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Dark Legacy

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February 27, 2013 · 11:30 am

Climate Change-The Skeptic’s Case

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February 26, 2013 · 11:50 am

Alien Fail


A family went to Disney World in the early 1970s. A little girl we know asked her dad if they really took a trip to the moon on one of the rides. He said, “What do you think?” The little girl told him that she had been watching that building ALL DAY and had yet to see a spaceship take off or land.
What is the logic behind this alien agenda? Let’s unpack it. This will be a little exercise in following the logic through to conclusions and seeing if it makes sense. This is not about EVIDENCE, specifically, it’s just about the narrative, and what we’ve been told, and whether that story makes sense, given what we know.
The logic of the narrative provides the evidence.
Let us commence with a simple question.
Do aliens exist? If yes, then are they good or bad?
As we are into the narratives of the existence of aliens rather than the evidence of their existence (which could keep us here for weeks), let’s assume for the moment they exist and go straight to thinking through “Are They Good?”
Let’s start with the basics. What do we know?
Lately we have heard a lot about the DISCLOSURE narrative, which says that someone needs to force the government to come clean with what they know about the aliens. Why would the government want to withhold the truth about aliens? Why does the government want to keep the truth about aliens a secret? One argument says it is to avoid a massive panic. Alien disclosure will “change everything.” Therefore, this disclosure must be timed just right in order to manage the changes properly. This pre-planning stage seems to take a very long time. So long that it seems that the aliens, if they are in touch with the government as we’re told by the disclosure people, are COOPERATING in the timing of the disclosure. Otherwise, they would have used their superior technology to make themselves known to everyone before now. But they haven’t done that. Therefore they are cooperating with our leaders in the timing of their disclosure.
Now, why would the aliens do that? Because they also want to avoid the massive panic? Because they want to help our leaders to manage the disclosure most effectively? Because everyone wants the best for us? So they’re working together, and everyone has only the highest motives of cooperation, and therefore the aliens are good, just like our leaders?
Furthermore, if the aliens are bad, what could possibly stop them, with their vastly superior technology, from simply taking over? Why would they need to cooperate with our leaders? Because they believe that we will follow our leaders in a crisis, and therefore they need our leaders to provide this service?
So we infer there is cooperation, but it’s not clear what motivations drive that.
Many people would like to believe that the aliens will help us, and they will work together with our leaders, who also want to help us (cough), and together they will improve planet earth and solve many problems with the aliens’ superior, god-like technologies and ways.
Therefore, our leaders, even if they have a few small failings from time to time, will finally “see the light” and cooperate with the aliens. Expect hopey-changey on steroids. People have been conditioned to believe such things (thank you Hollywood) despite the evidence that, at least in this country, every leader seems to be worse than the one before, and this planet lurches from one disaster to the next with ever-increasing frequency. Alien disclosure, however, is the ultimate “problem” which will transcend all divisions in its necessary solution. It is the ultimate Rally Round the Flag event, except this time the flag is planet earth. Whether the aliens are good or bad, we HUMANS will all have to agree that we are One Big Happy
Family. Win win.
Looking happy!
Let’s say the aliens are good and obviously highly advanced creatures. And they have super advanced technology, obviously, since they traveled to our planet. There’s a whole line of reasoning about this that we learned in college, a long time ago. We remember it pretty well. It goes like this:
There is science beyond nuclear science, but there’s a problem. Nuclear science is dangerous. Any civilization must get past nuclear science without blowing up their planet. Only beings who have overcome any warlike tendencies can get past the nuclear age without annihilating each other, like we have been doing here on earth. So there’s a formula for guessing the number of advanced civilizations in the universe (N), and the formula depends on how long advanced civilizations last at the nuclear age before destroying themselves. So far we have made it about sixty years, and it’s ugly. It’s been sixty years of bad road, because unfortunately, we humans seem to have WARLIKE tendencies. This belief is constantly enforced. And if we are warlike, other civilizations must also be warlike and prone to conflict. Therefore, if any advanced alien civilizations exist, odds are they would be exceedingly few and far between, and therefore far away. Thus, N is a very small number. N turned out to be the number of years that WE HUMANS could survive the nuclear age. In other words, it was a theory of the universe that revolved around us, as though we are the center of the universe. (We think this odd quality was why we remembered it all these years.) Therefore, let’s say N=60, the approximate length of time humans have limped along with nuclear science. Sixty advanced civilizations in the entire universe. What would be the odds that any would be close enough to contact us? Very exceedingly slim, given the size of the universe. Not to mention they would have to overcome traveling at the speed of light, etc. in order to find us. So the conclusion was that advanced civilizations probably did exist, but they would be exceedingly rare, and therefore there was little hope that they would find us.
This was just one theory we learned in college, and surely there are many others, but this particular theory was the topic of an entire semester, so we think it might have been one of the more important theories at the time. But somehow, despite this weird theory we learned in college, all this obviously worked out and the aliens are here! They found planet earth, so they must be extremely highly advanced and therefore good, because they overcame their warlike tendencies, and so they overcame the nuclear age without destroying themselves, and now they have technology that can overcome the speed of light!! Oh joy!!! And our leaders are meeting with them in secret!!! Soon they will surely share all their goodies with us and lead us to the land of milk and honey!!!!
Let’s go with that. So if the aliens are good, and they found earth sixty years ago, or at least that is when they crashed their first ship in Roswell, New Mexico, what is their rationale for remaining secret from all of humanity, which obviously they have been doing? If they overcame their warlike nature to conquer and surpass nuclear science, can’t they see that we are having a problem here with all the psychopaths in charge? Can’t they see that we are having trouble with the whole nuclear science hurdle? Are they not floating over Fukushima in their spaceships this very minute, measuring the radiation and converting it into something harmless? Did they not notice Chernobyl and the ONE MILLION humans who died as a result of that? And according to the narrative that says these aliens exist and have been meeting with our leaders in secret over the years, why are these supposedly good aliens meeting with a bunch of corrupt psychopaths for decades, in secret, and sharing technology with corrupt psychopaths, in secret, when it is very obvious that our corrupt psychopath leaders have been abusing humanity for decades? WHY would supposedly good aliens go along with this?
Thanks for the help you’re a real pal.
Poor Pal!
FBI memo re-opening alien Roswell mystery, 4/11/11
Well, the aliens probably anticipated these sorts of questions. And perhaps the answer to that is some further story about honoring our free will. As in, they would really like to help us, but they can’t interfere. And we have to somehow overcome this problem ourselves through meditation, and expanding our consciousness. Maybe meditate on some crop circles, see if you can understand the esoteric symbolism? Concentrate. That’s all well and good and certainly TIME CONSUMING, one might be tempted to call it busy work. And except for the fact that they HAVE ALREADY interfered by meeting with corrupt psychopath leaders for decades and sharing alien technology which has gravely harmed the human population by creating a big giant advantage for the psychopaths, who by the way interfere with our free will every single day… Yes, except for all that, they haven’t interfered.
Furthermore, this ‘honoring our free will’ narrative bears a striking resemblance to certain religious beliefs. Does it not? Are the aliens so highly advanced that they are god-like in their desire not to interfere, aside from the fact that clearly they do interfere? Compare that to the prophets. Billions of people throughout history believed that God sent his prophets with his instructions for humans, and these instructions have a lot to say about free will. One billion Christians on earth today believe that God came here himself, in Jesus Christ, with very specific answers and instructions for humanity. Since none of these prophets used any technology, and taught openly, we’re not sure why people would decide to believe in secret high tech aliens all of a sudden, except that the technology will probably seem miraculous, giving the aliens an edge over those old prophets. We expect that given the right cataclysmic event stampeding people into panic and chaos, aliens coming through to save the day could really open up a dynamic of worship and gratitude.
NASA Scientists Slam ’2012′
“NASA scientists have named John Cusack’s blockbuster 2012
as the most “absurd” sci-fi film of all time.”
However, what about the OPPORTUNITY COST? What has been the OPPORTUNITY COST for the supposedly good aliens to remain silent, all these years, and in secret collaboration with our so-called leaders? What has NOT HAPPENED as a result of this decision to remain hidden? Well let’s see. Let us count the ways, or the bodies.
How much of the alien technology could have been helping humans all this time, if it had not been kept secret from humanity, and only shared with the military? Just imagine if we had clean food, clean water, and free energy? Can anyone seriously argue that mankind would have been much better off if these supposedly good aliens had shared their cool technology with EVERYONE all this time, instead of only sharing it with the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX?
What are these aliens thinking? Can’t they figure out that we are in the grip of total psychopaths? How is it that WE lowly humans are able to understand this, but these supposedly brilliant and highly advanced aliens can’t wrap their giant minds around this simple observation?
Something is wrong with this whole line of reasoning about the good aliens. Truly good and advanced aliens would not have behaved the way the supposedly good aliens have already behaved. The FACTS of the case makes more sense if the aliens are BAD. Then at least we can understand why they have made the decisions that they have supposedly made. Then at least their behavior is consistent with the FACTS ON THE GROUND.
The aliens are bad. They have failed to do some things they could have done, a simple concept which every HUMAN CHILD at the age of reason can grasp, and certainly a concept addressed by religion.
Confiteor Deo omnipotenti, (I confess to almighty God)
et vobis fratres, (and to you my brothers and sisters)
quia peccavi nimis cogitatione, (that I have greatly sinned)
verbo opere et omissione: (in my thoughts and in my words, in what I have done and what I have failed to do)
mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. (through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault.)
Delicious lunch courtesy of: The Empire.
Let’s move on to the question of whether the aliens actually exist.
Well, first of all, could humans have developed this technology that we perceive as alien technology? We think that is entirely possible and in fact we think YES.
Hopefully it is not controversial to assert that the military has secret technology. We can agree on that? They have stuff we don’t know about. After doing some research, a person would learn that there are black budgets. Further research would reveal that these black budgets come from laundered drug money, human trafficking, gun running, and other activities typically known as organized crime. These are not wild assertions. There is such a thing as a big black budget, and the military uses this budget, and one of the things they presumably use it for is to develop technologies that they keep secret.
Hopefully you are still with us.
We don’t know what the secret technologies are. We have read things to the effect that for each year of improved consumer technology, there’s a forty year advance in military technology. We don’t know what the actual number is. Maybe it’s only TWICE as good as consumer technology, each year, year after year. Even if it was only twice as advanced, eventually there would be a huge gap between consumer technology and military technology. We don’t know how big the gap is. We just know that, at a minimum, it would be huge after a period of years. It is possible that military technology is advanced beyond the comprehension of all but a very few people on the planet. We suspect that is the case, given the size of the black budgets, and given how long the military has been interested in secret technologies. This means that IF we saw something that was part of the military’s secret technology, let’s say something that looked like a UFO, we might reasonably conclude that it must be alien technology, because our reference point is consumer technology, which is far behind military technology.
So that is ONE logical conclusion. If any of this secret technology is spotted, it must belong to aliens. You might notice that that particular conclusion has been WELL SUPPORTED by the alien narrative for a long time. This narrative has been in place officially for decades, going back to Area 51 and Roswell. This narrative tells us that the government knows about aliens, but has kept this knowledge secret. And it goes without saying, but we will say it anyway, that the aliens also know about us, since they are the ones who traveled here using their superior technology.
Look what Tesla discovered a hundred years ago. Think of all the patents that people have filed which are never heard from again. Patents for clean energy, water purification, etc. What happens to all these world-changing discoveries? Where do they go? Do you remember the giant warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark? The ark gets crated up and stored in the warehouse? Why would Hollywood use that imagery? It stuck in our brain because it was SO DISTURBING.
“As society becomes increasingly fragmented, we look evermore towards the media to tell us what we have in common.  Eventually, all we have in common is the media.”
Let’s suppose there are some technologies which would have a logarithmic effect on advances. Let’s suppose that once Tesla made his discoveries a hundred years ago, that those discoveries opened up entirely new avenues of other technologies. Does anyone suppose that, given the unlimited black budgets made available to scientists, in the course of a hundred years, that things would have been discovered that would strike the rest of us as amazing, mind-bending ALIEN technology? In particular, just one area of science like gravity, would be enough to break through into a whole new world of science? And in fact, that we have read about people who say this very thing, that they have discovered that the science we are taught about gravity is ALL WRONG?
How about the science we’ve been taught about global warming? All wrong. Has anyone had a gander at the Explando Planet model, which is very different from what we have been taught? What about the things we’ve been told about how buildings explode? Have some of those things we’ve been taught been ALL WRONG ALSO?
Does it not seem that we are fed a bunch of bullshit in many areas? Including science? Yes, yes it does.
We think a very good case can be made that the aliens don’t exist at all. We think the IDEA of aliens, the alien narrative, is simply very useful to the elite, and that is why it has been so thoroughly developed, from scary to funny, and everything in between.
Crochet Alien…could it be any cuter?
For one thing, it has allowed them to pursue all this secret technology without sharing. They don’t have to share because a “race” narrative has been set up, as well as a possible “threat” narrative. In this narrative, we know the aliens exist, and we know the government knows, and we know the government is keeping some big secret. We don’t know if the aliens are good or bad. We hope they are good but they might be bad. We also hear there may be all different types of aliens, some good some bad, to make things even *more* confusing. All this drama seems to JUSTIFY letting the government do some secret research and have some secret technology. Because AFTER ALL, they represent us and will protect us if the aliens turn out to be bad, right? And we want our military to be able to fight off those bad aliens just like in all those great Hollywood movies we’ve seen for decades, all that predictive programming. So if the aliens come and want to start some shit, we better be able to count on our boys having the appropriate anti-alien equipment to get us out of hot water. Thus, we love the military, so leave them alone, they will fight for our freedom even freedom from the evil aliens if it comes to that, and therefore whatever they’re doing in secret must be good….?
Well, all we can say is that an exceedingly convenient narrative for the military.
But what if there were no such thing as aliens? What would all this mean, all the things that have happened in the last few decades, if the TRUTH was found that there were no aliens, that HUMANS developed all this technology, kept it secret on purpose, and wove this elaborate alien narrative to deceive.
What would be the BENEFITS of doing this?
1. To create a huge gap in knowledge between the elite and the rest of humanity.
2. To allow humanity to suffer with pollution, war, death and destruction. To use this suffering to depopulate the planet as much as possible for as long as possible, while life-saving technology is kept hidden and reserved for the elite.
3. To build control through more and more levels. To keep people enslaved and fighting over oil and minerals, which are needed to support all the currency models ever seriously considered. Since a currency is always needed by the elite to enslave the people and keep scarcity going. If free energy were available, for instance, they could not do this. Therefore technologies that would reduce their power must always be suppressed from the masses.
4. To allow more and more problems to fester, requiring more and more solutions that they can always provide, costing money of course, and further enslaving the populations.
5. To shake people down every step of the way for every new advance in technology that they eke out with
extreme parsimony.
6. Perhaps most importantly, the aliens provide the EXCUSE needed for doing all of the above. The aliens provide the SCAPEGOAT. It’s the ALIENS who have all the great technology, not our leaders. They try to keep up but that’s only to protect us in case the aliens turn out to be bad. They just don’t know despite meeting with them in secret all these years. And regrettably the ALIEN technology is not available to humanity. Maybe someday it will be, wouldn’t that be nice. We could really use the help. Hopefully the aliens turn out to be good. Inexplicably, we just don’t know despite all those secret meetings.
So you see, the ALIENS provide the cover for all this psychopathic behavior. The ALIENS make it all possible. That’s why there must be aliens, people. It’s the biggest fucking racket of all time.
Because otherwise, if the aliens don’t exist, you would have to understand that they – the elite, the so-called humans in power — are developing all this technology for a hundred fucking years and holding it back from the rest of humanity — obviously in collaboration with each other to keep it hidden for so long — for no good reason, but simply for the pursuit of power, and because they enjoy watching human beings suffer and die and live miserable lives in service to their control schemes.
Human beings don’t behave this way. Human beings like to cooperate with each other. Cooperation has allowed humans to survive and thrive throughout history, often in the harshest conditions.
So in a sense, there *are* aliens, but you can also call them psychopaths. They’re not from another planet. They’re right here, and they’ve been here the whole time.
They lack something common to humans. They lack conscience, which is essential for humanity to function and COOPERATE, and since they don’t share this quality with humanity, they can pull this massive stunt off. They lose no sleep over all those opportunity costs, because WE are the ones who pay those costs. There’s no mystery to it. It’s them. It’s always been them, and only them. They know they are alien, meaning different, strange; so they went with that theme. Thus any aliens coming will be THEM, in their alien costumes, using the technology that they developed over a hundred years in secret.
And by their fruits shall you know them.
No doubt they will make a good show of being good and here to save the planet. No doubt they will perform some “miracles” to prove their bona fides, using the technology that they have long kept secret.
Such a contrast with Top Hat and Junk Shot.
WSJ graphic of high tech solution code-named: Top Hat
But keep in mind that the supposed aliens have already failed, and they have failed spectacularly, through their SINS OF OMISSION. If you believe the narrative that is being presented to us, and if you follow through the logic:
  • They have cooperated with bad people for decades.
  • And withheld life-saving technology.
  • And done nothing to help us.
  • While this planet became more polluted, more war torn, and more unstable.
Not Good. And we mean, NOT GOOD. Good beings don’t behave that way. And it doesn’t matter what sorry-ass excuse comes next. By cooperating with the destruction of this planet all these years, they have already proven that they are evil. The pattern of abuse has been established.
The logic of THEIR narrative provides the evidence. THEIR story doesn’t hold together. Sorry but it’s an ALIEN FAIL.
Toto pulls the curtain back!
Who wants us to believe in these aliens?
Who leaves the ‘evidence’ all around?
And why do they do that?
Their lack of humanity leaves the psychopaths with a huge blind spot in their understanding. They don’t understand love. It’s obvious once pointed out. They simply don’t GET that the people who died, the animals who died, the beautiful places that were destroyed over all these years, by disease, war, poverty and everything else, were BELOVED by other people. Specifically and in general. Missed, mourned, lamented, remembered. And love doesn’t die. So they got rid of all these people and animals and places, very effectively we might add, and very cruelly, and they have also done a good job debasing humans in general so that many people are but shadows of the human beings they could be. But the LOVE REMAINS. Nothing has been erased in the human heart. Nothing. And even if a soul dies alone, unremembered, God still remembers. A sparrow cannot fall to the ground without God knowing. So nothing has been lost, and they have gained nothing with all their destruction, because they do not understand the reality of love, which cannot be destroyed by their evil. It simply displaces, like water. They can’t comprehend that the bonds of love all still exist and were in fact STRENGTHENED by the cruel ways they tried to rip God’s creation apart.
It was all noted. Every last thing.
But we know these things, and we are asking you to remember what you may have lost over the years. And we ask you to entertain the possibility that some people care, and some people don’t, and we suggest that you should discern the difference. And in that discerning we defeat them.
In conclusion, we expect the supposed “good” aliens will have a narrative. It will be the war of good and evil all over again. But evil people say they are good, so how will you know who is who? Each one of us has to discern it. This will be the ultimate test.
We can’t tell anyone how to do that exactly. One has to be in the habit of doing it all the time. One gets into that habit by being constantly abused and understanding who, what, when, where and how that happens. We would think more people would be in that habit, considering the state of the world, but natural defenses have been suppressed through many methods generally known as our “lifestyle.”
We say, look at the whole picture, not just what happens next. Look at what should have happened, but didn’t. Think your own thoughts. You were not made to be a slave, to worship other beings, and certainly not to worship beings who abuse you.
The resistance begins in your mind. Of all times, if this alien psyop should come to pass, please remember that the resistance begins in your mind. So think it through now. Don’t wait for the day of perdition.

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