The Duped, the Despicable and the Depraved.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Les Visible

Never before have we seen the darkness stymied as it is presently. Sure, they’re going on about their business, as they have been but, there’s a hitch in their giddyup. There’s a limp perceptible in the movements of the main offensive players. They blinked. They drew back. They haven’t done that before.

Let’s look at present equations, in terms of metaphysics, with a little exampling from Nature’s perennial truths. Things occur in a seasonal order. So far as I know, the routine has always been Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. It’s never gone in the opposite direction, nor has it leapfrogged, so long as I’ve been a witness to the cycling. What I’m trying to get around to here is that everything has a season. We’ve already had that brought to our attention by the folk rock group, The Byrds, back in the 60’s. David Crosby sacrificed his liver in order to bring this to our attention; “there is a season and a time to every purpose under Heaven”, or something like that. The words don’t necessarily go in that order but… they do go in some order that is not necessarily Novis Ordo Seclorum. I hope I haven’t been over using the word ‘necessarily’.

Yes, there are cycles and seasons to everything, including you (except for certain rare and special cases) as was put forth with great finesse and articulation by The Bard in his ‘Seven Ages of Man‘. Regular readers here will see ‘for the purpose of demonstration’ written large throughout this rendering. Consonant with the obvious truth contained in this piece and the unwavering truth of the term, “for the purpose of demonstration’, we come also to the inflexible veracity of that other term, “Everything is under control”. The most powerful personage I ever encountered in this life and… I have encountered a few, said that to me; “Everything is under control.”

No doubt those who understand little about me, consider me a gullible and imaginative sort. I don’t doubt there are people who think I believe as I do, because it is what I want to believe. The truth is otherwise. I believe what I believe because I have subjected it to rigorous inquiry, in much the same way as I have come to certain fixed conclusions about the damned state of Israel and the dreadful entities that populate that place- for the most part. If I believe something I have gone out of my way to shake it every which way but loose. I’ve looked around it and into it and I have held it up in comparison to all manner of other things, to which it bears any likeness or to which it occupies a space close in time. I understand that time itself is not the same everywhere, at least not in the perception of it. One experiences a very different sense of time, in a prion or at the motor vehicle department, than one does at a dinner party or during an acid trip (especially during an acid trip).

In the case of everything being under control, let us consider the presence of gravity, the Earth’s rotation, as well as the Earth’s course around the sun. Let us consider the course of all of the planets in their orbits. Let us consider the temporary courses of the usual human existence, the rise and fall of empires and societies, as well as the emergence of new cultures and the decline of those past their prime. Let’s consider what physicists say about everything being made out of the same thing and that everything is ‘thought born’.This is general and certainly less than comprehensive but I haven’t got all day to spend with angels dancing on the head of a pin; not that there’s a whole lot of room. The truth of the matter is that people are either coming to their conclusions objectively or subjectively. Controlling reality and the perception of reality; what reality is, according to those interpreting it, is the usual province of governments and religions. In the worst of times, the two of them conspire toward the greatest degree of profit and that means, manipulating fears and defining the elements of mystery. The truth is beyond the power of words to interpret or define. This makes it open season on the credibility of the dupes seduced by appetite and the promise of what lies beyond, as determined by the priest classes from the temples of superstition and the marketplace. Yes, there are priests of the marketplace, as there are priests from any place where the machinery of business runs on the blood of the people, by virtue of being the lubrication, which allows for the smooth turning of the gears and wheels of industry.

One might logically then say that “everything is under control for the purpose of demonstration”. All wars are magical wars. Every man and woman is a magician. Unfortunately, most of them are bad magicians, just as they are uncoordinated and awkward dancers, for the same reasons that their so called lovemaking is a momentary passion, in which the whole of it is beyond their control. As I’ve said a time or two, when people have sex, various invisible diners are having a picnic. As Mikhail Aivanhov said, “If people knew what was having lunch, while they were having sex, they would be a lot more careful about the way they go about it.” That’s a paraphrasing of course …but the meaning is exactly what he intended.

If it were not for cosmic justice, there would be none. You might not see it, it’s scope is vast and its timelines beyond the understanding and framework of any human life. When people think me crazy, I’m gratified. I know if I seem crazy to them, I am sane in all the ways that count. If the world does not see you as crazy, you can hardly be considered sane in any real sense. Everything is upside down and backwards. As I’ve pointed out often enough, when you are born you see things upside down. It’s in learning to walk that it comes right side up and the reason that is such a marvelous accomplishment. I won’t go into it other than to state it.

Do not forget, ‘evil destroys itself’. That is the nature of evil and it’s under control as well, regardless of appearances to the contrary. There are long extensions of time and history, during which little but rape, rampage and Draconian oppression are to be seen. Then there are those cusp periods, which connect the ending of one long, long procession with the beginning of another. We are in such a cusp period and it is here that justice and the summation of all that has gone before takes place. I’m repeating myself but I don’t know what else to do, maybe this time it will, ring a new bell here or there. You can only imagine what kind of evil Obama, Kerry, McCain, Graham, Susan Rice and Samantha Powers have gotten up to. Certainly John Kerry (look at his right eye- left from your perspective) and the rest of them have indulged in seriously dark escapades. It’s not about the wealth. They have that. It’s not about the power. They don’t actually have any of that. They are mere pawns. No, they are compromised by some combinations of outraged innocence, torment, death and sex and… who knows in what order this has taken place?

The whole of the previous decades has been to instill an unshakeable conviction in the hearts and minds of these vile creatures that they cannot be stopped and this has propelled them from one heinous act to another, always increasing in measurable depravity. They are being ‘pressed out’, just like the real sources of the evil, which are hidden on other planes …but which are being persistently driven outward into manifestation for the purpose of judgment.

Look around you at Fukushima, the series of endless wars, the grand economic failures, the toxicity of GMO’s, the plague of poisonous pharmaceuticals, the torture and the genocides, the depleted uranium, the blowback from fracking, the destruction of The Gulf of Mexico, the perversion of the Jet Stream and the Gulf Stream. I’m told the Trade Winds have left Hawaii. These are only a few of the ills that threaten us all and collectively they ‘potentially’ signal the end of human life as we know it, even though human life is a strange euphemism, given the parody of it that we have been witnessing.

The oppressive overview of the threats and looming storms of the moment are surely intimidating to those who lack the necessary certitude about everything being under control. It definitely looks anything but; unless you’ve got other intel. Besides the obvious fools and identifiable monsters, there is that greater mass which sees the cup half empty or the cup half full. Pessimism and Optimism are natural extensions that project out from the embrace of specific philosophies. The philosophy one embraces, is directly relevant to the justification of their appetites and pursuits. In order to legitimize whatever we get up to, we adjust the parameters of our value systems for inclusiveness. We lie to ourselves and then we lie to others and because there are a great many of us, so engaged, you get a symphony of dunderheads in collective agreement of manufactured bullshit.

I’m not the sole professor or depository of these observations. There are quite some number of others, present and gone, who have discovered the same things and anyone, willing to put aside the powerful impress of appetite and ambition, along with fear and denial, will have little trouble coming to similar conclusions. Well, we are each responsible for the determinations we make about life and the meaning of life. We are responsible for the things we go after and the steps we take to acquire them. We are the authors of the actions taken and the dialogue engaged in, which makes up the story of our life. All of these come as a direct result of what inspires us and… in these times, more often deceives us as well.

So, I think I’ve beaten this dead horse enough this go around. I’m surprised, given how often I’ve been about it, that it hasn’t gotten up and simply galloped away by now. Stranger things have happened and… stranger things are about to happen. Live and learn, or don’t.

End Transmission…….


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