Mind Virus

Canons of Cognitive Law

Definition for Mind

Certain systems, properties and functional states of consciousness of a higher order being as distinct from the physical and biological processes of its flesh. As Mind defines certain systems, properties and functional states of consciousness, the term Mind is equivalent to the term “Awareness”.

The three (3) Forms of Mind are Lower, Higher and Divine:

Lower Mind, also known as “lower self” is physically constrained Mind derived from physical apparatus producing mind, such as a biological brain. When such an organ dies, so does a Lower Mind.

Higher Mind, also known as “higher self” is non-physical Mind derived from the production of a Lower Mind as well as a Divine Mind which is not constrained by physical location but chooses to obey the rules of universal laws as if it were constrained. When the Lower Mind dies, Higher Mind continues to exist.

Divine Mind also known as “divine self” is non-physical Mind equivalent to Unique Collective Awareness.


Canon 760

A Mind Virus is an infectious pathogenic information based agent that can replicate itself inside the Mind, causing abnormal conditions affecting the Mind and body of a higher order life form.

Canon 761

A Mind Virus is equivalent to the Mind as a computer virus to a computer system.

Canon 762

While a state of Mind may be severely restricted in performance temporarily or permanently due to a disease affecting the biological apparatus of Mind, the only valid pathogen of diseases of the Mind are Mind Viruses, not biological.

Canon 763

Mind Viruses are found in almost every class of men and women in every civilization and the most abundant class of pathogens affecting the optimum function of individuals and health of societies.

Canon 764

The function (physiology) of a Mind Virus is to implant a disinformation agent program known as a nexus into the Mind of a subject and for the nexus to replicate part or all of itself internally into new long term memories or restored memories and externally through commonly expressed information to others.

Canon 765

A Mind Virus agent program, known as a nexus, is constructed from two (2) or more disinformation kernels known as fallaxes, or may be constructed of other nexus in a self-referencing chain.

Canon 766

A fallax of a Mind Virus consists of three (3) components being a misnoid, factoid and concloid presented in a certain form:

(i) Factoid is usually an acknowledged fact, self evident or known well enough to be considered true; and

(ii) Misnoid is the deliberate or unknowing false claim, presented as the second fact that when presented together sounds credible; and

(iii) Concloid is the deliberate false conclusion connected to the misnoid that is the core falsity to be delivered within the fallax.

Canon 767

Logic is frequently used as the general form for delivering a fallax as it perfectly lends itself to the structure of the Mind Virus.

Canon 768

As the Divine Mind records an accurate representation and the Higher Mind an approximate representation, the effect of a Mind Virus is to create contradiction between the memory and wills of Lower Mind, Higher Mind and Divine Mind, usually causing the Lower Mind to be isolated from its higher forms of Mind.

Canon 769

As all valid clinical diseases of the Mind relate to one (1) or more Mind Viruses, they can be cured only by the appropriate antidote of truthful knowledge. The use or misuse of chemicals, pharmaceuticals or other claimed biological remedies has no effect in treating the cause of any illness, only in masking the illness, sedating the biological apparatus of Mind which delays effective treatment or making the disease worse.



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