The Luddites were right:

: Technological Progress is advancing us to Hell

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Two hundred years ago, men in England began to organise to protest against the destructive influence of technology.  These men became known as the Luddites; a name which has passed into common usage as a pejorative term to silence all who are critical of the deepening reliance upon technology.
The Luddite movement had an understanding of the harmful impact of mechanisation.  In 1811 the industrialisation of production had already begun the debilitating process of transferring skills away from the people; weakening their ability to fend for themselves.  When confronted by protesters who disagreed with the dehumanisation of production, the Establishment reacted in the usual Talmudic fashion by using their control of the media to libel the protesters as dangerous and stupid.  Following staged events in which people were killed by agents provocateur, the Luddites were murdered or deported to the prison colonies in Australia.  The modus operandi of the State hasn’t changed to this day.
So were the Luddites really the irrational technophobes and terrorists that the Establishment media painted them to be?  To answer this question one must consider whether the consequences of the mechanisation they feared proved unfounded, or have become a part of our every day reality as a result of the victory of the despots in London.
Has technology really distanced people from the essential self-sufficiency required for survival?  Life in the British Isles before the Industrial Revolution was very different to life during and after the industrial phase.  The despotism of London still impacted upon the lives of the ordinary people, but it was less intrusive than today.  There is a tendency to romanticise the pre-Industrial era and ignore the harshness of a life tied to the soil, but in comparison with the suffering endured by urban-dwelling common people during the nineteenth century, life was better even in feudal times.  Legislation to improve working conditions and abolish child labour and slavery are cited as proof that the tragedy of the industrial era has become merely a sad chapter in our history, and that life is better now than ever.  But is this true?
The massive explosion in population over recent history is a direct consequence of the technological encroachment on human existence.  People tend to live longer and this is heralded as the greatest benefit of technology,.  However, accepting that there is a statistically verifiable increase in longevity, does not automatically equate to an improvement in the quality of life experienced today.  As is typical of the scientific socialists who look at everything in terms of materialist facts and figures, the failure to understand the supremacy of Quality over Quantity underscores their failure to appreciate the negative effect of making people live longer lives which are essentially devoid of all the non-material factors which make life worth living.  An economic slave may exist into old age, but does he or she ever live in a manner fitting the term?
The advance of technology has distanced humanity from nature.  The Luddites knew that technology would destroy age-old trades, but the harm goes further; reliance on technology erodes the very essence of humanity.  The people who were most keen on embedding technology in daily life were also the most ardent advocates of the surveillance society.  Technological progress goes hand-in-hand with suppression of freedom, and is often used to rationalise tyranny.
Look around your own home to see the benefits that technology has bestowed upon your life:a growing number of people are aware that Television dictates which opinions we may have, and filters information to present the Establishment’s views as reality; an awareness of the fact that Microwave ovens may save time but at the price of irradiating our food and slowly killing us; these devices are easy to remove from our homes, but what of the other advances, which are not so easy to stop using?
Supermarkets are stacked high with processed food which is sold at a price significantly lower than natural food.  I worked for a period for McVities cake company.  My job was to mix the ingredients at the start of the assembly line process.  So dangerous were some of the ingredients that I had to wear breathing apparatus whilst handling sacks of chemicals used to extend the shelf-life of the ‘food’.  Materialistic progress has led to the point where sacks of chemicals marked as dangerous toxins are added to food aimed at children, yet no-one protests.  When one considers that some of the so-called natural ingredients will have been Genetically Modified, the impact on health is bound to be profound. We live longer lives than in known history; longer, but sicker lives.
Reliance upon technology had created a situation wherein the UK no longer produces enough food to feed the population.  Should the import of food be interrupted for even a relatively short period, for any reason, mass starvation would result.
Living longer than is natural incurs all manner of ill-health.  In a society which values its elders, this is not such a problem, but in the UK where human beings exist solely to fill the coffers of the Establishment, old age has become something to fear.  The majority of old people are dumped in old folks’ homes where they are left to rot by relatives who are so preoccupied with buying the latest gadgets and luxuries that they have no time to look after their own kin.  Pre-technological society would rightly look at this situation with disgust.
The BBC is the voice of the Establishment, so it is no surprise that it should wax lyrical about ‘IoT’ (Internet on Things). Now, not only are we bombarded with poor quality goods which are created in factories which are anti-human in terms of using machines instead of people, or are sweat-shops in which people are slaves in all but name; these same goods now come with electronic tracking devices which transmit information regarding their location, and therefore ours.
Reliance on technology has made us lazy and vulnerable.  In the UK it is becoming ever-rarer for people to be able to cook complete meals using raw ingredients.  It is even possible to buy microwaveable cheese on toast!  This lazy attitude encourages the atomised individual to live selfishly, and is evidence of the sucessful destabilisation of the family.  The natural family home in which the mother cooks and the whole family sit down at the table together to eat and talk, is in retreat.  The more common occurence is of the individual or one parent set-up, eating in front of the television and absorbing the propaganda of the State.
Technology has provided labour-saving devices which create leisure opportunities; invariably consisting of activities which involve playing video games, watching television, or other anti-social mind-rotting behaviour.  Rather than liberate the individual from work, labour-saving devices open the door to the surveillance society and the forces which destroy culture and morality.
It is said that possessions possess.  In the worship of material goods this truth can plainly be seen.  Technological adavances have spawned nations in which materialism is God; the pollution of the seas and the genocide of nature is a result of the quest for material wealth; immigration in search of the British Way of Life, (or American Dream) only began in the materialist age.  All the ills afflicting the world stem from the worship of wealth, which itself created the rush for technology, and has perpetuated it.
The Luddites were right.  Man cannot live without a sense of purpose and an understanding of his place in nature.  The entire internationalist order is both a symptom and generator of the technocratic ideology.  technology has enabled the establishment to ensalve the people and force them to produce and consume for the profit of the ruling elite.  The over-population thus resulting has been met by more technological innovations, such as genocidal warfare and the mass butchery of civilians.  Love of money is the root of all evil.  Acquisition of profit is the goal of all technology.
The genocide of the twentieth century was driven by scientific socialism.  The advances of the present century will enable, nay require, economic murder which makes the Holodomor pale in comparisson.  We have allowed ourselves to become cogs in the Establishments machine, and will continue to be treated as less than human until we refuse to play the Establishment game and we restore the natural order.  We can have the latest gadgets, permanent war, the surveillance state and total dehumanisation in the service of Talmudic materialism; or we can have freedom, culture, honest labour and life worth living.  We cannot have it both ways.  Are our luxuries worth holding on to if they cost us our souls?

Remember the Luddite martyrs:

Samuel Hartley, John Booth (1812), George Mellor, William Thorpe, Thomas Smith (1813), and the many un-named others murdered or otherwise punished by the London cabal for daring to question the materialists who have wrecked our world.

The dangers the Luddites feared have come to fruition, and it is unlikely that the break from nature we endure daily featured in even their most vivid nightmares.  We do not have to tolerate this technoligical servitude; we do not need the latest gadgets and gimmicks.  What we do need is the courage to disengage from the machinary which has liberated us from natural living and turned us into slaves of the technocrats and their materialistic overlords.

It is not too late to reverse the ‘progress’ away from thr natural society and to restore humanity to our rightful place as cultural, spiritual and natural beings; rather than decadent materialists with no purpose other than to serve the machinary which has ensleved so many of our people.

To paraphrase GK Chesterton, people who say that we can’t turn back time, know nothing about clocks.


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