Gangster Jackals and the Power of Appearances.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Les Visible

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

The beat(ing) goes on as the ruthless neocon agenda goes on and on. Check out Radonski’s genealogy in the preceding link. The Venezuelan people, seem to be in a majority behind their beloved leader. Venezuela now has the largest oil reserves in the world. For the good of everyone, our prayers are engaged in the hope for a Chavez victory, as opposed to the suffocating oppression that will come with a neo(con) liberal victory, by US puppet and Israeli stooge, Radonski.

Things are heating up all over the place, while at the same time, there are signs of change, even though they may only be localized here and there. The scoundrels are getting caught. Besides that, all sorts of things are coming into focus, through that digital avatar, the internet. There hasn’t been a family of such vile productivity in a long, long time. That the entire Bush family are malevolent Satanists, is hard to dispute. I’m not even thinking about disputing it, I’m proclaiming it. It is amazing to see the sort of people operating on the world’s stage in these times. This is the time of Mr. Apocalypse and you can pretty much expect the kind of characters that show up in these times. The one thing we have to look out for and I cannot say it enough, is the power of appearances to deceive. I cannot hammer this home with enough intensity. It is the key to our understanding and unless we make this a visceral awareness, we will be the victims of the power of appearances in our thinking and emotional state.

The world looks very grim at the moment. It ‘looks’ very grim but… appearances are deceiving. The elite, whoever these bipedal, gangster jackals are, rely on the power of appearances to control us. They practice forms of negative magic, which involves the reversed Kabala. It parallels the reversed Kundalini. The Kabala, like The Sacred Magic of Abremalin the Mage, is all about having communication with the angelic realm. That is the intent from the positive side and involves a magic language of letters and numbers. When it is reversed, it is for the intent of communicating with demons. In our western traditions, we have The Necronomicon and the Grimoire of Honorius the Pope.

The fiends at the top of the pyramid and their agendas, such as what we observe in the operations of Monsanto (My Satan), are all about world wide chaos and population reduction, as we observe in the shenanigans of Bill Gates, David Rockefeller’s eugenics and so on. We know about these things. We know about Gates pushing the vaccine programs. These things have been widely reported on, in both the mass media and the alternative press. Only a truly clueless, or deluded soul, would be unaware of the implications of all of these things. These men and women are monsters on an epic scale; the Madeline Albrights (Tribe member) who says that the death of half a million children was worth it. The vicious neo-cons, like Wolfowitz, Pearle, Feith and the ogres at PNAC. These are monsters. These are not human beings. This is something that has to be processed by the mind. It is our tendency to see people in human form and to attribute human characteristics to them. “By their works, ye shall know them”. Truer words have never been spoken. Just because someone looks human, does not make them human.

These individuals operate a pincher movement, involving gatekeepers, thus to give the impression that you are getting the truth on one side, if you have somehow managed to see through the lies on the other side. That is where you get men like this, whom I have never trusted. This is how you get your Chomskys and Alex Jones. These people are accessories to deception and murder as well. Lies kill. It is very hard for people to come to terms with the fact that there are liars on both sides of the fence, both working for the same lizard brained, aliens. What makes it so hard for so many of us to ‘get it’, is that we are not like that. This makes it difficult to accept that there are any number of people who are like that. You see this kind of thing all over the place these days. How is it possible for any man or woman to be like this? How is it possible when it is men and women like this who caused these people to be in this situation in the first place? It is the time of Fubar. Fubar sounds like some kind of children’s storybook character, like Babar. Fubar is an adult, storybook character.

These days, prominent individuals are speaking out; expect more of this, as Mr Apocalypse intensifies his activities. This is all programmed, all for the purpose of demonstration and all for a very, very good reason. There is a plot. There is a director. It’s a movie and we are in it. All that is asked of us, is that we play our part. To me, all of this is simplicity itself. I’m not at odds with myself about any of it and that is key. If you are at odds with yourself and if, for whatever the reason, you doubt what is self evident, you sow confusion and doubt in your mind and complexity ensues.

Most of us go to The Crass Media and the alternative media each day. There we are greeted with news reports and missing children, children in shallow graves, sexually violated children. We encounter human rights abuses and progressive massacres. We read about Israeli genocide. We read about massive economic thefts with ‘slap on the wrist’, or not even a ‘slap on the wrist’ legal responses. We read about dirty doings, nasty doings and terrible crimes against the general public by their unelected leaders, who are nothing more than catamite agents of Satanic bankers. We read about these things in The Crass Media and the alternative media. Every day we do this and it impacts on our minds and our emotional bodies. It puts us in a state where we are controlled by appearances. There is a corona around the body of the Prince of Darkness. This is the light of the angel, concealed by the appearance of The Devil and The Eye is the organ of deception.

♫You put your left foot in, you take your left foot out, you put your left foot in and you shake it all about♫ Some decades more than a couple of hundred years ago, there was a religious sect called The Shakers. They were called this because of the Kundalini action that their brand of worship brought about. At least that is my take. They also made some valuable, lasting and probably pretty uncomfortable furniture. People like that don’t want to get too comfortable here. ♫Shake, rattle and roll♫ ♫Shake it up baby♫ These are all Kundalini references.

We are presently negotiating a world of darkness. As a result, the darkness has the appearance of power. The world of light, appears to be at a distance and therefore at a disadvantage to the darkness. The light is never disadvantaged by the darkness. The light dispels darkness, if it is the light we are carrying with us, as we negotiate the world of darkness but… if we are negotiating the world of darkness with our own darkness then… not so good. If you are in fear, then you hide in darkness but, the darkness is no protection. However, it is human nature to go the wrong way and this is why human nature needs to be annotated by something more dependable than human nature. Unfortunately, it is human nature to be more instinctively obliged to genuflect to the darkness and that tendency is amplified by the nature of appetite and desire, as well as the propensity to measure conditions and circumstances according to appearances. We make our judgments this way and that sets the state of our existence at any particular point.

There is nothing difficult about the deeper meaning of things. It is accomplished by letting go of association with the superficial meaning of things. We accept the superficial meaning of things because we don’t want to be alone. We want fraternity, even under false pretenses. We want the company of our fellows. They validate us (not really) and they make us feel safe, although we are not actually safe, neither are we sane but… the collective madness of the crowd gives us the impression of sanity. This is the price of the familiar. If it is familiar to you, it makes sense. It doesn’t really make sense. It only looks like it makes sense because of the power of appearances. Given this, it is easy for us to be led by stages, into degrees of suffering, want, difficulty, bondage and all of the familiar things we can see around us. We have made the contemptible familiar. You’ve heard about familiarity breeding contempt.

Well, as usual, I’ve said a lot of things with the intention of inferring something that you can’t just come right out and say or it would have been said long ago. It’s a kind of pinging. One thing pings off of another and then it postulates a third thing, which then automatically generates a fourth thing and ergo, you go deeper and deeper into meaning. If you have enduring values, you have meaning. Your values determine the quality of your meaning, your understanding and all kinds of other things. If the world of your moment is all encompassing, it is difficult to see beyond it.


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