something else to think about.

Princess Diana And Jorg Haider Assassinated By Boston Brakes

Drunk At The Wheel

On the news wires the following day I found a Reuters feed (later published in “The Guardian”: and the “New York Times”: claiming that Haider was more than “three times over the legal drink-drive limit” when he lost control of his car.

Not many of us would need reminding that this is precisely the lie they tried to hang on Henri Paul, the Ritz security officer and French intelligence agent who was driving the Mercedes in which Princess Diana was killed.

For the record, even though the French and British inquiries both concluded that Henri Paul was drunk at the wheel, the blood sample on which this verdict was based has to this day never been DNA-identified.

In other words, the authorities who reached this conclusion still cannot be certain that the blood tested belonged to Henri Paul, much less that he was ‘drunk at the wheel’, as claimed.

Given that the sample was found also to contain a level of carbon monoxide poisoning sufficient to incapacitate a mountain gorilla, it is even more likely that the blood tested belonged to someone other than Henri Paul.

The official claim that Haider’s blood contained ‘excessive levels of alcohol’, then, should be taken with some caution.

Indeed, one has to wonder if it was Haider’s blood at all.

Princess Diana and Jorg Haider Assassinated By Boston Brakes

No Skid Marks

There is one further correlation I stumbled on in the “Austrian Times”: (October 13th, 2008). The article read:

“Experts say there appears to be no trace Haider tried to avoid the crash once he lost control of his car.”

The article also included a quote from Max Lang, Head Technician with the Austrian Automobile Association (ÖAMTC), who said:

“With crashes like this one there are usually traces of how the driver tried to avoid crashing by steering away from the point of impact to rectify their mistake. Nothing of that can be seen here.

“I don’t think you can explain the accident just with excessive speed.”

What is of note here is that no skid marks revealing any kind of braking or correctional manoeuvre were found at the crash scene, suggesting Haider just ploughed headlong into the ‘concrete pillar’ without trying to brake or make some other attempt to avoid the collision. Strange enough in itself.

But what is even more strange is this precise same ‘skid mark’ anomaly emerged in Diana’s crash investigation as well.

Mysteriously, no skid marks, either from the Mercedes or the Fiat Uno, were found at Diana’s crash scene, suggesting that Henri Paul also failed to brake or make any kind of correctional manoeuvre as he ploughed headlong into the concrete pillar.

This really is very strange. One can only assume from this that neither Henri Paul nor Jorg Haider were in control of their vehicles immediately prior to impact.

So who was?

Princess Diana And Jorg Haider Assassinated By Boston Brakes

The Boston Brakes

According to former SAS officer and world-famous explorer, Sir Ranulph Feinnes, it is not beyond reason that both Princess Diana’s Mercedes and Jorg Haider’s Volkswagen were remotely hijacked.

In his book, The Feather Men, Feinnes recounts in some detail a highly sophisticated assassination technique which he says has been employed by the world’s intelligence agencies for decades.

A microchip transceiver, he explains, is fitted to the target vehicle’s on-board computer, allowing the vehicle to be controlled remotely.

He says this technique was first deployed by the CIA in Boston, hence its name: the ‘Boston brakes’.

Feinnes also recounts an instance of the ‘Boston brakes’ being successfully deployed in England in 1986, which resulted in the assassination of SAS Major, Michael Marman, and the near-death of a former equerry to the Queen, Sir Peter Horsley.

According to Sir Ranuplh Feinnes, the ‘Boston brakes’ is all fact, no fiction.

Certainly evidence John and I present in our new book “Princess Diana The Evidence”:/news/new-evidence-diana-was-murdered-by-mi6/ shows clearly enough that Diana was almost certainly the victim of the ‘Boston brakes’.

And given the startling correlations presented above, one has to wonder if Jorg Haider might also have suffered this same premeditated fate.

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One response to “Princess Diana And Jorg Haider Assassinated By Boston Brakes

  1. You must have learned in an interview with ex-agent of MI5, John Hopkins, dated Sept. 3, 2017, that he was given orders to have Diana killed.
    Earlier in 2013, a soldier of SAS told his family that this agency was responsible for the murder. The Daily Mail on Sunday published photos of a black motor, a white Fiat Uno and another vehicle following the Mercedes.
    The report was dated august 30, 2013. I posted this story on facebook.
    So if you add it all up, there was a laser beam directed from a motor to blind Henri Paul, and his car was remotely controlled so the brakes did not work.
    The Fiat Uno was traced six weeks after the crash to belong to a young vietnamese security worker, who painted his car in red the same night.
    It remains a mistery why his car bumped against the Mercedes. Was it accidental or on purpose ? I have been investigating the Moon Church since 1975 and published a book on cults and mind control five years later in Amsterdam. Right now I am trying to finish my first english book on Covert Affairs – Cults – Secret Societies – and CIA projects.
    In the last chapter I will expose the child abuse networks in Holland, Canada, Ireland, and the U.S. If you are interested I can send you the raw transcript when it is ready. THank you for the Boston Brake Story.
    My name is Henry van Engelen on facebook and I moved to Portugal last year. Have a great day.

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