Breeding Terrorism / Modified Islam

The sectarian warfare has turned into a war against Islam. It is Islam that is targeted in this war, and no Islam will be allowed to survive except the terrorist Islam. This Islam- if Islam there is- will be fed and nurtured and funded and supplied and boosted in every form . The war on Religion had started long ago; and now, this war will be waged against Religion in the name of secularity as well. From trying to alter the Religion, to trying to modify the teachings of the Religion , to the promotion of sectarianism , the multiple attempts at exposing Islam have never stopped. This has started with the Talibans who frequented the innumerable Taliban schools, sponsored by KSA, and with al Qa’ida -the joint Saudi / US endeavor- to use religion and hired jihadists to fulfill US political schemes, and carry on military tasks, designed and operated by world Intelligence .

For sure the World Order cannot co exist with true Islam, and cannot also win the battle against Islam . Therefore, Islam is to be exposed -as terrorist- and destroyed from within. What we are witnessing right now -in Iraq and Syria- is something similar whereby sectarian thugs are set against Muslims and against one another as well. This will not be the first time that the World Order uses a form of Religion in order to carry on inimical schemes that target peoples and nations . Previously, Judaism was used to further colonialism by creating an interpretation of Judaism – called Zionism – that gave the Jews license to create an Israeli state, on usurped Arab land, in order to fulfill a certain so called Godly promise, made to some chosen people .

In relation to this, Judaism became a religion that breeds terror . This has become true of Islam as well. What helped in this matter is that Muslims suffer from the same Jewish ailment that considers Islam superior to other faiths – or beliefs- and therefore, gives right to the adepts of the Religion to impose their view on others. This behavior – on behalf of Muslims- though not religiously justified- is widely spread , if not – so to say – unanimous .

This tendency manifested itself early in the way Muslims – in Asia – viewed the Hindu religion as unworthy, and the way they considered Hindus as worshipers of idols who are not fit to rule over pious Muslims . This unjustified feeling of superiority over Hindus, and this feeling of exclusiveness- as exploited by the British – was at the origin of the creation of the separate state of Pakistan ; separation that caused unimaginable bloodshed and unforgettable miseries . This same exclusiveness will be used later in fueling sectarian hatred between Sunnis and Shi’as, whereby Sunnis – posing as the true adepts of the Religion -will try to exclude and demonize and spill the blood of their Shi’a brothers , supported – in this- by their religious references and authorities, and by their sect in general. Terrorism in Islam has no other origin.

Thus, the world order has taken upon itself to reproduce Islam and create a modified version of Islam compatible with the schemes of expansion , domination and annihilation of the other, proper to the World Order..


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