Galileo versus the Geocentric Theory of the Universe

….And the Church’s judgment on the subject in question is that:

(a) to hold that the earth is not the fixed centre of the universe, but orbits the sun, is contrary to a Divinely revealed truth and therefore definitively heretical;

(b) to hold that the earth rotates on its axis is also false and, while not definitely heretical (some authorities think that it is, while others dispute this), certainly a crime against ecclesiastical faith and thus mortally sinful…. the reader who is prepared nevertheless to read on, I promise a nice surprise and give some firm assurances. No specialized knowledge is required for an understanding of these three chapters; at the risk of occasionally irritating some readers who are familiar with the subjects under discussion…

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    I’ll say something that will surely against all scientific concepts. I’m absolutely certain that our universe is not infinite. Nor is it the only one. He is finite and only one more. That’s right, as incredible as it may seem, it is only a “grain of sand” against the infinite immensity. And like him, there are other universes scattered “out there.” All comprised in a system, which together with other systems form an even larger, which in turn is also encompassed in “something”. And so on. We must understand that everything that exists, are nothing more than cells of a “body” which is also another cell and so on. Everything that exists, follows an infinite sequence, planets, galaxies, universes, systems …
    Since there are many different systems, I think for the sake of identification, ours should have a proper name, and why, since the beginning of my research, the call SLIDE 2.
    Never could the occurrence of the “big bang” for the emergence of our universe, without the existence of SLIDE 2, in this case, nothing comes from nothing. And knowing that there are other universes and other systems, there is no talk in one “big bang.” There has been and there will always be several explosions in other systems. And what is more interesting is that they are infinite, ie, will always rise to new universes, systems … Best example of this are the galaxies in “our” universe, that form over time.
    And the most amazing proof of this theory is that I am absolutely sure, that the galaxies of our universe, despite being in constant expansion, respect the finitude of our universe, becoming extinct or just “settling”. How? Simply moving around! That’s right! I’m saying that the galaxies in our universe, they move! Want something even more controversial? They move around to the same “place”! And for this act jointly and orderly movement also has to be a joint force and orderly, something akin to a “wind” giant, which “pushes” these galaxies gently without cutting them. This huge force, would never arise in our own universe. It comes from “outside”. Something that comes from SLIDE 2. Just as I believe that there are “doors” in the “walls” that “surround” the universes and that these “gates”, “Suck” “stuff” of our universe, causing them to SLIDE 2, there are others who do the reverse, and “blow” “things” away, to our universe. And I see it, the explanation for the “force” that locomovem our galaxy. Are the “black holes” some of these doors? Yes! It is they who make the connections between universes and SLIDE 2. On the doors of our homes, there is a “filter”, which only goes to people who wants these “ports” universal, he also goes there and only there, that this filter. Could then pass “lives”?
    Many argue about the existence of life outside our planet. About sites conducive to the emergence and maintenance of life. Occasionally disseminate findings that illuminate this idea. Later, these flames are extinguished due to new discoveries.
    I find it very selfish and stupid to think that universes and “things” even bigger and endless “spin” in favor of something like microscopic our planet. Perhaps our galaxy, to do it for us. As our universe also do for our galaxy (Milky Way). But nothing uniquely, because everything that exists has the same importance. Let me explain, the “life” we know so far, is parasitic, and as such, destroys its host, in this case, and this time, the Earth (which was actually made to be destroyed. Explain later). Once everything is “sucked”, this parasite needs a new host (let’s see a dog infested with parasites, if not careful, dies, and when this occurs, they switch from “home”). And what planet would be the new host? I will not venture to say what would be, but I’m sure that because of long distances, “locks” and large “deals” of planets, would any of our galaxy, or the Milky Way. But right now there is some possibilities to receive these guests? Given our scientific limitations, there is no way to say that. But one thing is for sure (if it does not exist yet), during the passage of time (millions of years) the planets will be changing, and in due time, one (or more), be merciful to receive them. Recalling further that this life will be transferred, not the way we know it, but in a primary and well rude. This is because according to the “destruction” caused by the parasite (and the natural order. Explain later), they will be modifying and adapting the means to survive unimaginable. Darwin has explained that only the most adaptable and “strong” survive (take this opportunity to affirm that the smaller, more “strong” is, which is why I see the bacteria on top of trends, and above man). Thus, this rudely, primary, adaptable and “strong”, would fit the locations taken by us as the most inóspides possible. And both these sites as these “guests” would evolve together until millions of years later, the cycle would repeat itself and life would be equal to or go near the one we know today.
    But how can this happen “transfer” to places as far away? It can occur in various ways, but I see more importance, is that it is made through comets, which I think are true “sperm” space. This has happened several times and will continue to occur. The primary that life appeared on Earth came from another planet moved. Also before our limitations, it is still impossible to say which, but Mars calls me a lot of attention because of its peculiar characteristic, its desert soil and worn, appears to have been “victim” of these parasites. Besides its proximity to Earth.
    I promised to explain about the destruction of the earth, we have to understand that everything has a beginning, a middle and an end, each lasting more, others less, but if treated in our subject, we must understand that, in millions of years. Since the beginning of astronomical studies to date, in our galaxy, nine planets were discovered, that so far as the prediction is that if others find out. That’s where a great contradiction if time or another appears a planet, these millions of years, were to be hundreds of them in our galaxy, right? And they really existed, but where were they? I can say without fear of error, “walked” toward our sun, which served as fuel so that it stays lit. Many will say that this is impossible, because the planets never come out of their “tracks.” But this is not true, for sure why we had such a claim, we would be monitoring microscopically our universe, or at least the milky way, millions of years ago. At every turn around the sun, the Earth has a perceptible shift through our devices. It is a shift “funnel effect”, always going into the sun. This occurs, for reasons of magnetism solar be larger than the land. A magnet attracts a larger magnet smaller, and not vice versa. In a rough explanation, our galaxy is a sink, the drain is the sun and the planets water, which will come up circling the drain. The difference is that in the sink, everything happens in seconds, and so can be seen. In another case, everything happens over millions of years. It’s a matter of relativity. At eight, I burned my hand, doing a test, drops of water placed in a bowl greased, and tapered with a small hole in the center, were running into the bowl when the center of this was placed in the fire. Ran as if in a funnel, until they fall into the fire that was in the center. The same is done with pieces of lead in a spoon oval, and the result was the same. Would the Milky Way oval?
    To stay lit, the “large predator” needs fuel, and planets are the best fuel for it. And when they finish the planets? The sun simply turns off after going through several effects, including huge explosions. Want a more logical proof of this theory? Global warming! Some say this is due to the damage caused by man, but this is not quite the truth, but man contributes to it, after all it is a parasite, but even without its existence, planet Earth would walk for extinction I repeat it, of course it is nothing more than a fuel for the sun. Greenhouse and other arguments are nothing more than attempts absurd explanations, that nature is perfect. The ground temperature tends to increase gradually dry up oceans, entire nations enter into a “wave” environmentalist, but more to do and even a little delay, the Earth (and other planets) will continue “walking” toward the sun. And when you get to this destination, of course there will be an explosion that will send fragments by much of the Milky Way. These fragments “infested” life after traveling through our galaxy, “apearão” at various locations and in more propitious, will start the same cycle that occurred on Earth. This could be another of the possibilities of transmission (or transfer) of “life” to another host, which is the evolutionary cycle would restart.
    But who destroy the earth? The “parasites” or “large predator”? Explain, everything happens simultaneously. The sun, just give the “final blow”. When this occurs, due to adverse conditions, only the toughest beings, are inhabiting the Earth, and these are beings, those responsible for starting the cycle elsewhere. We must remember that there is no proof, that bacteria are the oldest beings on Earth. They are here, billions of years, and therefore more resilient beings. And do not be surprised to know that somehow, some kind of them to survive the harshest environments possible, even to the extreme heat of the sun or that carry traces of human genes within them, to spread life throughout the universe and even to other universes and systems. Just look at simple microscopes to have this idea. Therefore, it is quite possible that traces of DNA, can travel by “systems” through light or something faster, because I do not believe that light is the fastest, I believe that just as the “systems” are infinite, the speed also is, something always appear faster. This is because, before the infinite immensity of “systems”, the speed of light, is insignificant. It can be fast in our universe, but insignificant at infinity. That is, the transfer will occur in our galaxy fragments through the “infected”, already out of it, comets would make this function better. But to take this “life” to other universes contained in SLIDE 2? Now, the light would be the best idea. Let’s see, the light that is naturally white, passing through an “object” got its color, removing this object “things” that will be transferred to other locations. Would the light (or something better) responsible for pollinating SLIDE 2 and other “systems”? We must remember that black holes (ports?) “Suck” even light.
    But back to the original question, I mean that in other universes, there lives, it is almost impossible to imagine a contact because there are “blocks” of life, but one thing is certain, there is no kind of life very different from that on Earth, can be in a different stage of evolution, but it sure is what we were or what we will be. Simply because (due to transfers) is part of our same “life.”
    When I was about ten, came hidden in a small clinic that worked behind the house where my mother worked. And there was a small and rudimentary microscope, with which I could see “universes” within very small things. That left me amazed, wondered … Will those microscopic life forms of a given object, or were aware of contact with another object that was a few feet? Probably not! Because for them, and had locks insurmountable distances. The only way to overcome this would be a “force” foreign, did. Otherwise, they would have to “believe” that only that object-universe, there lives. It’s amazing! Given our design, we know that those objects filled with nanometer beings, can never be regarded as planets, galaxies, universes and other systems, but (if they thought!), Is that those beings, think so? It is interesting to note, that only within a single human body, there are trillions of bacteria. What has this body as universe, unaware that elsewhere there are other universes encompassed in an even much bigger and infinity. So is the theory of universes.


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