The Ship of Fools on a River of Darkness.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Poet Transmitting…….

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well… it looks like the administration killed another journalist, just like they did Breitbart and a couple of people with important connections to the case. When you kill the coroner, it’s pretty open and shut that the evidence trail is being closed off. If you want to see how extensive the possibilities are, you need only look here. The really telling point about Breitbart, is the so called explosive evidence that didn’t appear. Instead, something with no meaning or importance, was presented as that evidence. Word had it that the evidence was concerning Obama’s college days. Ah well. Here in the latter days, chaos rules. The hinges are coming off. If you follow scripture, in the final days, a certain entity is running amok, seeking whom to devour and destroy. Make up your own minds.

Even though I went to great lengths yesterday, to assist the reader in a particular perspective, which embraces hope (not the Obama kind of hope) and optimism, some portion are determined to hang on to a negativist viewpoint. My responsibility for that, ends with my providing an avenue of escape, from materialism overload. You’re on your own after that. Here’s how things are changing but… you don’t hear about these things, unless you are really looking. So… back to what I said yesterday, appearances are just that. They are only the way things seem to be and they are manipulated to that end. They are not the way things actually are. THEY ARE NOT THE WAY THINGS ACTUALLY ARE! So please don’t write and tell me you don’t see certain things because that state is the very condition that some (smaller) portion of us are working to decommission, just like it was some kind of Ship of Fools, sailing on a River of Darkness. That boat has to go to the scrapyard. I’m working on getting a collective crew together, who agrees with me and maybe together, we can convince all the people on that overloaded boat, to disembark at some finer port of call; one and all.

Every reader needs to keep in mind that it is not the damage done by jobs gone south, the economic collapse, the resident police state and a host of other injuries, being visited upon us, by a cabal of devoted Satanists. The greatest damage being done is on the interior of our hearts and minds. When these Satanists, who have been at this for a long time, are able to kill our faith in ourselves; destroy our capacity to dream and make those dreams become a reality, then, then they’ve got you where they want you. They got you jammed up tight, between a rock, that does not exist and a hard place that does not exist. They have constructed this state in your mind. It’s what they do.

Long ago, the inner Satanic circle, composed of the Zionist agenda and certain hideous and disembodied entities, resident on the lower Astral Plane, got together and took control of the most strategic areas of commerce and information. They well knew that the control of these areas, would grant them the control of the majority of the social structure. It would grant them the fealty and operational authority, of the political and religious spectrum. These areas were, The Central Banks, the press and the publishing, entertainment and music sectors. The first one gave them control of the money flow and the rest gave them the programming mechanisms, with which to manipulate the public mind, slowly and surely, bringing it to the point where it believed what it was being told.

All of this planning and effort most likely would have been enough. For many people in these times, it seems it has been enough but… any student of history knows that no one, no one has ever taken over the world. As I never tire of quoting; according to Lao Tzu, “the Earth is a sacred vessel, at the mere touch of the profane, it recedes. He also said, “Those who miss, after almost winning, should have known the end from the beginning”. Thankfully, Mr Apocalypse invariably shows up and intensifies and accelerates his particular application of force until what needs to happen, happens.

Many a skeptic might well ask me how I know certain things when, admittedly, I freely state that ‘I don’t know’. That’s a true statement. I myself do not know but… I have an association with someone who does know and I am able to see certain things, at certain times, that are intended to influence and direct the work I do. It is one of the reasons why, with no real, perceivable evidence, I can be so confident and optimistic and operate with ‘no fear’, given the obvious dangers that attend telling the truth in a culture of lies. If the truth were truly forbidden, history would look a lot different than it does. Of course, these fiends, these monsters, have been revising history for a good long time but… the canny researcher, will eventually find ‘occult history’, the hidden history of what actually took place.

These days, we live in a culture of political and religious extremism. These are the conditions that come about at every turning of the age, when the stratified and corrupted infrastructure, of all of our institutions, reaches their final absurdity. When that time arrives, when our leaders become cartoons and objects of ridicule and when theft and murder become the ordinary business of international commerce; when one’s capacity to engage in these things, is celebrated and held up as savvy business acumen, you know it’s all coming to an end. Corruption is a word, whose fullest definitions, need to be explored by the intrepid seeker, especially in respect of what happens to whatever force, or form is corrupted. There is a destiny attendant. It is a certain and sure end. Anyone who believes otherwise, is fooling themselves for the purpose of personal gain. Maybe they think they’ll get out in time and maybe they think it isn’t happening or… it always happens like this, so there’s no likely end, it’s just going to go on and on and on. That’s untrue. That’s a lie.

One of the greatest powers of the darkness and those who serve it, is the continuance of things as they are for long periods of time. It becomes what people come to call, ordinary and commonplace. Things like this are becoming ordinary and commonplace. You can be sure, if those are the correct and defining terms that it’s going to get a lot more ordinary and commonplace, for those whose self interest has triumphed over their humanity. Things like this are getting ordinary and commonplace, as are things like this. People are going ballistic all very the place. Youtube is chock full of them. It’s nut-job central, in restaurants, in the street, pretty much anywhere a nutjob freakout can take place. Why is this happening? It is happening because people cannot process the stress, generated by living in a dysfunctional climate; a dysfunctional world. Their subconsciousness begins to bubble with toxic venom and sooner or later, the pressures build, which makes the contents of that location expand to where they cannot be contained and then upwells through the most accessible release valve and that proves to be the self conscious mind. A large percentage of people are seething with frustration, panic and unfocused anger. Here’s an example but… even more telling is the commentary by the blow-dried, hair spray junkies commenting on it. You’ll note the mention of a gun and how they joke about the whole thing. That’s how it is. Do you want to be there? Do you believe you have to be there? Has the system trapped you in such a way that you see no exit? This takes us back again to the commentary about your faith and hope (not Yomama’s hope) being compromised so that fatalism takes their place.

Just look at all that good healthy food that’s being prepared with the latest fad. The twisted reach of contemporary media is something to see. The shit they peddle, is the uninspired offspring of copulating dumpsters. A hack goes into the publisher’s office and the publisher tells the hack he wants a certain form of garbage, tailored to the tastes of those who eat garbage and they sell hundreds of thousands and millions of copies to the garbage eaters. Bad diet leads invariably to bad health; probably not when you’re young, that’s how so many people get deceived into thinking they can eat anything. These days though, a lot of the food is so bad,l it can easily get you when you are quite young; observe the epidemic of obesity, diabetes and other maladies, sweeping the planet. One of the terrible side effects of bad diet is that it can and often does lead to bad mental diet. Every level of a person’s being gets compromised and you get shit in and shit out, or garbage in and garbage out, (if you prefer) at every level. These days, magazines, newspapers, books, TV, movies, theater productions and concerts, are mostly geared toward low brow consumption. It’s canned beer and greasy burgers for the stomach and the mind, guaranteed to give you a fat head and a big behind. I’m sure there are people who wish I would not call attention to such things but… these things call attention to themselves and they have a cause; genetics being more likely tertiary, quaternary or… even more likely much further down the list.

I’m hoping a greater optimism comes to all who read here. Even if you can’t get it here, I hope you get it somewhere. If you can’t see the hourglass then you don’t know what time it is. The clock won’t tell you anything, it just goes around and around, marking off the usually ignored quadrants of life. Days turn into weeks, weeks into months, months into years and, usually, no one knows the way to San Jose.

No soundbites today, for some reason. Carry on., June 20, 2013


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