Friday, February 7, 2014

The lead in to the Winter Olympics in Sochi has been the biggest bash fest of Russia since the 1980 boycott of the summer games in Moscow. Remember that? It was supposedly due to Russia’s invasion of Afghanistan. It’s ironic in hindsight and we all know why.

Between the Western  promotion of a gay agenda and Putin’s laws banning propagandizing little kids into having to deal with ‘alternative’ lifestyles before they’re ready and the chatterbox of  the threats of checkbook terrorism in Russia, the games themselves never got the early on full spotlight

On cue today we have had what may be a psyuos, an attempted  hijacking of a plane that its reported objective was to land in Sochi and disrupt the games. How convenient that the plane made it to NATO ally Turkey where the story will be spun to the benefit of those who kept saying “We told you so.”

Just the other night Amnesty International had its first concert for ‘human rights in 16 years and focused on Russia for its bad, bad record of right’s abuse . Featuring Kabbalah girl Madonna and her new hooligan friends, two paid provocateurs of  Pu$$y Riot, it was a hypocritical diversion.  I don’t think there was a mention of US atrocities and their own industrial prison system or mercenaries bought by Saudi Arabia, and others to destroy Syria. Certainly nothing about human rights violations by Israel against Palestinians. Roger Waters did not get an invite.

Say what you will but the terrorism fearmongering and concerted effort to demonize Russia have worked to keep the crowds away. Attendance will not be to capacity and mainly Russian spectators.

Once again we in the occupied west need Russia as the most formidable enemy.Whether or not we ever go to world war 3 with them, it’s still a big money maker and a great distraction for all the chaos we inflict elsewhere. Putin is portrayed as the second coming of Stalin…or is that Hitler? The 1936 Olympics reincarnated.

It’ a tangled web of deceit. There are many pawns in this game. Not the least of which is us as we watch the athletes as artists, commercialized, propagandized  and politicized for purposes way beyond simple games and competition.


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