Illuminati Behind Popularity of Tattoos?

October 21, 2013

beiber moloch.png(Illuminati boy toy Justin Bieber provides model for teens.)

If the body is the temple of the soul,
then tattoos are  graffiti.
What do so many people deface themselves?

David Richards looks at the phenomenon and
speculates on a possible Illuminati agenda.

 Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I [am] the “I AM”.   Leviticus 19:28

by David Richards

Returning to England after spending 2 ½ years abroad, I noticed many more people were displaying tattoos. A decade ago there were 300 tattoo parlors in Britain, now there are more than 1,500. The best estimate says 20% of Brits have a tattoo. The picture is the same across the Atlantic; 14% of all Americans have a tattoo, including 36 % of all 18-25 year olds and 40% of 26-40 year olds.

Clearly, the Illuminati are promoting tattoos. Nearly every star is covered in them. A good example is Justin Bieber who has nearly a dozen tattoos despite being only 19-years-old. He has an image of Moloch on his arm.

porn girl tatt2.JPGWhat is the purpose of this campaign? On one level, it is part of the agenda to corrupt and degrade.

In Western culture, traditionally, social outcasts get tattoos: criminals, sailors and bikers. For this deviant activity to have become mainstream is a big deal yet little mention has been made about it.

The Illuminati use tattoos as a method of branding.  This is seen by how they mark sex slaves. Many girls in porn movies have tattoos of Illuminati symbols, like this girl (left) in a video on a major porn site. Girls in different films have tattoos of Monarch butterflies and satanic symbols.
However, I believe the primary purpose is to prepare the public for RFID implants and brainchips. To desensitize us to being branded, they are encouraging us to brand ourselves. That’s why they promote tattoos.  This desire to brand is also behind the push for brain chips, which is why people call them the ‘mark of the beast’!

RFID tattoo.JPGThe big players of the transhumanism movement talk about the need to desensitize the public to implants. Dr. Keith Bolton, chief technology officer at industry leader Applied Digital Systems, said at a meeting in 2000:

“Before there may have been resistance, but not anymore. People are getting used to implants. New century, new trend. We will be a hybrid of electronic intelligence and our own soul.’

The desensitization campaign is multi-faceted, including having characters in TV shows with brain implants, like the Borg Collective in Star Trek who are equipped with brain implants that connect them to a collective consciousness, to the push for people to have their pets micro chipped.

Incredibly, the British government has announced that all owners who fail to chip their pet will be fined £500 ($750.) I believe tattooing is promoted because, like an RFID implant, it involves painful intrusion into the skin.

A few years ago the University of Illinois announced they had created an electronic skin tattoo with RFID technology. Considering how ‘cool’ tattoos are, how many young people would think twice about getting one?


Despite often looking superficial and silly, tattoos have a meaning for their wearers and are designed to communicate something. The Royal Society of Psychiatrists list seven main reasons that people get inked:
·         Association with sexual immaturity, rebellion problems with identity and need to assert independence
·         In females, to enhance the feminine image or intended as social resistance
·         To prove toughness
·         Fashion
·         Belonging to a group
·         Religious reasons
·         Exoskeletal defence

I have seen examples of these. My uncle recently got a huge tattoo on his right arm of a man climbing a rock face. My uncle works for a big corporation but his passion is climbing. He clearly feels a ‘need to assert his uniqueness’: the ink gives him a sense of breaking out of his corporate straight jacket and expressing his true self.

Many guys my age (25) try to look tough by getting pseudo-heroic tattoos, featuring things like skull and crossbones, powerful animals and slogans like ‘Death before Dishonour’. Is this a reaction to feminism?

I see even more girls with tattoos; they must think it makes them look sexier.  Girls with body image issues are more likely to get inked. A study of “at-risk” (as defined by school absenteeism and truancy) adolescent girls showed a positive correlation between body modification and negative feelings towards the body and low self-esteem.

sugar skull tatt.JPGIndigenous cultures from Papua New Guinea to India have used tattoos for religious purposes. Indeed, Sigmund Freud referred to the spirituality of the skin, calling it the “mystic writing pad”. An example I’ve noticed is the popular ‘sugar skull’ tattoo, a symbol originally used in the Mexican Day of the Dead. The symbol features a skull decorated with flowers, signifying the overcoming of fear of death and the celebration of life.

The Royal Society of Psychiatrists has also found that ‘the prevalence of tattoos is higher among people with mental disorders and those likely to come in contact with mental health services.’ Tattoos could be on the rise because society is breaking down and people are becoming more mentally unstable and neurotic.


Tattooing is dumb. Getting inked is sold as a way to express yourself and experiment with fashion, but there are ways of doing this without scarring yourself. The high level of regret that follows getting one is shown by the fact that tattoo removal is now a bigger business than tattooing.  Even for those people who keep them, their skin loses elasticity and wrinkles with age, making the tattoo look like a big smudge.

The popularity of tattooing shows how readily we dance to the Illuminati’s beat. This doesn’t bode well as we enter the transhumanist age, and may go through physical transformations we can’t undo.

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