The Greatest Power is the Most Invisible


Posted By: Patriotlad
Date: Thursday, 30 November 2006, 3:16 p.m.


Great Britain is, as everyone knows, the greatest Islamic power.

The British appropriated Egypt from the Turks, sought to control Iran, bribed the Sherifians, set up new administrations in Palestine and Iraq after the Great War, and subsidized rising chieftains like Ibn Saud. Britain not only is — the greatest Islamic power; it must continue to remain so, if the Empire as a whole is to remain intact. This is because the Near East is a crucial pivot in the world’s communications.

Both by air and sea, the Palestine-Suez area commands the route to India and the further east. The British, cleverly flexible, have sponsored Egyptian and Iraqi independence, but with the retention of various special rights and privileges: they remain fixed in Transjordan, Palestine, Aden … and the Persian Gulf. But they are uneasy ….

— from “Arab World” in John Gunther’s Inside Asia, published in 1939 by Harper & Brothers, New York.


As a correspondent for the Chicago Daily News, John Gunther made four trips to what the West used to call “the Near East,” or what is now labelled the Middle East. Although Egypt is in Africa, it has long been considered to be a crucial part of the “middle East of asia”. In the preparations for Inside Asia, for two years Gunther “traveled around the world, about 30,000 miles, by steamship, railway, airplane, and motor car.”

He visited every important country in Asia except for Mongolia, and Inside Asia was published as a companion to his previous and highly successful work, Inside Europe. The final notes for this book were written in April of ’39 as it was going to press, and he described it as being a “whole effort”. Some elements of his political and cultural reporting were published in segments by The Saturday Evening Post, and The Nation and Atlantic Monthly, among other magazines then having enormous readership: however, those elements are all included in his 1939 publication, along with a copious listing of academic, cultural, and governmental sources and official documents. Inside Asia brings out the personalities involved in the politics of that era, 1938-1939, and places them squarely in a clearly drawn political matrix.

“Great Britain,” wrote Gunther in 1939, “as everyone knows, is the greatest Asiatic power.

“Japan, a powerful and dangerous nation, the third country in the great trinity of so-called Have-Nots, is waging war in China. This war,” asserted Gunther, “in its origins, its course of events, its possible future, is of the greatest consequence to us in the West.” In an extraordinary act of pre-cognition, Gunther saw that Japan’s aggressions in China were more likely to involve the United States, in a war, than were the machinations of Benito Mussolini or Adolf Hitler in Europe.

In another moment of prescience, John Gunther noted that “Japan, Germany, Italy, are allies. If a general conflagration comes, we cannot neglect or ignore any sector.” In other words, as an international correspondent, Gunther saw that a Europe “defaced by warfare” would not be the only front where there was fighting. He saw clearly that any war in Europe would be tied into Japanese war plans in Asia, and he said so:

It is the same war.

What is so very remarkable about Gunther’s statement, is the fact that British troops and diplomacy enabled the imperial Japanese to become the only true winners in The Great War of 1914 to 1918. The siege and capture of Tsing-Tao and the acquisition of many islands in Micronesia were the victories notched by Japan, at the expense of imperial Germany, and with the help of the British. They won the most economic advantages with the lowest number of casualties: as Gunther noted in the passage quoted from his chapter “Arab World,” the British acquired an extraordinary level of influence and control in the Near East because they fought against the Ottoman Turks, but their losses in men and materiel were substantial.

In fact, British military casualties in The Great War were so severe that the real powers inside of Great Britain — the financial oligarchs — were forced to come to terms with the outcome of four years of fighting, by disposing of their own prejudices against modern technology. As R. Buckminster Fuller said, in hundreds of lectures and in his best books and articles, The Great War brought a shift from warehouse-dominanted economics and land ownership, to rolling-stock and shipping-based economics, and from the visible technologies of the infantry bayonet to the invisible realms of chemistry ( metallurgy ), aerodynamics ( mathematics ), and radio waves.

By the early 1920s the British had grasped, almost fully, the tremendous importance of invisible power, and they added to that the crucial elements of psychological warfare: that realization was based on more than their own mastery of propaganda ( including what is now called “spin” ), as they and nearly all Europeans came to realize how diplomatic shadow-boxing and military intelligence actions shaped the conduct of The Great War. Influence in, and control of, organs of mass media moved to the forefront of British war-fighting plans.

And to their own, developing, plans for keeping the invisible powers of control effective for their purposes, no matter what happened in political realms of the countries they controlled outright ( like Palestine and Iraq ), or the commonwealth countries they wished to control ( Australia, Canada ), while maintaining an illusion of autonomy. Most importantly, the British acquistion of oil-rich lands in the crucial transportation zone of the Near East gave them enormous leverage over the one country they most wanted to control — The United States of America.

Despite making a very good start by infiltrating all the elite colleges and academies of the U.S. in the years from 1880 to 1912, by finding and supporting Anglo-friendly professors and instructors, the British found that even partial ownership in the newly-created Federal Reserve System was not enough to swing U.S. political opinion on its own !! They needed something more effective than their pre-war propaganda in support of ‘white supremacy,’ and “the White Man’s Burden.”


Co-operation between the Okhrana unit in Paris and the French Surete’ was always close in the prewar years. The Surete’ helped one Okhrana official set up a special Franco-Russian organization, disguised as a private-detective agency, to spy on [revolutionary] emigres. The Okhrana likewise organized … a French branch of the Russian “patriotic” organization called the League for the Salvation of the Fatherland, which co-operated with French right-wing extremists like the Royalist Camelots du Roi.

According to an expose’ of the Okhrana written in 1919 by one of its former senior officials, V.K. Agafonov, it financed a journalists’ club in Paris and paid regular subsidies to several important French newspapers, including the Echo de Paris, Gallois, and the Figaro. The last-named organ, according to Agafonov, for a while received 24,00 rubles — about $ 10,000 — monthly from the Okhrana.

Czarist diplomacy with its supporting networks of spies and secret police and undercover propagandists was probably more unscrupulous than most others in prewar Europe, but its cardinal sin was the irresponsibility which almost of necessity permeates any system that functions to a considerable degree through invisible chains of command — especially multiple ones.

— from “Murder, Muddle, And Machiavelli” in The Fall Of The Dynasties by Edmond Taylor ( 1963, Doubleday & Company ).

The “invisible chains of command” which the shadow-masters, the British oligarchs have been developing for many years for use against the sovereignty and independence of these United States, are all routed through a peculiar institution which claims to be a think tank. It is known as The Council On Foreign Relations and it is a decidedly seditious and pro-British operation, created in 1924.

“The Council on Foreign Relations dictates domestic and foreign policy for the U.S. and the C.F.R. provides the U.S. voters with a choice of C.F.R. Bush or C.F.R. Kerry. I believe Barry Goldwater was the only major party candidate for president since the 40’s that was not a member. This club of elitists has unlimited power over our lives”, wrote Matt Kjeldsen, a columnist for, on November 22nd. His excellent commentary has been picked up and republished by several other websites which are blogger-friendly.

“The second most powerful lobby in D.C.”, writes Kjeldsen, “is the telecommunications lobby. Not only does this lobby represent a politicians’ access to publicity, but this lobby’s economic might actually funds the political machines. President Clinton signed the Telecommunications Act that enabled the biggest fish to swallow all of the smaller fish and left us with just a few, gigantic multinational corporations providing all of the programming on the people’s airwaves.”

[ see the link given below to read the entire column by Kjeldsen ]

The destruction of local news operations actually began in the time of Jimmy Carter, when many FM and AM radio operations were allowed by the FCC to discard their local news operations in favor of providing two minutes or so of network coverage, only. As things develop, this modification turned into a rout and by the mid-1980s FM “pop” radio everywhere was essentially devoid of any mandated news coverage. This meant that “news and opinion” programs got shunted to AM stations, and when the giant media conglomerates really got into the purchasing of the small stations, it was only a matter of time before the C.F.R. dominated neo-conservatives were able to control almost everything. Local talk radio hosts began to vanish, to be replaced by networked talkers, including Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and the likes of Laura Ingram.

Commercial broadcasting on radio developed, of course, because it was both possible and sensible to build radio networks, from individual stations. Radio itself, as a communications medium for the common citizen, was a spin-off of the necessities of war, during The Great War. Early on, as John Gunther notes in his chapter “Arab World,” political propaganda prepared for and relayed to Arabic speaking audiences was a major feature of Italian diplomatic successes in the early 1930s. They set up a powerful broadcasting station at Baria, in far southern Italy, and programmed both slanted news and popular music for their Arab audiences. Readings from the Koran were another feature of the Italian radio propaganda machine ….

Something similar has been happening in these United States since the end of the second session of the Great War, i.e., World War II. Slowly, gradually, the flunkies and stooges who flock into the C.F.R., thinking it will be their E-Ticket to a Disney-like political fairy tale, have been manipulated into supporting an ideology of extreme internationalism.

In all of its essentials, and particularly since about 1974, the extreme internationalist views promoted by the various and sundry C.F.R. flunkies and talking heads, have coincided with the true motives and the secret plans of the British oligarchy. The financial wizards of The City Of London — who are the inheritors of the wealth and prestige and the seditious plans laid down in the 1920s — are the ones who gain from unlimited free trade, from open borders and mass migrations, from war-fighting without war declarations, and from the deceptions of high-stakes gambling, as practiced now by certain mutual funds, with their arbitrage experts, and “hedge funds”, with their complex speculations called “derivatives.”

It’s all gambling. It’s all symptomatic of ‘the bordello culture’ of Great Britain, in its hey-day, which was the years from around 1880 to 1912. And now it’s an all-American system.

The thing which most clearly identifies the British as being the benefactors of C.F.R. sedition and their invisible networks of power, aside from the obvious origin of the C.F.R. in Great Britain itself — is the sordid and tangled tale of Jack Abramoff. The former lobbyist and Republican fund-raiser operated from a template which was virtually identical to the methods used by the Czarist network in France, in the years 1908 to 1914. With the help of friendly French politicians and police officials, the Russians set up a club for journalists, and paid subsidies to mainstream magazines ( as noted ).

Edmond Taylor also records that Russian Okhrana agents — working with the senior leaders of France — found ways to identify the friends, lovers, or boon companions of certain politicians, who were also editors or journalists. These contacts were given lump sum payments from a Russian ‘slush fund,’ amounting to about $ 60,000 in gold coin and cleared with Raymond Poincare’, Prime Minister and then President of France after the elections of 1913. By this method did the Okhrana — and Poincare’ — blunt the vocal opposition of revolutionaries in exile from Russia, and homegrown Socialists and democratic liberals in France, by manipulating the editors of their favorite publications.

These methods have not changed, although senior journalists and senior members of ‘think tanks’ who toe the neo-conservative line are not now paid in gold francs or silver ducats. The manipulation of the mass communications media in the U.S., today, is entirely more subtle. Book deals, speaking fees, enjoyable conferences held at superb vacation locations, and tip-offs on stock market trends are the ways that “the graft” gets paid, these days. Curiously, a young journalist who goes on the street to interview the homeless or the junkies, and then makes up quotes and facts for his or her article, gets fired when the deception is discovered.

But a senior spokesman for a think-tank or a top-ranked columnist for a newspaper syndicate can spout the platitudes and falsifications of the C.F.R. shadow players, every day or every week … and not lose a dollar in salary, ever.

This is how the invisible power of psychological warfare is deployed against the people of these States united. This is how the bogus facts about the Ba’athist regime of Saddam Hussein were massaged into being true and reliable facts, the kind of facts which put the U.S. into a war-fighting mode and which have resulted in a military and diplomatic quagmire.

The British oligarchs in their walled City Of London do not care that a few hundred “Tommies” or British soldiers were also sacrificed in the Iraq invasion. They do not care that Italian and other coalition troops were killed by accident or design, in Iraq. They only care that the fiasco of Mesopotamia — the travesty on the Tigris — is bleeding the U.S. military. The river of red ink and wasted money is nothing compared to the rivulets of blood shed by our loyal troops deployed there.

President George W. Bush cannot articulate a clear definition of victory, in Iraq, not because he’s a moron and not because there isn’t one. He cannot articulate the exact words which define victory in Iraq without stating, explicitly, that the ruination of the American military is the object, and thus the only possible definition of, a victory there. The goal of the Iraq campaign is not to build a democracy among the feuding Arab sects of Shi’ite and Sunni, not to build a federal republic of Kurds, Turkomen and Arabs, not even to glom the oil revenues of Mosul, Kirkuk and Basrah.

The goal is to conduct the mass murder of American servicemen and -women, but to get it done on the installment plan, to see them killed one and two and three at a time. The plotters reside in the boardrooms of the City Of London and in their American branches, like Goldman Sachs and Wachovia. And they reside in that hideous monster-hutch known as The Council On Foreign Relations. Sadly, most of the C.F.R.’s members don’t even know how they are being used by these Sadistic thugs.

What Else is the Mainstream Media Lying About ? by Matt Kjeldsen


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