Inside-Job Mumbai

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Journalists Cathy Scott Clark and Adrian Levy, who describe the mastermind of the Mumbai Terrorist attack as a CIA asset.
There is growing evidence that the ‘terrorist’ attack on Mumbai in 2008 was the work of the security services of India, the USA and others.
The main planner of the Mumbai Attack was the American called David Headley.

David Headley in Mumbai
Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott Clark, British investigative journalists and authors of ‘The Siege’, remind us of the following:

1. David Headley’s wife, Faiza, warned the American Embassy that David Headley was planning a terrorist attack in Mumbai.

She noted the lack of reaction from the embassy and came to the conclusion that David Headley could well be working for the Americans.

Adrian Levy, author of controversial book ‘The Siege’, speaks to NDTV


2. Headley and the other ‘terrorists’ in Mumbai had support from important people in Mumbai.

Adrian Levy, author of controversial book ‘The Siege’, speaks to NDTV

An agent in the Indian intelligence services helped carry out the terrorist attack in Mumbai in 2008.

‘Indian government spy helped in 26/11 attacks’

The agent named “Honey Bee” is referred to in Levy and Scott-Clark’s book “The Seige”.

For the first 28 hours of the siege, the 4 Taj gunmen were almost completely unhindered.

It took 58 hours to end the siege – evidence that this was an inside job.


3. David Headley was a valued CIA asset.

America sacrificed Mumbai to keep Headley in play


4. Certain Indian intelligence agents accused their US counterparts of protecting Headley.

5. In 2009, certain agents from India’s spy service RAW confronted the CIA and accused the US of having some responsibility for the deaths in Mumbai.

Serril Headley and son.

6. David Headley’s mother was Serrill Headley, a socialite and adventuress from Maryland.His father worked for Voice of America (a CIA front).

David Headley worked for America’s Drugs Enforcement Administration (DEA) which is very close to the CIA.

By 2008, David Headley was married to three women, none of whom knew of the others’ existence.

David Headley in various disguises.

The wife in the US grew suspicious after he championed the (CIA’s) 9/11 attack, and she reporting him to the authorities.

David Headley’s cousin Alex Headley, a soldier in the US Army, considered reporting him.

David Headley’s mother Serril informed on him to the FBI.

Serrill Headley, who died ten months before Mumbai, told a friend that her son ‘must have worked for the US government’ .

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