Bark at the Moon


The moon is a very strange object. Even the debunkers can’t deny it’s existence. Mind you, some people would deny a spaceship even if it landed on their fucking head. The most intriguing aspect of the Earth’s satellite is it’s appearance in the sky  – The same size of the sun, our local star.

Even debunker-in-chief the late Carl Sagan reflected on the incredible coincidence. This size appearance gives us solar eclipses. All well known. The size ratio of planet to moon is another misnomer.

Womens menstrual cycle timing seems connected – 27.3 days for the moon to orbit in a sidereal month. The same side of the moon always faces earth. It’s orbit is almost circular and not in the ecliptic – As far is known no other planetary moons in the solar system have this unique characteristic.

The circular orbit is weird as it’s gravitational centre is a mile closer to earth than it’s geometric centre. NASA know the moon is mostly hollow as was discovered when various booster rockets and deliberate rocket explosions ‘rung’ the moon like a bell as was picked up by unmanned seismic stations.

The outer shell has a lot of titanium like a manufactured hull. Moon rocks brought back by Soviet unmanned missions found the rocks are magnetised. Yet the moon doesn’t have a magnetosphere like earth which is in itself another strange coincidence.

The moon is older than the earth. Going on dating methods that are currently used I’m not sure how significant that is but the rock content is very different. Many astronomers have spotted water vapour, lights and metallic bridges, including the late Patrick Moore. Ah mean Patrick Moore clocked strange stuff on the moon, not him being seen on the moon. Having said that he did seem to be in outer space in his twilight years. Bless…


There is a structure called the ‘Shard’ located in the Ukert area on the moon which is a point nearest the earth. The structure is a mile and a half high straight up from the surface. Another construct is the ‘tower’. in the Sinus Medii region rising five miles high. It has no explanation. Spire, pyramid structure’s like Cleopatra’s Needle have also been photographed.


EastEnders is filmed here.

It gets stranger. Jake E Lee oan geetars… wi Ozzy.

Michael Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov published an article entitled ‘Is the Moon the Creation of Alien Intelligence?’ in the Soviet journal Sputnik.

The strange maria or moon seas are explained as dumping pools for molten rock blasted from the moon’s interior. The mascons – dense masses located just below the centre of each maria seems to be machinery either involved in the terraforming? Or could be gravitational devices. Which would explain how an off-balanced sphere has a near perfect orbit not in the ecliptic with the same side always facing earth.

Raiding Jim Marrs‘, ‘The Alien Agenda’ he mentions that Aristotle told of a people called the Proselenes who lived in Arcadia, a mountainous region in central Greece remembered the time when the moon was not there.

Shcherbakov postulates that the moon was towed into position by aliens around the time of the last big pole-shift c10500 years ago. Before or after?

This would explain the survivors of Atlantis building Stonehenge and the Callanish Stones, amongst others. Measuring moon cycles and earth’s precession. They wanted to work out the possibility of any further upheavals.

The moon is an artificial construct. I’d go further and say so is the earth. We’re all on a big spaceship run by a gang of criminal clowns. Enabled as they are by other aliens hiding underground. Far-fetched? Too many coincidences. And these days I rarely even trust one! By the way, the moon is loaded with various alien types.

So I’d say that alien intelligence has the ability to ‘reset’ the earth. The Atlantean ‘civilisation’ was destroyed. We are at the same point as they were. Man’s inhumanity to man is nothing to do with humans on their own. It’s those who have been corrupted by the errant aliens hiding on this wee blue-green planet way out in the Western spiral arm of a small galaxy.


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