The Four Herds.


by Tony Muga aka: Hatrick Penry

c. 2012

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind.” ~ Bob Marley

The 1st herd:

The 1st herd lives and dies by the word of the mainstream media. What Diane Sawyer and Dan Rather say is law, reality, the truth. End of story. It’s very, very hard to awaken a member of the 1st herd. After all, it’s such a comfortable, pleasant reality in which they live. Members of the 1st herd are often referred to as ‘sheeple’ and in a manner of speaking, they are sheared on a regular basis. There is a theory that many in the 1st herd know of the other two herds but prefer a good shearing every now and then to the reality of the ‘desert of the real’.

The 1st herd lives in an automated society.  They enjoy an automated society. They don’t yet realize how fun thinking for yourself can actually be. Wake members of the 1st herd gently, slowly, or they will bite you and kick at you with their hooves.

“You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on.” ~ George W. Bush

The 2nd herd:

The 2nd herd thinks they have awakened. Most are well intentioned people searching for the truth but they were corralled by the likes of Alex Jones, Mike Adams and other ‘alternative’ and ‘independent’ media figureheads who sell only government approved propaganda and never offer any solutions. They are fear-mongering tricksters that tell the truth, but not the whole truth, and they don’t always give it right away.

The 2nd herd has not yet realized just how deep the level of deception goes. The 2nd herd thinks the deception is contained within the 1st rank media outlets; they also believe the alternative and independent media are pure, pristine and innocent like a babe. Perhaps they have not sat for long periods of time and contemplated just what 500 trillion dollars can do in this world. Deception is mathematical. Will the 2nd herd ever figure this out?  Not as long as they underestimate their opposition’s ability to control the flow of information.

Note: members of the 2nd herd will also kick and bite when you try to wake them.  Even more so because they think they are already fully awakened.

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” ~Socrates

The 3rd herd (the Socratic herd):

The 3rd herd is awake, in that they know they are being fooled and that they are aware of the many different levels of perceived reality. My cat has no idea about the impending Iran war or WW3 or even the concept of war. Does that make Iran or war any less real? In the same manner, the 3rd herd knows there is much they don’t know, just like the Greek philosopher Socrates did.

The 3rd herd knows how difficult it is to find the truth about the events unfolding before us, they know the true rulers of this planet (we shall call them the illuminati) have bent their resources and willpower to find all human weaknesses, and exploit them. They understand that the human brain is a flesh computer. It has desires. It has fears. It is programmable. It can be automated. The 3rd herd know this and know the illuminati know this and are using it against the human race.

The 3rd herd understands propaganda and realizes, by way of personal experience and painstaking research that 95% of all media has been corrupted.  If they are powerful, wealthy or in the eye of the public on a regular basis, they are corrupt. The 3rd herd understands what an individual with integrity looks like, for they were our prophets and were assassinated in one form or another throughout history.

The 3rd herd understands the entire planet and the human population on it are in grave danger.

The 4th herd:

The 4th herd is so small it is unfair to even call them a herd at all. They are the highest level players on the planet, maybe not even on this planet, if you know what I mean. We call them the illuminati. The illuminati create the perceived reality for 99% of the Earth’s inhabitants because they control energy and information. We may never know who they are or even what they look like, but make no mistake they are real. How do I know this? Consider this analogy:

If an acre of land is kept hidden from a man who is allowed to explore an entire thousand acres of land around it, by default that man can be pretty certain of what kind of terrain lies on that secret acre. If he has just hiked through miles and miles of swamp, he knows a mountain range is not likely there. He knows his search of the unseen acre will, more often than not, reveal more swamp.

You yourself will know this to be true only when you have explored enough ‘land’ in your life. Do you understand?

On a final note, the illuminati are masters of mind control, and no one can free your mind but yourself. Get to work.



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