Questioning the London “beheading”

Sunday, May 26, 2013


The following commentary, video, and photos were sent to me via email by a good friend and very knowledgeable individual. Minor edits have been made by me, John Friend.


Turn off audio. In the beginning: watch carefully. The woman sitting by the soldier on the street is stroking/caressing his back. Like a mother would do to a hurt/sad child. (To “woo” somebody?) But to do this with a corpse??? (And a corpse that’s maybe or maybe not missing a head.)

Also: If he was not dead – these women would have screamed and yelled for help, wouldn’t they? For an ambulance, a doctor, first aid, something. Or made a bandage from some clothes, or something like that. But they’re doing nothing to help. Except the one woman who’s stroking/caressing the soldier’s back. (Eh… is this what someone who’s just been cut with big knives needs? Stroking and caressing? How about stopping the bleeding? As surely one bleeds when one has been cut with big knives a few minutes earlier.)

Did the soldier guy die at all? At what point did he die? If he died before these women came, then why sit and caress his back? If he died after, who discovered his death and when?

Another funny pic:


Several things are peculiar here:

  1. Where the hell did all those people suddenly come from? I mean, there’s just been gunfire. Cops shot two guys. People didn’t run away? And the people are allowed to hang around?
  2. They’re almost stepping on the soldier guy. No-one wants to put a blanket over him or something? It’s like he’s just decoration, or something of no relevance. [Ed note: it’s like he’s a prop in a PSYOP]

And, was the guy dead or wasn’t he? Nobody wants to check?

Very busy talking about something. Nobody minds the poor probably-dead guy. The guy to the left is checking his text messages. The others are talking to each other.

The women aren’t that concerned about the dead/almost dead guy though. First they make some conversation with one of the “terrorists.”  Really?  People believe this?

Later one of the women decide it’s time to sit down with the dead/almost dead guy and stroke his back.  The two other women obviously feel that one woman is enough for back-stroking, and focus on conversation instead.

Terrorist guy has forgotten everything about killing the soldier guy. I mean, he’s probably still alive since the lady is stroking his back, right?

Or was it the other way around, maybe?

Not sure. Anyway, here nobody’s very interested in the well-being of the soldier:


Watch the clip again. …. It’s all very weird. Very, very weird.


Very, very weird indeed.  The people accepting and promoting the official story are essentially saying this depiction of what happened is true (click to enlarge):

Do you really believe this?  Really?  

I have publicly challenged Mike Delaney, Scott Roberts, and Andre Anglin to a debate regarding this event and my views on media fakery and PSYOPS in general.  Stay tuned for that discussion folks, you won’t want to miss it!


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One response to “Questioning the London “beheading”

  1. Yall ever been in Mexican bar n see two guys slashing around over a lovily Chiqita ?
    Blood flys n splatters , Everywhere.
    Apparently, physics change , when a head is cut off.
    Blood quickly coagulates n nare a drop is spilt .
    Strangely, beleive it .
    As El Mundo Squirms

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