Exclusive: Kate Middleton Infertile from Cocaine & Ecstasy ?

 Living Separate Life from Prince William

Kate Middleton During Summer Visit to Canada

By Robert Kern, Truthquake.com Staff

EXCLUSIVE REPORT: According to Kate Middleton’s physicians, she is not able to conceive children.

Prince William’s wife is being given vitamin supplements and is on a special diet.

However, all of the expensive treatments are not expected to make up for the years of abuse Kate, 29, put her body through by using cocaine and ecstasy, according to royal family staff to Truthquake.com.

The sources have asked to remain unnamed, out of fear for losing their jobs or worse.

Many journalists in the United Kingdom have already been arrested simply for researching stories about the royal family.

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Kate Middleton & Prince William on Horse Drawn Landau with Mounties to Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada July 1

Additionally, the Dutchess of Cambridge’s medical problems may be a moot point because there are murmurings in the Royal Court that Prince William has yet to even have consummated their marriage and is not interested in conjugal relations with his new wife because their relationship has changed since first dating.

Currently, Kate and William’s marriage is more of a friendship, photo opportunity and publicity generator, according to our sources.

Workers at Buckingham Palace have made comments about the fact that the couple rarely share the same sleeping quarters.

William apparently is often bedding down at the Royal Stables in Wales, his apartment in SW2 (downtown London), his country estate in Scotland, and in other words, anywhere but with Kate!

Kate Middleton & Prince William on Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Montreal in Quebec, Canada in July

Drugs run in Kate Middleton’s family.

Her millionaire drug-dealer uncle Gary Goldsmith was filmed giving hard drugs to an undercover reporter in 2009, which was exposed by News of the World.

Goldsmith, 44, bragged about a vacation Prince William and his niece had taken at his multi-million dollar villa on Ibiza before “chopping” up lines of cocaine and offering to set the journalist up with high-class prostitutes.

At the time William was forced to cut ties with Goldsmith, but he was later allowed to attend their wedding.



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15 responses to “Exclusive: Kate Middleton Infertile from Cocaine & Ecstasy ?

  1. Not surprised by this at all

  2. Many journalists in the United Kingdom have already been arrested simply for researching stories about the royal family. WOW no wonder we can not get any truthful information–Willy has the reporters arrested–PLEASE don’t give up–get the truth and publish it from another country–people have to know the truth about that gold digger kate middleton

  3. Kimwela Meshack

    may God bless you and you may contiue doing His will.

  4. Anonymous

    Time wasted reading this b******s.

  5. Keegon

    They have already had two children, dumb shit.

    • Not Orangina

      They were born to surrogates – green eyed mother and blue eyed father don’t have children with dark brown eyes. Grow a brain now, kid.

  6. Kassie Kornwall

    They might have two kid from a surrogate, but they are certainly not Windsors, only to look at them to see that. By the way, swearing gives you very little credibility, and shows how unpleasant you appear to be. Keep the truth coming, it is out there, and surfacing by the day. One huge time bomb waiting to be exposed, can´t come soon enough

  7. katrina underwood

    then where did she get the two babies?huh

  8. LesKen

    Would someone please look at the new Aussie Woman’s Day paparazzi photo of nanny George, Charlotte looking at the helicopter’s arrival and tell me if that is a wig on George or what. Doesn’t match his hairline and it is much lighter than the roots. And doesn’t look like real hair at all. It almost looks like a turban. I have always thought they are bleaching his hair or something from when he was about one. His hair lightened so much in a few months it was suspicious to me.

  9. Starfunkel

    Oh my god, you Americans are so stupid. The article is utter tripe… but the comments are even more laughable.

  10. lena

    Where is smoke, there is fire. All world knows she never give birth to any of those kids. They had to kill the nurse to shut her up like they always doing to anyone on their way.

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