250 mpg car to enter production

March 7 2013

Surprise! 250+ mpg car allowed to enter production

Permalink The specs on this thing actually tick me off, because they reveal a scam we all have to live with. This car weighs over 1,700 pounds, and though it can be plugged in to give you a short 30 mile hop, even without plugging it in it gets 250 plus mpg and will do 98 mph. By that math, a Cadillac should get 100 mpg, RIGHT?

This car by Volkswagen has been around since at least 2007. They are stating it will have an enormous price tag, but originally it was a cheap design. This is only news because somehow it is entering production. It goes 98 mph and does zero to 60 in a respectable 12 seconds, which is much much faster than an empty semi could ever dream of doing. Though 12 seconds sounds slow, it really is not.

The marketing plan is obviously to price it out of reach so only the elite will be able to buy it anyway. My question in all of this is, if a car can get 250 plus mpg why is it that a Kawasaki Ninja EX250 motorcycle has trouble getting over 90 mpg, and IF a reasonably performing ninja can get 90 mpg, howcome a moped or scooter struggles to get 60 mpg? it is all a SCAM. There is no reason at all why something like a Cadillac can´t get over 80 mpg, other than intentional limits.

It is a fact that today´s cars are forced to burn dirty enough to heat up the catalytic converter, and send enough unburned fuel plus oxygen out the tail pipe to make sure the catalytic converter gets hot enough to be effective. Modification of cars, such as the chip for the Impala (a severe oversight on the part of G.M.) can force the ECM to run more efficiently and successfully chipped 4 door full size Impalas can easily break 50 MPG despite programmed inefficiencies, and STILL waste enough fuel to heat up the catalytic converter enough to pass emissions while doing so. And if you manage to make your car run efficiently enough to negate the converter, you won’t pass emissions, because the testing system is designed to look for arbitrary exhaust component ratios that will show the car has been modified and fail you even if hydrocarbon emissions are passable.

I suggest simply getting rid of the converter, and using the amazing capabilities of computer control to keep emissions clean by making the engine run optimally. The Impala chip lays the scam bare, it is obvious our cars are rigged to be inefficient crap by design.

At any rate, because this thing has been around since at least 2007 it is obvious Volkswagen had to cut a deal to be allowed to produce this car, one which takes a cheap design and prices it far out of reach of average people to make GOOD AND SURE the entire thing remains a mystery to the greater population.

Looking at the design, it uses reliable but higher than average pressure tires and could be more efficient than it is, this is obviously a 250 plus mpg vehicle designed for everyday use with nothing truly exotic about it at all, nothing at all that requires special consideration or care the way a fully optimized design would. This is where bread and butter should take us by default.



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