Former Bush Administration Official Blames Israel for Chemical Weapons in Syria

News Brief — May 6, 2013

Retired US Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, who once served as Secretary of State Colin Powell’s Chief of Staff, says that the chemical weapons used in Syria may have been part of an Israeli “false flag” operation aimed at undermining Bashar Assad’s regime.
Wilkerson made his claims in an interview on Current TV, the network once owned by former Vice President Al Gore and recently purchased by Al-Jazeera.
Wilkerson described the evidence that Assad’s regime had used chemical weapons as “flaky” and said that it could just as well have been the work of foreign backed “Syrian rebels” or even Israel.
When asked why Israel would do such a thing, Wilkerson replied, “I think we’ve got a basically geostrategically, geopolitical inept regime in Tel Aviv right now.”
“I think we saw really startling evidence of that,” Wilkerson continued, “in the fact that President Obama had to tell Bibi Netanyahu ‘Pick up the phone, you idiot, call Ankara and get yourself out of this strategic isolation you’re in right now.”
A “false flag” operation is a covert attack carried out by governments or their agents using an assumed identity, with the object of placing the blame on the enemy. The term originates with a ruse once used in naval warfare in which ships would hoist the enemy’s flags in order to infiltrate his ranks.
Wilkerson,63, a former U.S. Army helicopter pilot who flew combat missions in Vietnam, served as Colin Powell’s chief of staff from 2002 to 2005. He was responsible for reviewing the intelligence used by Powell in his by now infamous February 2003 speech, when he addressed United Nations Security Council on Saddam Hussein’s purported weapons of mass destruction.
After his retirement, Wilkerson described Colin Powell’s United Nations presentation as “a hoax” and became an outspoken critic of the Bush Administration’s handling of the Iraq war. He now serves as a professor at Virginia’s William and Mary College and is a guest commentator on several US television networks.
Speaking on the Current’s Young Turks program, Wilkerson said that because of the instability in the Middle East, Israel’s current geo-strategic situation is “as dangerous as it’s been since 1948.” He added that President Obama “has got to be very circumspect about what he does in exacerbating that situation”.
“Netanyahu is clueless as to this,” Wilkerson continued. “I hope President Obama gave him a lecture in geostrategic realities.”
Although Col. Wilkerson’s claims have received wide coverage in Iran and even some attention in the , they’ve received virtually no publicity in the Western corporate media.
Yet again the West’s so-called ‘free-press’ seems to have its own agenda, proving just how free it really is.
In a word it isn’t. The West’s media is owned or controlled by groups and individuals who use it to turn and direct the public’s opinion for their own ends.


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