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Out of Africa? Nope …

By Paul Richard Harris, Axis of Logic and Bill Van Auken, WSWS
World Socialist Web Site
Wednesday, Jan 23, 2013

Whenever some country – or even a whole continent – is being screwed over, it is natural to look to the United States as the perpetrator. Bill Van Auken (BVA) does just that in the article that follows. It is a pretty safe guess – the US is the world’s premier screw-overer. And there is nothing to argue about what BVA writes here – he is spot on. But it is perhaps useful to examine where to find some of the other screw-overers – for the US is not alone in its imperial interference in Africa.

As most will know, just about all of Africa belonged to some European power for many years. Seven European countries, to be precise. After decades, and even centuries of abuse by these colonizers, African independence movements began, eventually leading to 53 independent countries (with one more added when Sudan split itself in two parts in July 2011). It wasn’t specially helpful that the departing imperialist powers put lines on maps to create countries in complete disregard of historical African affiliations and alliances. That made war between many of the new countries almost an assured result. It also didn’t help that the new nations quickly proved themselves, for the most part, to have insufficient skills to manage their new powers and their new economies.

But the real question here is: Out of Africa? Did the imperialists really ever leave? Well, only sort of. They have mostly maintained a very strong influence that is not even vaguely tied to any reason other than their own capitalist ambitions.

Why would anyone be interested in downtrodden Africa? Money. And lots of it. Africa is chock full of oil. And gas. And diamonds. And coal. And gold. And rare earths. And iron ore. And, in this electronic age, the greatest prize of all – coltan.

So the seven main colonial powers – Great Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Italy, and Belgium – still exercise enormous influence over African nations who remain very dependent on the political and economic wills of their former masters.

Great Britain:

It continues to have great sway over its 17 former African colonies, largely through the British Commonwealth. Many British corporations operate in these countries with sweetheart deals that have very little net benefit for the Africans.


The French have maintained a strong military presence in many of its former colonies – hence the reason it so easily moved to act in Mali over the past few weeks. Like the British, it has vast economic interests – largely mining and fresh water – and with little net benefit for the Africans. Once again, there are 17 countries under the sway of France and, according to the United Nations, the human development record of these 17 former French colonies are among the lowest in the world.


There continue to be five Spanish ‘places of sovereignty’ in Morocco. Its former colonies in Africa have fared better than most since independence. But, once again, Spanish investment in Africa has done little to lift up the African people.


The former German colonies appear to have done the best in Africa since attaining independence (if you put aside any memory of that whole Rwanda thing). And German business continues to have a long reach into those countries, albeit with a slightly more egalitarian tinge than the other Euro-Imperialists.


The former Portuguese colonies were the last to obtain their independence. And, to its credit, Portugal has worked hard to help those countries develop themselves with fair trade practices. Now that the Portuguese economy is in the crapper, however, they are knocking on the doors of their old buddies looking for ways to save their bacon back home.


I guess the biggest news items about the former Italian holdings in Africa have been the cycle of drought in Ethiopia, and the civil war in Libya. Italy benefitted enormously from cheap Libyan oil but, now that the Colonel is gone, Rome is finding it hard to cough up sufficient cash for the new guys in charge.


The colony that started life under King Leopold has been an unmitigated disaster ever since. The first democratically elected Prime Minister of Congo (Patrice Lumumba) met his end with the help of the CIA – solely because he wouldn’t swear he was anti-Soviet. Several decades of US-sanctioned dictatorship followed, only to eventually be supplanted by the ‘election’ of some of the most pathetically inept individuals ever to hold public office. Anywhere. Congo is generally considered to be just about the richest piece of real estate to be found in the world – and it is up for grabs. Canada and the US have been getting their share of it, and so have various European countries. But the Congolese are getting nothing.

So I agree with BVA that US-NATO action in Africa is deplorable. I agree with him that French action is deplorable. And I agree with him that Mali is just the beginning of a new surge of imperialism.

Paul Richard Harris, Editor

Axis of Logic

Imperialism plans “decades of war” in Africa

The French intervention in Mali, followed by the bloody siege in Algeria, represents a turning point in what has emerged as a new imperialist scramble for Africa. With these events, following on the heels of the US-NATO war for regime-change in Libya and the Washington-backed sectarian civil war in Syria, mankind is witnessing a convulsive drive by the major powers to re-divide the world, its territories, markets and resources.

There is every reason to believe that this campaign to re-colonize much of the planet will be even bloodier and more oppressive than the original colonization of Africa.

As in the Libyan war, France has taken the lead in unleashing fighter bombers and deploying its dogs of war, the French Foreign Legion, in Mali. However, the other major imperialist powers have made it clear that they will not remain on the sidelines.

Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron vowed that the UK will “work with others to close down the ungoverned space” in northwest Africa “with all the means that we have.” Terming the developments in Mali and neighboring countries a “global threat,” Cameron declared they would “require a response that is about years, even decades, rather than months.”

The Obama administration initially adopted a cautious approach to the Mali events, no doubt out of concern that it could end up helping an imperialist competitor and undercut its own predatory aims in Africa. However, with the Algerian hostage crisis, which claimed the lives of at least 80 people, including three Americans, Washington has made it clear it intends to intervene aggressively.

US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta commented last Friday: “We have a responsibility to go after Al Qaeda wherever they are. And we’ve gone after them in the FATA (Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas). We’re going after them in Yemen and Somalia. And we have a responsibility to make sure that Al Qaeda does not establish a base for operations in North Africa and Mali.”

The message was unmistakable. Mali and the region are to be turned into a new front in the global US killing spree, to be carried out in the first instance with Predator drones and Hellfire missiles.

The US has also announced that it is sending US Special Forces troops as “trainers” and “advisors” to the six countries—Niger, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Togo and Ghana—which are to provide the troops for an African force being cobbled together by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) as a proxy for imperialist intervention. It will also provide aircraft to deliver them to Mali.

So much for Obama’s inauguration rhetoric. “A decade of war is now ending,” he declared Monday, just a day after Cameron’s warning that decades of war in Africa have only just begun.

We have entered a period when each new war only begets the next: Libya, Syria and now Mali in the space of less than two years.

The connection between them is rarely recognized in the media, which breathlessly reports each new crisis, from the fighting in Mali to the hostage drama at the gas complex in Algeria, as if it were a senseless outrage explicable only as part of the unfolding battle between good and evil known as the global war on terrorism.

The word “blowback” is not to be uttered in the polite company of network news. Yet this is precisely what is involved. The US-NATO war for regime-change in Libya destabilized the entire region. It had the effect of sending Tuaregs, many of whom who had served in Gaddafi’s security forces, fleeing back into Mali under conditions in which Libya’s NATO-backed “revolutionaries” were hunting down and murdering people with black skins.

The Tuaregs, a nomadic people of the Sahel, the region on the edge of the Sahara desert, are to be found in northern Mali as well as Niger, Algeria, Morocco, Libya and Burkina Faso.

In Mali, oppression and neglect by the central government led to four major revolts since independence in 1960. Similar revolts took place in neighboring Niger. The arrival of Tuaregs from Libya, together with large quantities of Libyan weapons, triggered the latest revolt, which was swelled by the wholesale defection of Tuareg troops and officers from the Mali army.

The secular Tuareg nationalists, however, were quickly supplanted by better armed and funded Islamist forces. Immensely strengthened by the US-NATO war in Libya, where they were armed and backed by Washington as proxy ground forces against Gaddafi, they are now being similarly armed and funded as shock troops in the war for regime-change in Syria. It has become impossible to understand US policy in the Middle East and Africa without recognizing that Washington operates in a de facto alliance with Al Qaeda-linked forces.

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), the new “war on terror” bogey man, is, like its predecessor in Afghanistan, a Frankenstein monster of Western imperialism. It emerged from forces that had traveled to Afghanistan with US support to fight the Soviet-backed regime in Kabul in the 1980s, and then returned home to fight the bloody Algerian civil war of the 1990s, when US and French imperialism backed the Algerian military in seizing power to prevent the election of the Islamic Salvation Front. In the repression that followed, over 100,000 Algerians were killed.

The Algerian government has charged that AQIM, like the US-backed “rebels” in Syria, is funded by Washington’s key ally, the Gulf sheikdom of Qatar. And before the present conflict, it was well known that AQIM and similar groups enjoyed the tacit approval of Mali’s US and French-backed central government, which saw the Islamists as a useful counterweight to the Tuaregs.

Now we are asked to believe that this same force has become a “global” threat that may at any moment attack “the homeland.”

The escalating war in Africa is neither about terror nor Al Qaeda. Time magazine succinctly outlined the real motives in Mali: “The dangers expand elsewhere, with huge oil reserves attracting Western companies to set up production across the vast Sahel. South of Algeria and Mali sits Niger, a dirt-poor desert country with the world’s fourth largest output of uranium, which supplies France’s crucial network of nuclear-power stations. East of Algeria is Libya, where a number of Western companies exploit some of Africa’s biggest oil reserves.”

US imperialism and the European powers that formerly colonized Africa are determined to lay hold of these resources. Having been supplanted by China as Africa’s single largest trading partner, and badly trailing Beijing in terms of growth in foreign direct investment, Washington and the European powers are turning to military intervention as a means of offsetting economic decline.

As with the inter-imperialist rivalries generated by the scramble for Africa over a century ago, the present conflicts over domination of the continent point toward the eruption of a new world war.

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Insurance Pays Off for Companies With Occult Logos

Insurance Pays Off for Companies With Occult Logos January 5, 2010

Westfield-Group-boss-Frank-Lowy (left, Westfield Chief Frank Lowy talks shop with office boy, Gordon Brown) (Westfield-Marriott “terror” attacks in bold)

By Glenn Bullock

This is a story about the occult symbolism in the logos of two prominent real estate companies, Westfield Group and Marriott Hotels, and how both have been the target of “terrorist” attacks from which they profited handsomely, thanks to their insurance.

I’d like to show you a “cipher included” word code used by the Westfield and Marriott companies; they use virtually the same one. We’ll start with the word Westfield.

westfield                            The Westfield Company is the world’s largest publicly listed retail property group. They are Larry Silverstein’s partner at the World Trade Center. The thing to notice with this logo is the unusual font type. It’s unique, no other font type has an f so large it obscures another letter; in this case the dot above the i is removed to make room for it! This is the clue that reveals the cipher; it shows ‘dots removed’! How to apply that to discover the puzzle’s meaning is next! We have to find where the dots have been removed and replace them to progress! The W used in Westfield is unlike western W’s, because it isn’t singularly that! W in that font is also a Hebrew letter that makes two sounds. The letter is called Shin or Sin.

shinIf a dot were placed above the right hand upright the letter is Shin, it makes the Sh sound. If a dot is placed above the left hand upright it’s called Sin, and makes the Sss sound.If dots were placed over both we have Shh and Sss.

Shh means secret and Ssss represents the serpent, Secret Serpent, but only when dots are replaced. Stick with me it builds!

The Hebrew letter Shin/Sin has a special meaning for Jews as its three upright lines represent the three valleys that converge on Jerusalem! The letter Shin/Sin with dots replaced is Secret Serpent of Jerusalem!

It goes a little deeper yet! Take a look at the middle letters t f i on the Westfield logo. They join to form the letter M. A central figure in Serpent Cult (Illuminati) worship is Moloch. The singular use of M represents Moloch.

Moloch was worshiped by the Ammonite tribe who lived in Canaan before Moses and Joshua showed up. The following troubled period of years were called “the mingling”, during which time the tribes and knowledge of Jews and Ammonites mingled to some degree! This mingled knowledge is an integral part of modern Freemasonry!

pillars(left) The Masonic Pillars of Wisdom, Strength and Beauty forming the letter Shin.

So far in the word puzzle we see ‘Secret Serpent of Jerusalem’ and ‘Moloch,’ encrypted and represented in the one word, Westfield, but there’s a little more yet.

The word Westfield refers to a significant Occult place. The Egyptians believed it was bad medicine to have the Sun cast the shadow of the dead Pharaohs over the land in the morning or day; so they always buried them to the west of the Nile, in the west field.

The shadow of the dead was then cast over the land at night from the west field, when Horus the Sun was killed each night by his opposite, Set, at Sun-Set. Westfield in the Egyptian tradition means place of the death of Horus and, place of the buried dead. Egyptian traditions are also an integral part of modern Freemasonry, which is the religion of Zionism!

Adding together the components of the Westfield word puzzle we get Secret Serpent of Jerusalem place of death/dead, with honor to Moloch a god of Human sacrifice shown in the manufactured M, to whom the sacrifice is traditionally ‘passed through the flames unto Moloch’!

The Marriott Company uses virtually the same W type as Westfield, but flipped over to an M for their logo; which includes the encrypted ‘Secret Serpent of Jerusalem’. The dot of the i of the Marriott logo is simply omitted to show dots removed.

marriott I think the Marriott Family Company and Westfield have attracted some bad luck using these symbols. They must be the unluckiest property owners in the world!

Westfield has had so much bad luck:

9/11: New York, WTC complex buildings one, two, seven and Westfield Hotel demolished in terror attack. Silverstein and Westfield pocketed $4.5 Billion from 9/11.

21 Sept 05: Westfield Mall, Perth, Australia: bomb scare.

17 May 06: Westfield, Woden, Australia: bomb scare

21 July 07: Court house adjacent Westfield Centre Derby, England: bomb scare causing evacuation of Westfield premises.

01 March 08: Westfield Old Orchard Mall, Skokie, Illinois: bomb scare.

20 April 09: Westfield Hotel Annapolis: bomb scare during Americas next top model competition. Marriott have also had such bad luck I thought I’d list it:

20 Sept’ 08: Marriott Hotel, Islamabad, Pakistan: blown up.

17 July 08: Marriott Hotel, Jakarta: blown up.

17 July 08: Ritz Carlton Hotel, Jakarta: blown up.

Further investigation revealed the Ritz Carlton Company is owned by Marriott!

You may think at this stage that the cipher included word code and I are nuts; but you’ll have to agree with me that to lose the Twin Towers, Building Seven, the WTC complex Westfield Hotel, the Islamabad Marriott, the Jakarta Marriott and the Marriott owned Jakarta Ritz Carlton, on top of all those bomb scares, is a really bad run of luck between the Westfield and Marriott companies!

Just to add to the fun the 2008 Bilderberg group meeting was held in Chantilly Virginia at the Westfields Marriott Hotel. Aren’t we lucky it didn’t blow up!

In February 2009 Westfield owned 119 shopping malls worldwide. One of them is in my home City Derby, England. The Westfield shopping centre is built on an ancient Druid sacrifice site in the City Centre called “The Spot.” Westfield also recently built a Hotel in Cannock, England; it is a huge four sided Owl which represents Moloch of Canaan, Arianrhod the Owl god of the Druids and Minerva of the Greek tradition, it is also built on an ancient Druid sacrifice site! These sites are not thick on the ground!

If any person out there knows of any other points of interest or ‘terror incidents’ involving Westfield, Marriott or other companies they own, please let me know at /* */ Because they do seem to have a lot of bad luck!

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September 29, 2013 · 11:22 am

The MI6-Al-Shabaab Connection

By T.J. Coles. Axis of Logic
Axis of Logic
Wednesday, Jul 4, 2012

British security analysts fear that the militant Islamic Somali group Al-Shabaab, which has admitted to carrying out acts of terrorism, may attack the London Olympic Games. The military and its secret services count on the media to “set the agenda” (Chatham House)1 and to “shape perceptions” (Ministry of Defence).2 It is not surprising, then, that the government’s terrorism claims are repeated uncritically by the media, which specialise in “white propaganda” (an official term for establishment messages).3

Al-Shabaab foreign forces are recruited and trained by MI5 agents.

In reality, Al-Shabaab was infiltrated by old MI6 assets long ago, and its foreign forces are recruited and trained by MI5 agents (see below). If there is an attack on the Olympic Games carried out by Al-Shabaab, it will almost certainly be a false-flag designed to propel a war-weary public into supporting yet more bloodshed in the Pentagon’s quest for Full Spectrum Dominance.4 With one million Somalis dependent on Red Cross food aid (and not by accident), a British-led invasion could lead to mass starvation.

Shell and BP have long-standing oil contracts in Somalia, which the country’s socialist Islamic Courts Union jeopardised by permitting Chinese and Russian prospecting.5 A Chatham House study sponsored by BP recommended that because “Voters will not actively call for a more effective foreign policy,” the unelected Tory-Liberal government “should define its international mission as managing risks on behalf of British citizens.”6

The review laid the basis for the national security and strategic defence reviews, which named Somalia and adjacent Yemen, as “threats” to Britain’s “security.”7 In reality, Britain has been a major threat to Somalia and Yemen since the days of Empire, killing 200,000 Yemenis in the 1962-1970 war.8 If you want to know the military-industrial-complex’s real interest in Somalia and Yemen, look at a map. No amount of propaganda (except perhaps major cartographical revisions) can disguise the fact that 16,000 trade ships a year pass through the Gulf of Aden on their way to Europe and the US.9 Counterterrorism is a necessary pretext for militarising the zone.


The Red Cross warned that nearly one million Somalis are dependent upon aid.10 The foundations of the crisis were laid in 2006, when the Ethiopia-based Transitional Federal Government (TFG)—financed, armed, and trained by British special forces—invaded Somalia to depose the Islamic Courts Union. The TFG’s interior minister, Guled Ghamadeere, held up World Food Program (WFP)-delivered aid. The WFP refused to act because it was being used to funnel Department for International Development money (given by the British taxpayer) to the TFG.11

The mass-murder, rape, looting, and torture inflicted by the TFG sparked a refugee crisis in which one million Somalis fled Mogadishu. Hundreds of thousands of Somali and Ethiopian “boat people” flee across the Gulf of Aden each year to seek refuge in Yemen,12 where the British-trained and armed security services murdered demonstrators during the Arab Spring.13 A quarter of a million Somalis also live in dire conditions in Kenyan camps, where the British-trained and armed Kenyan forces rape and extort the women. Other refugees live on the Somalia-Ethiopia border.14

The dire situation put 4 million Somalis on the brink of starvation in a “famine caused by men, not by global warming,” in the words of the only journalist in Britain to cover the story (Aden Hartley). The US Congress described the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) as a non-violent, non-extremist socialist government which achieved poverty reduction. A Chatham House paper noted the ICU’s near-total eradication of piracy.15 But a stable, socialist government which allowed Russia and China to prospect for oil was not to be tolerated by Britain.

Al-Shabaab spokesman,
Sheikh Rageh

The TFG finally dismantled the ICU in the three-year war. From the wreckage emerged Al-Shabaab, the armed, militant wing of the ICU. In contrast to its predecessor, Al-Shabaab is an extremist organisation which has committed human rights violations—though nothing on the scale of the British-created TFG.16 Ugandans, whose military forces are part of the international occupation of Somalia, paid a bitter price in 2010, when Al-Shabaab committed its first external act of terrorism, targeting a soccer World Cup game. The act was confirmed by Al-Shabaab spokesman, Sheikh Rageh.17 What was not reported, however, is that Rageh’s superior, Ahmed Abdi Godane, has CIA-MI6 links:


In June 2011, the head of UK Counterterrorism, Campbell McCafferty, testified to a committee that “There has not been any evidence of a link between the [Somali] pirates and al-Shabab.” However, such a “link to terrorism would change entirely the international community’s view … I think people are looking hard for those links.”18 The inference being that if terrorism doesn’t exist, it has to be invented.

A few months later, People newspaper reported “fears that al-Shabaab will attempt to strike at the [London Olympic] Games, as well as growing concern over piracy and kidnappings.” Providing no evidence, the author Nick Dorman said that “Fanatics from the [Shabaab] group were responsible for 21/7, the botched plot to set off bombs in London in 2005.”19 There is just one slight problem with this analysis: Al-Shabaab didn’t even exist in 2005. Congressional sources trace its origins to 2007.20

MI5 Chief Jonathan Evans

Dorman’s article ended with a quote from a Ministry of Defence official who claimed that Somalia may be next in line for British occupation. This was followed by an unprecedented statement from MI5 chief Jonathan Evans, that “Somalia has become the next destination after Pakistan for terrorist training due to the presence of al-Shabaab, an extremist group with links to al-Qa’ida.”21 According to the late British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, “al-Qaeda” is a CIA term used by the agency to describe “the computer data-base” of fighters that it—together with MI6 and the SAS—funded, armed, and trained in 197922 in order “to draw the Russians into the Afghan trap,” as Jimmy Carter’s then-National Security Advisor explained.23

Haroon Rashid Aswat

Parliamentary documents reveal that MI6 “mobilised” the terrorist group Al-Muhajiroun in the 1990s in order to fight in Kosovo.24 FBI agent and former prosecutor John Loftus, speaking on behalf of the FBI, revealed that the British extremist Haroon Rashid Aswat is an MI6 double-agent, and that through Al-Muhajiroun has recruited fighters for Somalia from the UK. Far from being “Al-Shabaab” that tried to commit terrorism on 21/7, it was actually Aswat who was behind the 7/7 and 21/7 attacks, Loftus said.25 It should be noted, however, that most British Somalis do not support Al-Shabaab, “al-Qaeda”, or terrorism.26

Abu Qatada, MI5-MI6 Agent in a safe house in England cared for by British Intel Services.

Abu Qatada, whom the Daily Mail describes as “Bin Laden’s right-hand man in Britain,”27 is another MI5-MI6 agent, which explains the reason for his slow extradition. According to a Time Magazine article from 2002, “senior European intelligence officials tell TIME that Abu Qatada is tucked away in a safe house in the north of England, where he and his family are being lodged, fed and clothed by British intelligence services.”28

MI5 double-agent Reda Hassaine stated: “I saw Qatada brainwash young Muslims, living in Britain from Africa, Somalia, Sudan, Morocco and my own country of Algeria.”29 On Al-Shabaab, the Guardian reported that “Britons are believed to make up about a quarter of the 200 or so of its foreign fighters, according to the Royal United Services Institute.”30

It is surely no coincidence that Somalia and Sudan are now listed as the most dangerous places in the world by the Maplecroft Terrorism index?31 After Somalia’s first mosque bombing in 2010, many Somalis suspected foreign involvement.32 It was later revealed that SAS killers had been in Somalia for many years assisting the TFG and the Puntland police force.33

Ahmed Abdi Godane,
Al-Shabaab Leader

One of Al-Shabaab’s leaders is Ahmed Abdi Godane (also known as Abu Zubayr). Godane joined Al-Itihad al Islamiya (AIAI) in the 1990s. According to the US State Department, AIAI “was an Islamist militant group founded by Somali Salafis in the 1980s. Many of its fighters trained with al Qaeda in Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation, and returned to Somalia after the war.”34 The US State Department defines “al-Qaeda” as: “Established by Usama Bin Ladin in the late 1980s to bring together Arabs who fought in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union.”35 In other words, its own creation.

The MI5-MI6-Al-Shabaab links appear to cross “virtual” barriers. Al-Shabaab’s website reaches Somalis from its registered base in Sweden. It has posted anti-negotiation statements, written under religious pretexts, in order to encourage Al-Shabaab members to dismiss peace settlements, such as the Djibouti Round (2009). The website also schools young recruits in bomb-making and even attempts to incite Kenyan Muslims. The website is run by Musa Said Yusuf Godir, who in 2008, was arrested in London with his colleague Ahmed Said Mohamed Faarax-Deeq, who runs other Al-Shabaab-affiliated websites. They were charged with terrorism offences.

However, “Both men were subsequently cleared of the charges and released,” the UN reported. “On the night of 28 July 2009, participants in an Al-Shabaab online forum celebrated the release of Faarax-Deeq,” the agency added, concluding: “On 9 August 2009, a group of Somalis … hosted a reception for Faarax-Deeq and Godir in Leicester [UK],”36 all under the nose of MI5.



  1. Chatham House, “Are our media threatening the public good?” February, 2010, London: Institute for Government



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