Heaven and Hell

The fear of a ‘Hell’ and the promise of a ‘Heaven’ control the behavior of a very large percentage of the Earth’s peoples.

This is a look at the basis of these beliefs.
‘Hell’ is a fictitious place, but it is based on a very real location.
In Biblical times, it was called the ‘Valley of Hinnom’,’The Valley of the Son of Hinnom’ or ‘Gehenna’.
It was the former worship site of people who built sacrificial fires beneath their own children in the outstretched arms of the Bull God, Moloch, during the Age of Taurus approximately 4500 years previously.
It was a hot, rocky valley with ‘biting winds’ on the Southwest edge of Jerusalem and was used as the town dump / crematory / leper colony / cesspool.
Fires burned constantly,  the stench from  waste was horrible, and ash and embers fell from the sky.There was weeping and wailing from mourners beside the funeral pyres, and moans from the lepers who had been cast out of the city, and subsisted on the scraps of food brought by people taking out their trash.

Upper Jerusalem had a sewage drainage system which terminated into the Valley of Hinnom, making the smell even worse
Parents would bring their children to the funerals, and told them that they had to be good, or they would end up in this awful place when they died. The children saw it with their own eyes and knew it to be true.
This photo shows what ‘Hell’ looks like in modern times.What would it have been like to be looking over Jesusalem’s South wall
at night? What they saw and heard is recorded in the Bible.



Heaven was the place in the sky where God resided – but God was the Sun/ aka ‘Horus’ – before he was made ‘flesh’ in allegory and the name was changed to ‘Jesus’.

The people worshipped a triune, or three-way God – a God with three main aspects:

God  – the yellow glowing orb in the sky – the source. Undescribable because no one can stand to look directly at it without being blinded.

The Sun of God – The light from ‘God’ that travels to Earth, and casts away the dark evil (devil). It’s vitamin D cures many illnesses

The Holy Spirit / Ghost – the Sun’s radiant heat; which can be felt, but not seen.

This became our ‘Trinity‘.

But people were begging for a ‘more personal God’, and religion aims to please.

The ‘Gates of Heaven’ were the lines that marked the furthest reaches of the Sun’s travels to the North and South of the equator.

It’s two gate pillars were The Tropic of Cancer, and the Tropic of Capricorn… otherwise known as ‘Jachin’ and ‘Boaz’, and The Pillars of Hercules.

These imaginary lines bound the Sun by day, and by night became the Northern and Southern limits of the constellations of the Zodiac.
The people divided this band of the night sky into twelve segments, or ‘houses’, and designated them according to the natural annual cycles that they observed:Scorpio – when the hot stinging winds came out of the desert.

Leo – when the lions, because of the heat, spent all their time near the watering holes – which made it very dangerous to go there.

Libra – the balance – when the days and nights were equal in length.

Aquarius – when the spring floods came.

Cancer – when the water backed off of the land … moving as a crab.

Taurus – when it was time to use the ox and plow the fields.

Aries – when the lambs came forth from the ewe.

Virgo – the maiden with a bundle of wheat – harvest time.

…and so on..

These constellations were also the basis of the stories of  The Twelve Apostles during the Age of Pisces (Jesus / New Testament), and The Twelve Tribes during the Age of Aries (Moses / Old Testament).

Those stars not in the main constellations were called ‘The Hosts of Heaven’, or ‘Angels’.

Meteorites / shooting stars were thought to be ‘fallen angels’ cast down from Heaven.

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by harry mobley 6/13/2010


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One response to “Heaven and Hell

  1. Sorry, but I never read such drivel in my life. Heaven and Hell are real places that the One True Almighty God, the One who called himself I Am has revealed these places in the bible as very real.
    Yes, there was a place called Gehenna, but God talks about a place called hell where people will be tormented forever and away from His presence.
    God came first with Adam and Eve, then all the false gods came along to try to take His place as the people turned away from the Almighty.
    God is a real and personal God who talks to people, who leads His people, who blesses His people. Those of us who have been born again into the Spirit of God through Jesus Christ have heard and felt the Spirit of God. These are not just ‘feelings’, but real encounters. Our lives have been forever changed in a good and real way that cannot be faked or held true if God were not real.
    I often enjoy your posts, but not when you take it upon yourself to denigrate the Living God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The heresy is too much. There were over 500 people (witnesses) who saw Jesus after His resurrection. Paul met the Risen Christ on the road to Damascus to kill Christians and persecute them, but once he met Christ, he too became a Christian. These things only happen with a real and personal God.

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